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Not Your Mate Anymore novel Chapter 22


We arrived at yet another lycan pack thanks to my uncle Deacon. 

It was huge with just over a 2000 normal  pack members and a 1000 warriors ran by one alpha. We had to buy our way in and I didn't want to ask my father how much he had to pay so we're not treated as pack omegas. 

"Welcome to Red Creek Pack. We are one of the oldest standing packs since the beginning of time. We don't normally take in any new members but your sizable donation will help greatly and ensure your stay is comfortable." One very tall and muscular guy said.

He walked closer to us and held out his hand to greet my grandfather. 


"My name is Lucas, the beta of this pack. My alpha is away on business  but he should return soon." He says as they shake hands. He then turns to me and bows his head. 

He led us to my apartment in the pack house. It took up the entire floor. Definitely too big for Adrastos and I alone. 

"I take it your stay is only temporary sir?" He asks looking at my grandfather. 

"Yes. I'll only be here for a few days to help my granddaughter settle in. I can't stress this enough, her being here is to stay secret. Word of it does not leave this pack." He says sternly to Lucas. 

"Yes. That was the agreement and we will keep our word." He says. 

He bids us farewell and close the door.

I go into my room to settle down and put my son to sleep while I freshen up. I make a pillow fort around him and head into the ensuite. It was white and modern. 

Just perfect. 

After freshening up and giving Adrastos a bath, I walk out, Adrastos in mu arms to sit with my grandfather who seems to have company. 

"Who's this?" I say as I make myself comfortable on the couch. 

"Hello my lady. My name is Margot and I will be helping you with whatever it is that you need. I can look after your son or also do some housekeeping. If you don't want to dine with the pack, I can also cook for you." She says to me. 

She was probably around my age. 

"Oh don't you have school?" I ask her. 

"I do but my duties come first." She says to me and my heart sinks. 

"Do you have any family?" I ask her and she brightens up at that question. 

"Yes. My mother and father who are at home and I have two older brothers who are warriors of the pack. My parents and I are very proud" She beams at me. 

"Oh and your mother and father?" I ask. 

"My father is retired my lady and my mother was recently fired from her last job. That is why I'm here as nobody would hire her." She said. 

"If you don't mind me asking, why was she fired?" I ask. She shifts on the couch uncomfortably. 

"She was accused of stealing." She says looking down. I gasp loudly. 

"That's a serious accusation Margot." I say to her, now worried if she won't do the same. 

"She didn't do it my lady. She was falsely accused but nobody would believe the word of an omega over a higher ranked wolf." She says as tears fill her eyes. 

"I'd like to meet your mother then. I can hire you both so you can attend school but I'll have to have a word with her first before I make my decision." I say to her as a smile makes it's way on her face. 

"I can get her right away!" She chirps and I nod my head at that. She scurries out of my apartment, leaving me with my son and grandfather. That got me thinking about how I will be able to pay Margot. 


"Grandfather, how will I access my money without tipping Max off?" I ask him. 

"Cj has set up a new identity for you and the boy. New accounts and everything. He had your money up in a way that is untraceable. Something about hacking and stealing and IP addresses." He says to me and I laugh at him. 

I'll have to call Cj to have him explain all of it to me. 

"It will be a while before your bank details are delivered so until then, you'll have to use cash. The money is in the two duffel bags I put in your room. The beta told me you have a safe in your room behind a painting. Make use of it." He says to me and I nod. 

An excited Margot comes rushing in and dragging an older looking woman behind her. She sits down followed by the older lady. My grandfather takes that as his cue to leave and go in to the extra bedroom. 

"My lady, this is my mother, Dorothy." She says to me. I shake my head at her.

"Call me Sabrina, please." I say to her and she bows at me. I then look at her mother. 

"It is nice to meet you Dorothy. Margot here has explained your current dilemma and I wanted to hear it from you." I say to her. 

"Hello Sabrina..." She says as she looks at me nervously. I nod at her to continue. 

"I was working on the floor above you, the alpha quarters. See, the entire alpha family lives up there and I've even raised our current alpha." She says to me. Her eyes look glassy but she takes in a deep breath to calm herself down. 

While saying this, her heartbeat has been steady and I've been listening in to see if she lies to me. 

"One day I caught the youngest daughter of the previous alpha, our current alpha's little sister, doing dirty bits with a young boy. I reprimanded her like I've done with all the alpha children when they were young. She continued this behaviour until one day I told her I'll tell on her. She didn't change her ways but instead she planted her mother's expensive brooch in my cleaning supplies closet and had me fired." She said as tears broke out and stained her face. 

She looked broken. I felt really sorry for her. 

"I'm so sorry Dorothy." I say to her and she gives me a small smile. 

"All those alpha babies, I raised. I will plead my case with the current alpha but he's been away for some time now. I can only speak to him when he returns." She says to me. I nod in understanding. 

"Until then, you will work for me. You have better experience at looking after children than Margot and I'd like it if she didn't have to miss school." I say and the mother looks at me with her eyes about to pop out of her face. 

"How much was the alpha family paying you?" I ask her. 

"No no no. I can't expect you to pay me what that family was. You only have one child." She says but I smile and raise my eyebrow at her waiting for an answer. 

"The beta already paid me for 6 months of work." Margot chimes in. 

"Since you've already been paid, your mother will find some work for you to do after school and on weekends around here. Dorothy, your pay will stay the same until the alpha returns. I'm stubborn so you can only agree." I say to her and Margot laughs. 

After some minutes of explaining how I want things done, I had Margot go change so she can accompany me to their mall so I can buy clothes and supplies since I didn't get to pack anything. Dorothy met my grandfather and insisted they will both stay behind with Adrastos while I went shopping.

The beta showed me to the car my grandfather asked him to borrow me. It was a pickup truck, nothing crazy. I was missing my super car now but the truck will do as I needed a lot of things. I got in with Margot and followed her directions. 


"So you wanna go to the commoners mall or where the higher ranking wolves shop?" She asks. I look at her confused. 

"You mean, you guys don't shop at the same place?" I ask her and she shakes her head no. I shake my head in disbelief. 

Bloody Lycans. 

"I want designer. So take me to where the alphas shop." I say and she sits up excitedly. 

"I've never been inside before! I can't wait to see all the shops they have." She says and I laugh at how cute she was being. 

We pulled up to the mall and it looked like a tall skyscraper. 

We walked in and the cool air hit us. Margot followed me everywhere from shop to shop just looking at everything in awe. I had to remember to buy her something before we leave. 

We walked in with a duffel bag full of money and walked out of the mall with it all empty. I definitely know how to waste money. I also passed by a baby store less expensive to buy baby stuff. I couldn't buy Adrastos designer clothes if he's only going to wear them for 2 minutes. No ways. 

I got Margot a pair of designer sneakers but I didn't tell her. I'll have to give it to her when I drop her off. 

"Sabrina, I've never seen anyone spend as much money as you have on clothes. That was crazy." She says to me. 

"Wait until you meet my sister then!" I say as I chuckle remembering  my father's angry face when Josey maxed out his credit card. 

"You must come from serious money then." She says looking at me. 

"I come from a beta family. Before our pack was attacked anyway." I say to Margot. 

"I'm sorry Sabrina. That must've sucked" She said. 'That's not the half of it!' Athena says in my head. 

"It's okay. Here's to new beginnings." I say and I smile at her. Deep down I was heartbroken but I was going to embrace this new change, even if it took everything out of me, I will take this new life and raise my son. 

We arrived back at the pack house. I parked the car and Margot ran out to get someone to help carry the shopping bags. 

I was waiting outside the car as it was too hot to stay inside. The beta made his way towards me with someone following right behind him. I couldn't see who it was as the sun's Ray's were blocking his face but he looked to be a tad bit taller than Lucas and definitely carried more muscle. 

"Sabrina, I'd like to formally introduce you to the alpha, Xander. Alpha Xander, this is Sabrina, the one I told you about." Lucas says. He moves out of the way to reveal a man cut out of a magazine catalogue. 


His muscles were stretching the poor shirt and don't get me started on his legs. Does this guy ever miss leg day?  Me and my still bloated belly stood still taking in the sex god. 

"Hello Sabrina." Xander says to me. 

"Hello alpha. Thank you for taking me and my son in." I say to him. Honestly, it could possibly lead to war if Max found out where I was but he took me in any way. 

"Your buy in was good enough. Can't say no when someone dangles an insane amount like that around. I'd like to hear more of your story. Once you're all settled, come to my office." He smiles at me and then walks away, with Lucas following silently behind him. 

Margot jumps out from nowhere and beams at me. 

"I see you've met the alpha. He's never this friendly." Margot says to me. Another omega comes out from behind her. 


"She is beautiful and we all know the alpha loves beautiful women." The other girl says to me. 

Margot tells her to be hush and to help her carry out the shopping bags to my floor. I silently left them to it as I carried my share of bags and went up to my apartment. 

I walk in to find my grandfather eating something that smelled amazing. 

Adrastos sleeping soundly on the couch by him. I walk past him and put all the bags on the floor in my room. Margot and her friend follow shortly after and do the same. We make our way to the kitchen, all following the lovely scent of food. 

Dorothy smiles as we all walk in at the same time and starts handing us our plates. I could never say no to pasta.

After eating, I go to my room to get the shopping bag that had Margot's sneakers. 

"Margot I got you something to thank you for helping me shop all day." I say handing her the one shopping bag that has her sneakers inside. 

"No you didn't...!! So when you asked for my shoe size... Nooo" She squeals in happiness. 

She leaves soon after with her friend and I decide to freshen up before I go up to see the alpha. 

I put on a basic white shirt with boyfriend jeans and my new white air jordans. I'll leave my hair to air dry. I put on some chapstick and walk out my room. 

My son is still sleeping so I tell my grandfather about the alpha wanting to speak to me. 

"Just be honest Sabrina. You need him on your side." My grandfather says. 

"I'll be honest, I promise." I say and quickly walk out to go meet the alpha. 

I walk up to his floor and followed his scent. It was behind a large brown wooden door. I knocked twice before I heard some sort of mumble. 

I walked in to see the alpha drowning in paperwork. I chuckled at the sight.

I can't remember how many times I had to teach Max my father's filing system so everything could be in order. Ungrateful ass.

"Sabrina! Excuse the mess. I'm trying to find my way around after being away for so long." He says and motions for me to sit on one of the chairs opposite him, only a desk separating us. 

A desk that looked strong enough if Xander decided to take me on it.

"So, all I know is my father and beta had you pay off your uncles debt to be allowed in. I'm sorry about that but my father can be a greedy man. Why did you run away?" He asks me. 

"I'm running away from the alpha of Green Forrest pack. He is the father of my child and my chosen mate. I could sit here for hours explaining everything, or I could show you." I say to him. He looked intrigued. 

"Show me?" He asks with one eyebrow raised. 

I stand up and walk to his side of the table. I point to his arm, 

"May I?" I ask and he nods at me. I take hold of his hand with both of mine. Oh a man with big hands is always a plus.

What is wrong with me!? 

I show him my childhood memories with Max to when I ran away from Percy. I then showed him my time with Max as his mate and Luna. I showed him the war that transpired and how I saved everyone. I showed him the aftermath of said war and why I had to run away. 

When I pulled away I saw a tear fall on Xander's hand and it hit me that I was crying. I stepped back and wiped my face. 

"Wow. How did you do that?" Xander asks me ignoring my tear stained faced. 

"Let's just call it gifts from the moon. If that even makes sense." I say to him. He rubs his chin looking at me, taking me all in slowly. 

Was he feeling the attraction I was? 


Why was I this horny for him? 

"Can I feel your power?" He asks smiling at me, looking like a school kid that just discovered a store that gave away free candy. 

I smiled at him and then let it out. All of it and then reeled it in after a few seconds. 

"You're amazing." He says standing up and walking towards me until my back hit a wall. 

He clears his throat. 

"You'll be very useful in training. I expect to see you on the training fields every day at 6am." He says to me as he moves back and takes a seat on his chair. 

"So I can stay? What about Maximus?"I ask him and he just shrugs. 

"I'm just like my father Sabrina, I can get greedy and I'm not gonna lie, I can put you to good use." He says that but I pick up the double meaning behind it and I wet my panties at the thought. 

He takes in a deep breath and forces his eyes shut. He could smell my arousal. 

My goddess Sabrina!! Reel it in girl... 

" We get a lot of rogues in these parts so you'll come in handy and if your mate decides to pay us a visit, I'll leave that for you to decide. I do promise you, our border is impenetrable. There is absolutely no way he can get to you without warning." He says to me and I let out a loud sigh. 

"I was hoping to also finish school." I tell him and he smiles. 

"That has been arranged already. So you will train at 6 to 7am and be at school by 8am. Your mail came in today with your new identity and new bank accounts." He says handing over an envelope to me. 

"Thank you. For everything." I say as walk to the door. 

"Sabrina?" He calls out. 

"Yes?" I say looking back at him. He takes a second as he checks me out again. 

"Welcome to Red Creek." He says to me sending me that killer smile. 

I smile back and then walk out. I rushed back to my room to take a shower but I was also  missing my baby boy. I've been out and about all day. 

I spend the rest of my day cuddling with my baby even though he slept most of the time. Around 9pm Cj arranged a secure video call with everyone. 

I got to talk to them all and share a few laughs with grandfather by my side.

After the call, grandfather left to go sleep and I took the chance to change up my room to my taste. The bedding, the curtains and throws. I put all my toiletries and perfumes in the bathroom. I hung up all my new clothes and the little ones. 

I then set my alarm to 5am so I can quickly pump before I have to go for training. I went to bed around 9pm, nervous to meet everyone tomorrow morning. 

I hate being the new girl. 



Max's POV


"She's gone. I can feel it." I say to my friends sitting around the table in the dining hall. 

"Well, aren't you happy about that?" Nicole asks me. She's been giving me hell for abandoning my son. 

"It's what I wanted but my wolf is feeling a little down." I tell her. 

"Well, deal with it. You got what you wanted so I don't want to hear about Sabrina anymore." She says to me. The rest of the guys remain quiet, afraid to say anything that will have me upset. 

I had to use my alpha tone to force Nicole in to submission when I ordered the rest of the pack living in my pack house to move houses. She still isn't happy about being forced to abandon a pregnant Luna but she couldn't go against alpha orders. Although she had Tristan look after Sabrina because she couldn't. 


To be honest, I was glad someone was keeping her alive. Well my wolf was glad. I on the other hand couldn't care. If she's so strong, then she can survive anything. She doesn't need any of us, she proved that when she took on all those warriors and regained her energy within minutes while I was kept by a barrier and even before that, we were losing. I led my pack to a slaughter and she was the hero, not their alpha.

"Fine." I say with a little annoyance. "I won't mention her ever again." I say to her. They all look at me as if I just grew two heads. 

"What?" I ask and they all shrug and pretend to be engrossed with simple scrambled egg on toast. 

Everyone was scared of me now. I was pushing my pack harder during training, I added extra hours. I doubled the number of patrols on our borders. I was a control maniac but if it prevented another attack, then that's what I'll do.




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