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Not Your Mate Anymore novel Chapter 28


Max was here. I could smell him. I could smell him from miles away and he was in this very pack house, on the floor above me. 

He was on the alpha floor.

I wanted so bad to barge in there and slap him senseless for coming here and not for his child. He doesn't have to come here for me but his son. He has a son for goddess sake! 

He had it so bad with uncle Deacon that he promised to be a better father. He wasn't better, he was absent. Zero effort. 


Not a call. Not a text. How was his wolf ok with this? Not seeing his own pup? 

Xander barged in to my apartment, startling Dorothy and I.  Adrastos was sleeping soundly in his bassinet, the only thing that would wake him up was hunger. He could even sleep through a dirty diaper. Luckily, we had strong senses so we knew immediately when he did the number 2. 

"Sabrina, come with me." Xander says. Turning around and leaving no room to ask questions. I immediately shot up and ran after him. We walked in to his apartment and the first thing I noticed was the broken coffee table and Jill holding an angry Elliot back who was growling and shooting daggers and Maximus. 

As soon as I walked in, Max turned his eyes to me and it dawned on me why he was here. He wanted an alpha Luna and Xander's sister was perfect. A lycan female with alpha blood. How bloody perfect. 

He was ready to start making babies and forget about Adrastos. 

Well, not on my watch. 

A girl looking to be around my age was seated on the two seater couch with a tear stained face. 

"Max here wants to take my sister as his chosen mate. My father over there wants to kill Max because he went about it the wrong way but I want to kill him for even thinking he can come to my pack and ask this of me." Xander says. He was fuming. 

"Then my sister over there, is crying because she doesn't want to go. Max says he will take it as an act of cancelling our allegiance." Xander said. 

My eyes were focused solely on Xander's sister. At her age, all she wanted to do is meet her mate. Not to be forced to mate with someone that isn't hers. 

"Many years ago, my father and uncle Deacon's fathers came together to form an allegiance. To bring them together, my mother, Deacon's little sister, was promised to my father but they soon realized they were mates so it worked out well for them. In this case, my sister is not Max's mate but he wants to reenact the same practice." Xander said and I looked at Max who was also looking at me. 

"I don't see why she has to be here. Her family wasn't involved before, why involve her now?" Max asks in a bored tone. 

He was doing anything and everything to hurt me. It was clear as day. 

"She's here because she was invited here. You on the other hand, arrived unannounced." Xander said. 

"Fine." Max said. 

"I told you at the council meeting that you won't ever father any more children. You think I was lying or speaking out of anger?"I Asked him. He didn't answer me. 

"The moon goddess came to me and comforted me. She vowed to never let you father another child after abandoning your first. Rejecting a gift from her." I say to him. 

"Every wolf serves a purpose in our world and by you rejecting our son, you're changing the course of his life. You were supposed to help raise him and show him the things I as a mother could not." I say to him. He looks at me, to see if I'm lying but I wasn't. 

"You not being able to father more children is your punishment. That was a promise the moon made to me." I said to him. Jill looked at me. 

"How did you communicate with the moon goddess?" She asked. 


"She's a goddess to many of you but she's a grandmother to me. Well sort of. My nana is her sister. My family and i each carry gifts bestowed upon us by the moon goddess including my son. This makes me half a celestial being and half of this world." I say to her and Elliot forgets about his anger and really looks at me. 

He was looking at me differently. Like I was a god of some sort. 

"So you can just summon her and she appears?" Jill asks me and I chuckle at that. 

"I wish. She shows up when she feels it is necessary. Like when Max abandoned us, she made me that promise." I said to Jill but looking at Max. 

"So Max, you can go pack to pack trying to find the new mother of your children but that won't bring children in to this world. It will not only emasculate you, but the entire pack. An alpha that can't produce an heir? You'll be challenged day by day." I say to him and he growls. 

"You also made the decision to shack up with Xander here and let him play dad." Max retorts and I chuckled. 

"You want Xander to be punished for doing your job? The moon goddess must chop off his manhood because he stepped up where you couldn't? Wow!" I respond back to him. 

"You can leave now Max. You have our final answer. Thank you for abandoning your Luna. Another packs loss is another's treasure." Elliot said and my mouth flew open. 

5 seconds ago, this man would've torn me limb from limb and now I was Red Creeks treasure? The actual fuck?! 

I decided to walk out then and back to apartment. I felt Max following me so when I walked through my door I signalled for Dorothy to go in to the nursery. 

He walked in after me and slammed the door. 

"You broke my heart, now you want to break my door?" I sass him. 

"Well if your heart could be mended, so could this door." Max retorts back. 

"What do you want? I know you're not here to see Adrastos Forrest, so what is it now?" I ask him. Emphasis on Forrest. 

"I need you to change that last name." Max said and I laughed. 

"Are you sure? Otherwise Green Forrest pack won't have a Forrest after you." I say to him and he growls. 

"Stop telling people that! I don't know if what you're saying is true or not but I will not have you tarnish my name like that." Max said. 

"So you can humiliate me in front of the pack, the council and my family but I'm supposed to be quiet about your shortcomings? Don't patronize me." I say to Max. 

"You made your bed alpha Maximus. Now lay in it!" I say walking to my door.  I opened the door to tell him to get out but came face to face with uncle Deacon. 

He stepped in, with his eyes on his son. 

"You're both here, good. It's time for a little chat." Uncle Deacon says. Its going to be a long day. 

Uncle Deacon sat down on one couch and motioned for Max and I to sit down too. We sat on opposite sides of uncle Deacon. 

"Max, you pulled away from Sabrina. So you start first. Tell her why you left her and be completely honest." Uncle Deacon said. 


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