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Not Your Mate Anymore novel Chapter 13


We had finished our dinner in silence as we both tried to steal glances at one another. My heart was beating so fast, I was surprised he hadn't mentioned it, werewolf hearing and all.

I was down one bottle of champagne and he was playing it safe by drinking water. If anyone had to guess who the virgin was here... he let out a loud sigh and shook his head.

Max stood up and took his jacket off, placing it on his chair. He walks into his room and then I heard music. Why didn't I think of that!? 

He walks out and looks at me. His eyes piercing through my soul and my heart beats even faster. He walked up to me with his hand out. I looked at his hand and then back at him with confusion. Well I know that he was asking me to dance but I was hoping he'd take the lead with this and lead me to his bed. I didn't trust myself with my knees all weak.

"Kimberly, dance with me.." he says to me and I place my hand in his giant one as I stand up. A slow song playing the background..

We danced in silence for a minute until he stopped dancing and he pulled away from me.

"This isn't right.." he says and walks away from me and back in his room. I hear Joe- No one else comes close play through his speakers but not too loudly. I smile because this was the song my dad used to play for my mother. I always used to tell him how my dad would play this song and tell us how this was the song that played on the stereo in the diner when my mom and dad met. This was the song that they both loved and I ended up loving it.

He walks out and grabs my hand gently and leads me to his balcony railing, looking into my eyes. He clears his throat...

"Sabrina Kimberly Trent, I know what you're doing. This has been eating at me all morning but I can't imagine how you must be feeling. You know how I feel about you or you at least have an idea. The deal was to wait until you were 18 and I was going to try win your heart but I guess I need to put my feelings on the table as I can't allow myself to do this without putting it all out there. We both deserve honesty and I will give it to you." He says to me.

"I think about you when I wake up and before sleep takes over at night. I want to think about you. I have myself imagining moments with you that we haven't experienced yet and they give me such hope. The moon didn't choose you for me but I choose you for myself. I want to love you every day." He says to me and I have to keep blinking so I don't cry ruining all that make up.

"I find myself sleeping in your room so I can feel closer to you. You are very special to me Kimberly, so so special.

I'm a very traditional man, being a Lycan and all. We are raised to expect certain things from women but you have me questioning my upbringing and passed down beliefs. I hate how time is forcing you to go down this road. I wanted to court you, the human way. Win your heart and mind. The plan was to take you out on a date but here you are, making me question my manhood and if I deserve a woman like you at all.." he says to me and I squeeze his hand. A tear slips from my eye as I look into his, seeing the sincerity in his eyes.

"I hate how we are forced into this. I hate that you have to do all of this, rushing as we are all afraid of the unknown. I can't imagine a life where another man touches you right now but I also hate how we are put in this predicament because of someone's greed. You are still so young but life has thrown the worst at you, yet here you are. Goddess knows I want you in every way, I dream of the ways I'll take your body and make it mine. I want the world to know that you're mine. If I had my way, you'd reek of me head to toe." He says and I giggle.

Male wolves.

"I want to make love to you and show you how much you drive me crazy. I want to love you so hard, you'll never question the love I have for you. I can't wait for you to show off the mark I will place on your neck for the world see and I want all of that so bad. You don't know what your touch does to me Kimberly.. but I need you to know that you don't have to do this right now. I'll always wait for you baby." He says to me, kissing my forehead. I pull away from his embrace and look into his eyes.


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