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Not Your Mate Anymore novel Chapter 3


*this entire story is on Sabrina's point of view unless stated otherwise*


I woke up to the sound of rain. I check my phone to see how long I've been out and it seems only an hour and a half. So I still had 30minutes before being called down to dinner. I get up to walk over to my balcony and be lost in the scent of this beautiful rainforest.


As I'm standing watching all the greenery receive the much-needed precipitation, Percy slips into my mind. I remember playing in the rain with him a year ago. He sent me a mind link asking me to meet him at the door of my parent's house, me being the lovesick puppy that I am went running. I knew it was raining so I put on my rain boots with the training tights and sports bra I had on. I didn't even think of my attire when he asked to meet me, I was so excited to see him that I lost my train of thought. When I opened the door, he was soaked but his scent was even more hypnotizing. I could swim in it for all eternity.


"Percy, you are soaked!!" I say stifling a few giggles. He just looks at me for a moment, as if taking me all in before he pulled me in for a hug. Taking in my scent. I was doing the same...


"You are so beautiful," he said, pulling away to look at me. "Dance in the rain with me?" He asks and I laugh.


"Are you crazy? I'll get soaked." I said looking at him like he's crazy.


"Come on Sab. It's only rain. Not like you'll catch the flu or something like that" and before I could come up with an excuse he throws me over his shoulder and runs out into the rain as I scream all sorts of profanities at him.


We were happy. Laughing and screaming. He finally put me down and I tried to run away but he grabbed me by the waist and had my back to his chest spinning me around. I felt tears slip on my face, which pulled me out of my thoughts.


I need to get ready for dinner. I only have 15minutes left. I rush back into my room to freshen up and get dressed.


I didn't have time to straighten my hair so my curls will have to do. After applying some mascara, I decided I looked great enough to face people again. This was my chance to break the bond, which means I can't afford to cry anymore. He made his decision and I chose to accept it by rejecting him.


We usually don't dress up for dinner but we are at Alpha Deacon's pack and this is the way they do it. If I was back at Blue Moon, I'd probably still have my Jean's on with sneakers and a wu-tang shirt. Don't get me wrong, I love to dress up but dinnertime at Blue Moom was different. Too casual for what I'm wearing now.


There was a knock on my door and I rushed to go open thinking it was my sister telling me to hurry up. I opened the door without even checking if it was really Josey but I was sure it was her.


"Josey I'm done I'm done. I just need to put on my shoes and I'll be out I promise" I said sitting on my couch to quickly strap these shoes on and head out.


"Well, I must've lost my game. I remember before you turned 13 you used to think my scent was intoxicating..." A voice I know all too well said.


I looked up, that gorgeous smile plastered on his face. He knelt down by me to help put on my shoes while I looked at him in awe. Maximus has grown into this fine man. I couldn't believe it. It had me drifting back to when Josey called him daddy.


I shook my head trying to rid myself of these thoughts and I smiled back.


"Max... you look amazing in a black tux. What happened to the rebel child who wore skinny Jean's and a heavy metal shirt to dinner?" I asked giving him the well-deserved, slow motion, pause and linger, once over. That jacket hugged all the right places. I was, well shocked.


He chuckles. Getting up and holding out his hand for mine. I put my small baby-like hand in his gigantic one, helping me stand, and even in my heels, he was a tall ass giant.


"I'm alpha now Kimberley. I have to be an example to my pack and besides, how long do you think my father was going to let me humiliate him in front of his pack and guests? I've gotten some serious ass whoppings in my younger days. I have some major PTSD from those alone!" He chuckles and I smile back but I know how tough uncle Deacon was with Max.


There were times my father had to intervene and a time Max stayed with my grandfather at lakeside manor to get away from his father. I needed to change the topic fast before we were sad again.


"The usual after dinner?" I ask. Excitement etched all over my face.


"The usual after dinner" he smiles back pulling me out of my room and walking with me to the dining hall where the entire pack will be.


We walk in and everyone stands up to bow as he walks past them. Once he's walked past you, you can sit. I felt so out of place with him and the death stares I was given from the young females in his pack were proof that was really out of place. I found my little Josey's face sitting next to uncle Deacon. My baby sister is so beautiful. She really is. Effortlessly so.


She looked absolutely gorgeous in her white dress and curls. Clearly, we both decided to stick with them today. She saw me walking in with Max and she sent me a wink and a mind link reminding me of our chat earlier during our drive to Max's pack.


I roll my eyes and try to look around. Max has me sit next to him on his luna chair. I was seated on his left, his beta who introduced himself as Damon Richardson to his right. Damon was a very large man. Larger than Max and all muscle. He had tribal tattoos going up to his neck and I'm sure he was also popular with the ladies. To my left is the gamma, a female gamma. Her name Nicole Swanson. She looked like a badass. I'm sure men were scared of her. Goddess bless her mate I thought to myself.


To Damon's right was the second beta, Tristan Chapman. He was also fairly large but Damon still takes the cake on that one. He was newly mated to Isabella, the lady sitting to his right who gave me the death glare too. I wonder why...


As I am getting well acquainted with Max's betas and gamma, Albert walks out and clears his throat to get our attention. The hall goes eerily quiet.

"Good evening Green Forrest Pack... tonight we welcome guests from Blue Moon Pack, Sabrina and Josey Trent. Beta Christopher's two daughters.

On this occasion the chef has prepared a new menu. For starters we will be having creamy tomato and basil soup, our main will be rare wagyu steak with steamed veggies and our dessert, a request from Alpha Deacon, peppermint crisp cake, a favorite of Sabrina and Josey when they were just little kids.”


"We will be enjoying wine from the Cape lands in South Africa. The DeToren fusion 5 will be the chosen wine today and we will have Kroné night nectar MCC with our dessert. Do enjoy and have a wonderful evening.” Albert bowed in front of the pack and walked out.


"So Sabrina, Max keeps telling me you beat him in training when you were kids. I'd love to take you on if you're up for it?” Isabella said. This was a direct challenge to me and to Isabella, she thinks Max let me win because he's a gentleman but I'm more powerful. Max knows that.


"You'd be wise to stay in your lane Bella. Sabrina here, remains undefeated.” Max points out to her. Letting her know that I could still beat Max today.


She scoffs and shakes her head. "My offer still stands Sabina... if you're up for it" She mispronounces my name on purpose to rile me up. I won't lie, when she said Sabina my jaw tightened and I had to remind myself she's just jealous and one of the women swooning over Max. A little disgusting seeing as she has a mate. I look at Max...


"Do you mind?” I asked for permission because it is his pack and he knows very well what I am capable of so as a guest I don't want to just jump in without making sure it's ok with the alpha.


"She challenged you Kimberly. If you accept, I will not stand in your way.” He said.


"I accept your challenge Isabella. Loser submits? I know this pack fights to the death but I would not want to kill someone's mate’.. I say looking at her with determination in my eyes.


"Yes. This is a friendly challenge. I will not have anyone killed. You understand ladies?” Max asks looking between me and Bella.


"That's no fun but you are the alpha. Tomorrow 6am sharp?" She looks at me waiting for a response. There is no way I am waking up that early to deal with a brat crying over a stolen toy. Max was going to explain this to me later.


"No. Tonight after dinner. That is the only time I will allow it. I am a guest here and I will enjoy the luxuries that comes with it. Staying on Max's floor means I will not be disturbed and I plan on sleeping in. My wolf is on edge, waking her up before sunrise is a death wish.” I say searching her face for any reaction. She looked mortified when I said I'm sleeping on the same floor as Max though.. this is suspicious.


"Ok Sabina. Tonight it is" she says dryly like she couldn't care to get my name right. I just smile at her and continue eating.


I spent most of dinner making conversation with Nicole who seemed really cool and Max. Max was telling me how Nicole fought 4 men for the gamma position and he was very proud of her. Damon had to fight his own father for it because his father wouldn't step down after Max's father stepped down. Talk about power hungry.


The whole evening Isabella kept throwing deadly glares my way and snorting every time I made a comment on something.


"Isabella, what's your story?" I ask her after I've about had it with this mutt.


"What do you mean?” She asks playing confused.


"I mean you're in a lycan pack but you smell like a wolf. Which would explain why you think challenging me is a good idea in front of all these Lycans." I say looking at her expectedly..


"I was born in Midnight shadow pack. I met my mate and Max when they came to our pack to train for their roles. Where Max met his mate, our true luna..” she said. Looking at me with such hate. I turn to look at Max who looks about furious with Isabella. The whole tables atmosphere just took a turn actually.


"Max, you never told me you met your mate” I say looking at him, waiting for him to say something.


"I don't have a mate. Tristan, put a gag on your woman before I do it for you.” Max says his tone deadly. Even if you weren't part of the conversation, you could feel the vibe he was giving off. He was mad. Angry. Infuriated. Five to losing his shit and piss.


I put my hand on his knee to try calm him down. He looks at me as if questioning me but I pay him no mind. I continue what I was doing and oddly enough it works. His heart rate slows down to normal.


"You know Sabrina, I prayed to the moon goddess you'd be my son's mate. Your father and I would joke about it considering how inseparable you two were as kids. Maximus was always so protective of you” Uncle Deacon points out. I don't even know how long he was standing behind Max but he saw how I calmed him down and it's been that way since we were kids.


"I won't lie uncle, at some point in my childhood I thought he was too. The moon had other plans though..” I say thinking of Percy. I started to feel suffocated and dizzy. My chest felt constricted and then the worst pain hit my entire body. Before I could fall on the floor Max caught me and carried me out.


Before the darkness could pull me in I heard Josey yelling, uncles worried tone asking what's wrong and Max saying the one thing I prayed to the moon would never happen.


My mate was with someone else.


How would Max know? Before I could ask, I passed out.


I woke up in silk black sheets with Max's scent all over them. A deep musk with rich spices and citrus zest. I always loved his scent, it had a calming effect. Not like my mate's but almost.


That's when I remembered what happened at dinner. Percy had been with someone, he had sex with another female and I knew all too well who that would be. I found my phone on Max's bedside table and immediately dialed my brothers number.


"Hey Sabrina. I'm glad to hear you're awake. You've been out for a minute and a half now” Cj said "What do you mean?" I croak out, looking around for some water to wet my dry throat. I found a bottle on the other bedside table and drank.


"You've been passed out for 3 days Sab. I'm sorry you had to find out like this. Alpha Charley moved up the mating ceremony to 3 days ago, giving nobody the time to prepare. The pack wasn't too happy about this because they know about you severing ties with us. Percy promised he wouldn't go through with it but after Uncle Deacon called telling us what happened, we knew he slept with her. He couldn't mark her though. His wolf wouldn't let him.” Cj said.


Sounding defeated but I know there wasn't anything he could do. Percy made his decision and he chose Ralyn.


"There was nothing you could do Cj. He made his decision. I just wish he could accept my rejection and we would all be in peace" I say..


"He said he will never. That you are his and he is yours. I think he's crazy if I'm being honest." Cj said.


"He's the alpha now Sab. Which makes Ralyn the luna.”


Cj said. It hurt hearing this but I needed to know one more thing before I cut off the Percy talk for the rest of my life.


"Cj, did it rain?” I asked him. He knew what I meant. If their union was blessed. This would break me far more than finding out he mated with Ralyn.


"No Sabrina. It did not rain. It hasn't rained since you left.” Cj said. I was happy the moon goddess hasn't accepted their union yet. I know she could be with child but the pack will know the alpha child was not blessed by the moon.


"I'm on my way Sabrina. I couldn't stay there. The rogues are our allies now Sabrina. It's out of hand. They come to packland whenever they feel like it.

The rogue alpha picked a chosen mate from our pack and alpha Charley allowed it Sabrina. Mom and dad are catching the first flight out to grandad later this evening. I'm driving out. I'll see you in bit. Let all this information sink in. I love you sis.” Cj said


"lL love you too. I'll be waiting for your arrival” I say. The line cuts and I cry my eyes out. What has happened to my pack? My mate? Why would the moon goddess have me fall in love with that boy? How could they form an alliance with rogues?


I decided to get up and wash up. I was in Max's room but I knew my way around. I walked into his huge shower and used his stuff to clean up. I know, I'll smell like him but I don't care. It's not like I have a mates reputation to uphold. He's gone and I'm on my own.


After I drying myself up, I go into his closet and wear his Versace gown so I can go into my room and pick out some clothes.



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