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Not Your Mate Anymore novel Chapter 21


"Did you hear what I said Sabrina?" He says to me.

I look at him. dumbfounded by his confession and appearance in my room. I just gave birth to Max's child.

"Who do you think you are? What made you think it would be appropriate to do this right now?" I ask him.

He was crazy to come here. Crazy to think he can utter such words at me after everything.

Am I still angry at him? No. I forgave him a long time ago but I didn't forget. He hurt me. The old me, the Sabrina that was his mate is not me anymore. I used think mates were the goal at life, the ultimate goal.

Now? I don't even think I'm deserving of one. Maybe I wronged the moon in my previous life. Maybe I didn't respect sacred law and I'm being punished for it. Maybe my parents angered the moon and she's taking it out on me with the one thing I was raised to live for. I felt empty right now but full at the same time.

I was full of so much hurt.

"I know I messed up Sabrina but we are destined mates. I want to spend the rest of my life making it up to you." Percy said to me.

Oh how I would've loved to hear him say those words when I was in my room back at Blue Moon crying out for him.

"You're late. You're too late." I say to him. I meant every word. Right now, only Max can say those words and it would turn my head. Yes it tugged at my soul when Percy said those words. Faint tingles inside me remind me he's my one true mate but I'm all cried out on Percy.

"My heart belongs to another Percy. Even if I could take this pain away and forget about Max, I could never be with you. Not after everything." I say in an exasperated tone.

I was tired. Drained.

I did not have the energy to deal with Percy right now.

"I'll give you some time to heal but I'm not giving up. My wolf and I are willing to love you and your son. We will love him like our own." He said.

"I wrote you a few letters after I was banished. I knew I wouldn't be able to say the words out loud but yeah just read them when you feel like it." He says scratching the back of his head. He sheepishly walked to me and placed the letters in my hands and walked out.

I put the letters on my bedside. I had no energy to deal with Percy right now. What he said was touching but I just have other matters to deal with.

My father walked in with a duffel bag that looked heavy and full. He let's it fall to the floor with a loud thud.

"Going somewhere?" I ask him and he shook his head no.

"It's from Max. He dropped this off a few minutes ago." He says to me.

"What's inside? My clothes? That's not enough." I say and he bends down to pick up the duffel bag and place it on one of my couches.

"It's money for the baby. He said he will be dropping off money every 3 months so his baby has his needs met." Father said to me.

"The one thing I don't need from him..." I say in a whisper but I know my dad heard me.

"That's what I told him but he insisted. So here, you can start a different trust for him with this. I guess one can never have too much money." He says.

This guy comes into my life as my hero and I fall for him. He's my weakness. My strength. My whole life and all the planets in the universe. Then he shatters everything and leaves me to pick up the pieces by myself and now this? 

"I don't understand.." I say to my dad and he shrugs. My dad leaves me to my thoughts as he closes my bedroom door.

It doesn't make sense. Not too long ago he was calling our son names and now he wants to make sure we don't run out of baby formula? 


Was he trying to stop me from approaching the council about his heir? Is this his hush money?

My heart broke at the thought. I'm not his first mate. I can't be bought and even if I didn't have my trust fund, I couldn't care for his money. How could he be this cruel? To try hush me or confuse me so it allows him time to change his pack laws so my son doesn't become heir to the throne. He didn't want his first born son to be alpha of his pack. He didn't want the child we created when we made love, a time when we both loved each other, to be his successor.

He was punishing my child. Our child.

I never thought Max could be this heartless. My child deserved that throne. My child deserved to take up after his father. It was his birthright! He can have a million children after that but it won't change the fact that our son was the next in line. They can challenge him for it, granted but he's doing this because he knows the child will have my strength mixed with his, he will be gifted too which would make him powerful. Who could defeat him? Not a child born from him and his new and weak lycan mate that's for sure.

I won't let him do this. I will fight this! I couldn't care about his money or his new mate.

This was a new low and nobody rips the carpet from underneath my son. I am here to protect him and I will start by making sure his future is secured.

Yes, Arianna and her sisters think he will be king but he is Green Forrest's alpha before anything else.

I switch on the baby monitor and camcorder connected to my phone before grabbing my phone and running out of my room looking for dad to tell him what I wanted to do

I found him sitting with Cj in the living room as they both enjoyed a glass of fine whiskey.

"He wants to change pack laws. He wants to make sure my son doesn't become alpha and this is his hush money until the law changes are approved by the council " I say to my dad.

Cj places his glass down on the side table and faces me.

"I called the council when the baby was born. They are aware that your child is Max's first born." He says to me. I sigh in relief.

"However, they need a name so it can go on record Sabrina." Cj says to me and I start to panic. I don't know what to call him.

'But I...." I couldn't even form the words. How do I tell my family I'm unable to name my first child? 

"We know Sabrina but you'll have to act fast if you don't want Max to have his application for his new pack laws approved." My father said. I nodded my head in understanding.

They were right. My son deserved a name anyway. I have to get out of my misery and name my son.

"Hmmm do you know how long I have? What are his new laws?" I ask the both of them..

"He wants to be the one to choose the next alpha. He also wants the council to approve his application that you were banished from the pack and you gave birth to him on human land so no your son can't be the next alpha in line if he wasn't born on packlands." My brother says to me.

What an ass. How was I going to give birth on packlands if the pack doctor refused to attend to me? He had this all planned out 

"At most Sabrina, you have a week." My father says to me. Being a beta comes with experience as he was the one to deal with council laws before it got to the alpha so he knew the process.

"Thank you." I say as I stood up and decided to walk back to my room.

I bumped into Arianna who was making her way to my room too.

I motioned for her to come in and she did then closed my door. I checked on my son before sitting on my bed waiting to hear what Arianna had to say.


"I know there's nothing I can say that will make you feel better but I have a way I can ease the pain." She says to me.

"I'm listening..." I say to her.

"I can have your mark removed. It's a painful process but it will break the connection and ease your hurt. Your soul will still be tied to his until you get marked." She says to me and I don't even care about that at the moment.

The mere mention of easing my pain trumps over anything at this moment.

"Do it." I say to her and she raises her eyebrows at me asking if I'm sure and I nod my head.

She placed her one hand on my chest where my heart is and one on my mark.

"I will be removing his essence from you and sending it back to him which will also have your essence removed from him and back to you. He marked another while he had your mark and essence so his newly marked mate will also experience pain due to the fact that your essence flows through her and that is why you are connected to her." She says to me.

It all makes sense as how I was able to see her memories and all.

"She is weaker than you and Max so this will take a toll on her. It might even kill her." Arianna warns me but before I could stop her as I didn't want to kill anyone else she sent an electrical surge through me and I felt pain like no other.

I fell back on my bed as I scratched on my mark that was burning me. It felt like someone had placed a fireball on the inside and I had to get it out.

She removed her hands from me. I felt a rush of sadness and guilt as it wrapped around my heart. These were Max's emotions taking over me. I was feeling his heart break in to pieces as he watched his new mate fall to the ground clutching her mark in pain. His memories swimming in my head of us together.


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