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Not Your Mate Anymore novel Chapter 29


I was dumbfounded. What was happening?! 

I look over to uncle Deacon but he looks as shocked as I am. On my floor was Maximus Forrest, crying his eyes out. The macho guy who walked through my door not so long ago wasn't here anymore. He left and forgot to pick up his emotions. 

He was on my floor crying and naked. I mean, I told him he'd regret it, just not so soon. How do you look in to my son's eyes and not fall in love?... 

I walked to my room to grab a towel for Max. When I get to the lounge, I find him standing but covering his genitals. I throw him the towel, 

"Now you're going to get shy?" I ask him and he looks down. 


He wraps it around his waist and sits down on the couch. Uncle Deacon sits down too. They all look at me and I just shrug and sit down too. 

"After you made me shift, I let my wolf have one hundred percent control. With him seeing Adrastos, I guess all the emotions I'm supposed to feel as a father came rushing to me. They honestly hit me bad. I was drowning in all my feelings and guilt was the last of it. I feel guilty for turning my back on you and our son. My wolf wanted me to feel everything and I did." Max says just as Xander walks in to my apartment. 

He looks at the three of us individually and then back to Max's naked form. He stares for a second and then looks back at me, 

"I'm just here for the boy so don't worry about me. I'll make my way to the nursery." Xander says and Max let out a growl. 

"You're not going anywhere near my son." Max says to Xander, standing up while holding the towel together. 

"Stand down Maximus. Between the two of you, only one tried harm him and it wasn't Xander. So if you need to protect Adrastos from anything, it's you." I say to him and I could immediately see the hurt in his eyes. 

"Look, your 5 minute confession earned you Brownie points but that doesn't mean all is forgiven. You've put Adrastos and I through hell! Things can't change now all because you've had a change of heart. I have to learn to trust you again and my son is my everything to me, if I don't trust you, I don't want you anywhere near him." I say and he growls at me. 

"Growl all you like Max. Unless I compel you to shift and let your wolf takeover, I won't let you close to him." I say and he looks back at Xander. 

Xander nods at me and makes his way to my son. 

They've been spending every afternoon together. Xander would just sit in there and watch him sleep and as soon as he's awake, he'd start telling tales as if my boy can understand him. 

Xander changes his diaper, feeds him. He even sings to him before he falls asleep. He has not once cried in Xander's arms. 

Max sits back down like a scolded 5 year old. I pay him no mind. 

"Sabrina is right Max. You fucked up and now you have to make things right. You threatened his life, that's not something even I will take lightly." Uncle Deacon says. 

I nod my head in agreement with what uncle Deacon just said. Folding my arms for that added effect. 

Max looks at me like he just got a new idea. 

"Then come back with me. Let me show you that I can be better. My wolf is feeling a little better after seeing you and our son. Let me make things right. Let me do right by you and my son." He says and I let out a loud sigh. 

"That will not be happening. My application to have Adrastos raised in Red Creek was approved after Sabrina agreed. He stays here. SHE stays here." Xander says walking towards us with Adrastos in his arms. 


Dorothy comes out quickly and tries to take my son from him. She could also feel the tension in the air but Xander shook his head no at her and she stepped back. 

Uncle Deacon groaned while scratching the back of his head. 

"You know Sabrina, I never told you this but your mother was my first love. Our relationship was brief because we were children and she met your father so it had to end." Uncle Deacon said to me. 

I looked at him confused. 

"I'm getting to my point, don't worry." He says to me. 

"Your father and I were enemies for some time. I was just jealous he ended up being her mate and he was angry I was her first kiss. We fought and it got to the point where your mother sat us down and berated us. She gave us an ultimatum and we had no choice but to go with it because we both loved her in our own ways. What I'm trying to say is, you moon goddess children have a way with men and I'm now seeing what happened with your mother, happen to you." He said to me. 


When he puts it that way. 

"Wait, you and my mother? Actually don't answer that." I say then turn to look at Max who was throwing daggers at Xander. 

"Max, even if Xander had not applied to take us in and raise Adrastos as his next in line, I wouldn't go back with you. You and your pack members turned your backs on me. A pregnant Luna. As much as they are sworn to obey you, they swore to protect me against anything. I know those vows, I said them to my Luna when I shifted in to my wolf. A luna is to be protected at all times, she is the one shewolf that the pack must protect but they refused to protect me from you, in fact, they stood by you even when you abandoned me. There is definitely no going back for me." I said to Max. 

There was absolutely no way I was going to give in to his idea. If he wants to be in his son's life, he was going to have to adhere to my terms. 

Lucas walked in and handed Max gray sweat pants. He quickly put them on and punched a wall right after. 

Not one person said a thing. He looked at all of us and then walked out. Uncle Deacon followed him out and I knew then, he was leaving the pack. 

Xander was now looking at me and he wanted answers. Probably to find out where my head was at and if I had been swayed by Max's sudden change of heart. 

Lucas read the room and excused himself as Dorothy tried again to take Adrastos from Xander's arms but this time he let her. 


Max's POV 

I screwed up. I was the biggest fool to ever run a pack. How could I think I could live on without my mate and pup?! 

My father drove us back to Green Forrest as I was in no mood to drive. I was lost in my head. 

Guilt was washing over me over and over again. Looking in to my son's eyes broke my heart. 

Right there, in that crib, was my son but it felt like I was looking at myself. He looked like me in every way. The color of his eyes to his pointy nose. The idea of wanting him dead disgusted me. 

I disgusted myself. 

Nicole had every right to stop being my friend. Damon was well on the way too after I told him about the ball. I left Sabrina, a teenager, the mother of my child to fend for herself and care for the baby alone. 

I was now locked up in my room. I didn't want to see anyone. 

My room was destroyed. My anger got the best of me and I had destroyed everything. Starting with the new bed that never had Sabrina's scent. The closet that didn't have her clothes. The bathroom that didn't have her shower gel. 


Her body lotion. 

A room that did not have Sabrina. 

I jumped out from my balcony and walked to the old packhouse. I needed to find something of hers to calm me down but when I got to her room, guilt washed over me again. This time ten fold. 

Nobody had touched her room since she left and her scent was strong in here. Her bed not made and plates of food lying on the floor. She was a prisoner of some sort. Endured every pain because she made a vow to me. She stayed until I threatened to harm our son. 

That was the dealbreaker.

She could never allow herself to stay when she knew I wanted the death of that boy. 

Flashes of her skinny form went through my mind. I starved her. I caused her pain. Every damn day I was sleeping with that shewolf and she could feel it. Then I had the audacity to mark her knowing very well what it would do to Sabrina.


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