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My Billionaire Husband (Vivian and Morris) novel Chapter 49

Trent Stone told Morris Cheal everything she knew.

Hearing Trent Stone 's words, Morris Cheal's heart suddenly contracted. He only felt that his breathing was slightly sluggish, mixed with a strange feeling, which made him very uncomfortable.

"Contact the fire immediately!"


After hanging up the phone, Morris Cheal stepped on the accelerator to the end. The car gave off an ear-piercing roar. Then, it sped along the road as fast as lightning, or overtook the car from left to right, causing the owner of the car to curse.

But Morris Cheal completely ignored it.

Ten minutes later, Morris Cheal finally arrived at Exquisite Chamber.

It was late at night and everyone had fallen asleep, but there were many people gathered in the small area of Exquisite Chamber.

The residents of the second building where Vivian Mond lived woke up late at night. Many people ran downstairs, and some were shouting, "It's on fire. It's on fire. Go and save her."

"Hurry up and hit 119."

"We've already fought, but it's still difficult to rescue people on the 8th floor."

"Hurry up and ask the people on the 8th floor to retreat."

"Someone is shouting."


All the security guards in the small area moved out, pulled on the alarm, and rushed to unit two to ask them to leave.

The fire engine had not come yet.

Morris Cheal stood on the first floor and watched the burning 8th floor. His heart clenched tightly.

Then, he rushed into unit two.

However, the security guard on the first floor stopped Morris Cheal. "Sir, we can't go up. There's a fire upstairs."

Morris Cheal did not waste time talking to the security guard. He pushed the man aside and rushed up the stairs.

Because of the fire, the elevator had been closed by the property management, and the fire exit was full of the residents of the second unit. They all ran downstairs like crazy.

Therefore, it was difficult for Morris Cheal to go upstairs.


"The fire is too big. The fire on the 8th floor is so serious."

"It's too scary. Run, run!"

"Woo Mommy, I'm scared,..."


everyone was scared by a big fire. They screamed, cried, and ran downstairs.

Morris Cheal went up against the crowd and finally rushed up to the eighth floor three minutes later.

However, on the eighth floor, there was already a fire at the door of Vivian house. The fire was burning through the crack of the door.

Issac stood at the door and kept knocking on the door with his feet, but it was useless.

Because the door handle could not be moved, and the door was very hot, Issac slapped the door and shouted for a long time without any response. He made a fire call, and now he could only stand outside and kick the door.

When Issac saw Morris Cheal appear, his gaze became sharp. He took off his jacket and walked directly to Morris Cheal. He could not help but raise his fist and ruthlessly smashed towards Morris Cheal!

"If anything happens to Vivian, I won't let you off!"

Issac knew why Vivian was in such a situation, so he hated Morris Cheal even more.

However, no matter how fast he attacked, he was not faster than Morris Cheal.

Morris blocked Issac's fist easily.

Morris Cheal narrowed his eyes, "What's wrong with you?"

He was concerned about Vivian and didn't have time to argue with Issac.

Shaking off Issac, Morris Cheal walked to the door. He took off his suit jacket, lifted his foot, and violently slammed the door of the living room.

Although Issac standing by the side was anxious, he could do nothing.

"Stop. It's useless."


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