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Not Your Mate Anymore novel Chapter 39

"Thank you, Lucas." I say and he nods his head and leaves. 

I stand up and straighten myself out. We were sitting in my garden, on the grass. 

"You coming mother?" I ask her and she shakes her head no. 

"I'll let you deal with your other mate alone. I have a feeling you are going to have your hands full today." She says before cackling away, walking around my rose bush. 

What does that even mean? This woman was always so cryptic. 

I walk in to the house and up the stairs to the alpha floor, where my baby Adrastos was. 

I walk in to find him with Kate, my new nanny. He was sleeping as Kate watched TV. 

"Has he been good?" I ask and she nods at me, standing up to go for her break. 

It has been six months since Adrastos birth and boy was my kid growing. No more just eating and sleeping, he was growing to be more and more active. 

Xander walks in, interrupting my thoughts. He walks up to me to kiss my cheek, behind him was Maximus Forrest. 

Looking at him never gets easier. What he put me through plays through my mind whenever I am in his presence and I get a twinge of anger before taking a breath and remembering I chose to forgive him. 

"Hello Kimberley.." Max says to me and I just smile and nod. That is all I can do while I calm my wolf down from her anger. 

"I just came here to let Max in, I'll be in my office if you need me." X says to me, kissing me deeply and igniting a fire inside of me. 

When he pulls away, I throw him a questioning look but I knew he was just marking his territory and I can gel with that. My problem is, I was horny now and he was going to leave me like this. 

He winks at me and walks out of our home. Max coughs to lighten the mood but I was far gone. Goddess! 

"Can I get you anything? Water, juice or beer?" I ask. 

"Water is fine." He says and I walk to the kitchen and come back with two bottles of beer. He just smiles and grabs one. 

We have to sit and wait for Adrastos to wake up because he has a schedule now and afternoon naps are crazy vital. 

"While we wait, Sabrina, I'd like to get a few things off my chest." Max says to me and I'm on the edge of my seat already. 

I just nod my head to let him know be can carry on. 

"You know when we were kids, I was raised to always be perfect. No faults and no mistakes. I had not one person to show me how to treat a woman and that's no excuse believe me, I just wish my father focused more on my emotional intelligence, my emotional strength. Had my mother and I connected better as mother and son, maybe I would have turned out different but she had me and dumped me on my dad's lap. Only visited me a handful of times to lessen her guilt I guess. I am working on a relationship with her and she would love to meet Adrastos, if that's okay with you." Max says, running his tatted hand through his hair. 

"I am sorry for disrespecting you as my mate and as my luna. I am sorry for allowing another woman in to our lives and putting her in between our sacred bond. I know what your innocence meant to you, you gave yourself to me and I mistreated you. I take full responsibility for that. I thought you were the weak one but in actual fact, it was I that needed to harden up. I blamed you for things way out of your control and it's so crazy thinking about it now. Your uncle got in my head but I allowed it and fed the doubt seed he planted. I was also jealous. I mean you are incredible and I just couldn't handle being the weaker one." He says to me, his eyes getting all glassy on me. 


This was it. The apology of the century. The one time in my life someone takes accountability for putting me through the worst. 

"I put you through so much, I can't believe you forgave me like that. I can't begin to thank you for letting me be in Adrastos' life even after trying to kill him. I promise I'm working on myself and bettering the relationship I have with my parents. I need to do that to be a better man and father. I know I've lost you, but I am also doing this for you because even when I was that evil bastard, I knew then and I know now, you are it for me. The only one and it will only ever be you. Xander is a lucky man and if you are happy then that's all that matters." He says to me and this time I was the one with the tears. 

"Thank you for this apology. It means a lot to me and I hope one day we can be friends, for our son's sake." I say and he nods his head in agreement. 

"So, how are things?" He asks and I chuckle. 

"Well, it turns out I'm the next moon goddess." I say and Max takes a swig of his beer. 

"Yeah. We all saw your transformation. That was really insane." He says and I laugh. 

"That's not the half of it." I say and he raises his eyebrows. 

"There's a whole different werewolf world and in that world, I have a mate. I met him already too." I say and Max's eyes bulge out. 

"What?" Max sputters. I giggle at his reaction. 

"Yup! He would not tell me his name but he came here to make himself known and I had to fight every nerve in my body that was telling me to go over to him. It was just crazy." I say shaking my head, still in disbelief of that event. 

"Wow. Your life is never boring, is it?" Max asks and we chuckle. 

"Nope. Never." I say as tears brim my eyes and a small chuckle escapes my mouth. 

Max scoots closer to me. 

"There is no rejection in that world so you can imagine the turmoil that's going on in my head right now. My heart aches for him but also loves Xander and it is worse now that this new mate is here, in this world. It feels like I can reach out and I'll touch him. He feels that much closer." I say. 

I close my eyes, trying to take deep breaths. 

"How does Xander feel about all of this?" Max asks me. 

"He's also conflicted. He doesn't want to stand in between me and this guy but he also wants to fight for our love." I say and Max nods his head in understanding. 

"How do you feel about this?" He asks and I chuckle once more. 

"I feel robbed. Just as I felt robbed of Percy, then you robbed me of you and now this whole new world blows up in my face to not only reveal that I'm the future moon goddess but that I have a mate too. It is all just too much." I say as I blink trying to keep my tears from falling. 

"Kimberley, how do you really feel?" Max asks me and I let out a sigh. 

"I crave peace. I crave a happiness undisturbed. I crave a love uninterrupted. I crave a slow growth and a life where I can just stop killing or fighting. How do I feel? I feel mad. I feel like crying all the time. I feel like I'm always at odds with someone or something and it is one problem to the next. I can't even properly enjoy being a mother as I spend my days either fighting off enemies or losing a lover. I feel robbed, I feel naked and I definitely feel like a caged animal." I say. 

Before Max could respond, Xander walks in with Percy right behind him. My mouth falls open and Max growls at seeing who was behind X. 

"He arrived, unannounced. I called your brother and he also had no idea this one would show up here. Is there a meeting of the mates I was not invited to?" Xander says and I burst in to fits of giggles. 


"I would not want to be in the same room as him." Percy says pointing at Max. 

"The feeling is mutual." Max says, folding his arms. 

"Max, you can go sit with Adrastos in his nursery while I have a talk with Percy." I say. Max nods and quickly stands up and makes his way to my son's room. 

"I am not going anywhere." Xander says making himself comfortable on the couch next to me. 

"Percy?" I call out to him and he sits down in front of X and I. 

"You and Max are cool now? Wasn't he the one that left you to suffer while you were pregnant?" Percy asks and I roll my eyes at him. 

"Weren't you the one that continously had sex with a rogue when you were mated to Sabrina?" Xander asks and Percy groans. 

"You both hurt her and she chose to forgive you both! Don't make her regret it. It does not matter what Max did, you also hurt her. You were her first heartbreak so don't think for a second that you're way better than Max." Xander says and I place my hand in his, scooting next to him to get even closer to X. 

"I'm sorry. You're right. I just still feel very protective of Sabrina." Percy says and Max walks out, carrying Adrastos. 

Lucas walks in with the A sisters, Arianna and Ariel. 

"A wonderful day for visitors." Lucas says before walking back out and closing the door. 

Arianna walks up to me and pulls me in for a hug. 

"We apologize for arriving unannounced, we have urgent matters to discuss with all of you and we knew you would all be here today." Ariel said and I sat back down with Xander as everyone sat down, waiting to hear what the witches had to say. 

"We are here to help fulfill the prophecy. Alpha Max, it is quite disappointing to have learned of your transgressions. Did you not listen to us when we spoke of the prophecy? If your son is to be the prince then who was to be the king?" Ariel asks looking at Max. 

Max clears his throat. Clearly unsure on what to say. 

"Well that doesn't matter now seeing as the luna is to be the new moon goddess." Arianna points out. 

"It does not change the fact that Adrastos is the only one to save us from what is to come. He is the king that will unite all supernatural." Ariel says to her sister. 

"I think alpha Xander and Sabrina are doing an excellent job at raising him. I don't see how Xander is not fit to be the king in your eyes. He is stronger than Max, no offence." Arianna says and Max growls as Xander chuckles. 

"You have a point." Ariel says. 

"Max, you messed up. You ruined a perfectly good thing over simple insecurities. You also wanted Sabrina to fight off a weak shewolf for your love and attention, that was childish. Might be the lycan way but she is above that. You could not handle her. With that, proving you are not fit to rule. " Ariel says. 

"Xander, you have proven time and time again that you value Sabrina and her son. I have to say my mother did not see you and Sabrina together so that surprised all of us but I see that it is working well." Ariel says to Xander, who is all smiles. 

"Many years from now, witches will need to come together with wolves to fight off a new threat. Vampires." Arianna says and we all gasp. 

"We all know they are a small pack, living somewhere in Antarctica but in the years to come, the new vampire king will become greedy and want to take over more land, putting humans in danger. The new king will also want to take in witches to help cast spells that will help them with walking in broad daylight and warm conditions." Ariel says. 


"So it's true, vampires can't walk in daylight and they cannot survive the warm weather?" Percy asks and Arianna nods yes. 

"We don't want our own being kidnapped and tortured and used as feeding bags. Your son is the only one to save all of us." Ariel says and I stand up. 

"Why him? How is he the only one to save everyone from the vampires?" I ask. 

"We are not sure why but my mom has tried to see different scenarios with you, with Max and the vampires end up winning but with Adrastos, he brings them down before the war takes too many lives. With him, you stay alive." Ariel says and I chuckle. 

"This was before I became the moon goddess, making me immortal." I say and Arianna gasps. 

"I am the descendant of the first family. The first lycan family, making me your best bet at defeating earthly vampires. Adrastos, even though he has gifts, he is not immortal." I say and the A sisters gasp. 

"We need to consult with mother about this new revelation." Arianna says standing up and walking to the door. 

"Arianna is right. We didn't know about your new title, we will be in touch." Ariel says as they both walk out. 

"What was that?" I ask looking at everyone that was still in this room. 

"Vampires huh?" Anthony asks walking out of the kitchen. 

"It would not be a bad idea to have one ruler for all werewolves and it makes perfect sense that the king be Sabrina's mate. Together, they are quite a force and should be feared. You are both already respected, don't you see it?" Hunter asks as he too, walks out of the kitchen. 

"Why does everyone think Xander is stronger than me?" Max asks. 

"Isn't he?" Anthony asks with a smirk on his face. 

"Absolutely not! He is younger than me." Max points out and I chuckle. 


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