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Not Your Mate Anymore novel Chapter 40


"Yield what power?" I ask looking between Hunter and this Evan.


"It is better we show you and then you will understand.” Evan says.


Josey gently grabs my hand and I look in to her eyes.


"Sabrina, you knew this day would come. Go, we will stay here and look after dad." Josey says to me and I nod my head.


"Will you come with me?" I ask Hunter.


"I was going to anyway little moon." Hunter says back to me.


Xander pulls me in for a kiss before I disappear with Hunter and Evan.


We arrive at the door of a castle. It was majestic with the big golden double doors, lush greenery surrounding the castle. It was like I jumped in to a fairytale, cue the fairies.


The doors open by themselves as we approach, both Hunter and Evan looked cool which means they have probably been here before. As they briskly walked in front of me, I staggered behind taking in the castles design and decor. Modern with a big dash of medieval, add some pure gold and that's it.


I bumped in to Hunter, not realizing they had stopped to wait for me.


“I'm sorry. Please, keep walking." I say looking between Hunter and Evan. Evan smiles and continues his walk.


Hunter takes my hand and leads me down a passage until we get to another double door. Evan stops to look at me.


"Once we walk in, your power will be awakened involuntarily. Please don't be alarmed by that." Evan warns me.


"Please explain to me why that happens then." I say and he nods his head.


"This is the throne room. Normal people have offices but you get this, a room that connects with your energies to best do your job. Let your wolf guide you through all of this.” Evan says and I nod my head in understanding.


Evan opens the double doors and immediately I'm pulled in by it's magic. It felt like some invisible cord was tied around my mid section and it was pulling me in to the room. Well, me being stubborn, I fought the pull and walked in after Hunter and Evan.


The doors closed behind me and the entire room lit up. Evan led me to a big chair in the middle of the room. When I sat on it, my wolf, Athena took charge. My eyes changed color to show her presence and Evan went down on his knees before her.


“Stand.” Athena tells Evan and he stands up.


"Your serene highness, it is a pleasure to finally meet you and be the first to work under your rule.” Evan says.


“Why am I here?” Athena asks.


"Since the passing of the false goddess, we had to do some clean up work. The elders and I have been running ship by your father's command until you are ready to take charge. However, two packs are at war. They have been for some time now as Ethia, gave the two alphas the same mate.

The lady chose the one alpha but fornicated with the other and bringing a baby in to the world. The child is in danger as both alpha's found out just after their mate went on the run." Evan says and Hunter grunts.


"My daughter came here because you cant handle two alphas?” Hunter asks.


“We were handling it until this girl was caught by vampires. We have no eyes and ears with them and they have no heavenly realm as they are monsters of the earth. We need your power to find out if they are still alive before we intervene.” Evan says to me.


"You aware that if this child comes to any harm, a war our wolves are not ready for will take place. The girl is dead but the child lives. I am not sure if the child's pure innocent alpha blood is used as an aphrodisiac or medicine but the child feels weak. Soon, the queen vampire will bite in to him, depositing her venom in to the child. We have to prevent him from becoming a hybrid, thus giving them the idea to create an army with werewolves. Get the warriors ready, we are paying the vampire king a visit." I say and Evan nods his head and walks out of the room.


Athena gives me back full control.


"Do you know Vampires? They have the ability to control minds!" Hunter says to me.


"So do I." I say back.


"They don't have to look in to your eyes to gain control. It's in their voice." Hunter tells me.


"That is why we have these." Evan says handing me two ear pieces.


"We call them ear plugs for the damned. We can all communicate through mind link. Would you like to change in to appropriate attire Your Serene Highness?” Evan asks and I nod my head yes.


He leads me to a door inside the throne room. I walk in to find a closet filled with different outfits for different occasions. I walk around feeling the materials, seeing that they were all in my size. A knock on the door interrupts me but I realize everyone is waiting on me so I quickly put on along sleeve black cotton full body suit, with black combat boots. I leave my hair down to hide the ear plugs.


I walk out and Evan ties around a black belt with multiple pockets around my waist. Inside each pocket is either a weapon or more ear plugs in case I lose the ones I'm wearing.


"In the first pocket we have this ball, throw it anything to start a fire. We use that to burn a vampire body to make sure it stays dead.” Evan says to me and I nod but Hunter steps forward and I shake my head no at him.

"In the second pocket, we have a wooden knife, through the heart works best. In the third pocket we have blood, to lure a vampire and kill them. The last pocket contains ear plugs." He says and I mouth a thank you.

"You are aware your new moon goddess is no imposter right? She has the power of all elements. Fire, water, earth and air. She has no need for weapons.” Hunter says and Evan looks at me.

“I possess those powers but these weapons may come in handy so better safe than sorry. Let's go save our little one.” I say and all the warriors gather around me.

"I will disappear off first, my essence will lead you to me. Feel me out and tread carefully.” I say and Evan nods his head at me.

Hunter and I land in the middle of the forrest. I let Athena take control as I have never encountered a vampire and I've read that those things are super fast and can drain you within seconds.

We wait a few minutes for Evan and the troops. He doesn't let me down as he appears right before me with our warriors.

“Hunter and I will walk in to their territory first. I will demand to see the king. I will find the child's essence and bring her to you. I need you all to remember that I do not need saving, I am immortal. The priority here is this baby, understood?" I say through mindlink.

The warriors and Evan all agree. Hunter and I walk out of the woods and into a clearing.

We didn't walk for long before vampires surrounded us, hissing at us.

"You are trespassing wolves. The forest is right behind you." One vampire says and I smile.

It was beyond freezing here. I am a werewolf but I need to be in my wolf form to be proper warm.

I have a gust of wind push all but one vampire away from Hunter and I.

"Lam here to speak with the king. I am more than willing to kill a few thousand of his subjects if that will get his attention." Athena says.

The vampire male steps closer but I have tree roots come out from the ground and wrap around his ankles to keep him in place.

“Do I need to repeat myself?” Athena asks and the vampire shakes his head no.

“What are you? A witch and a wolf? Loosen the hold and I will tell father I found a bride." He says to me smiling. Hunter growls at him.

The vampire's smile grows even more, revealing his pearly white sharp fangs. I smile too, revealing my four very sharp canines.

"You are a mystery to me. I love a good mystery." He says before breaking the roots with his bare hands.

"Follow me." He says before walking fast and disappearing off in this soon to be snow storm. We continue walking until I feel weird.

It was as if we were surrounded but we couldn't see anyone. Many eyes on us but no sign of anything.

The worst of this is, these blood suckers don't have a heartbeat and they don't breath so trying to nail an exact position of one, was absolute torture and damn near impossible.

"Do you feel that?" Hunter asks me, I could barely hear him with the ear plugs and crazy winds.

"I feel it. Let's play with fire.” Athena says through mindlink before throwing up a ball of fire and having it drop on the ground, forming a circle around Hunter and I.

Vampires were hissing before moving back, clearly afraid of the fire. One tried throwing snow on it but no luck.

"Magic!" The one screamed, running away. We arrived at the steel doors.

A tall man with blonde hair stood in front of the doors. I put the fire out and immediately a vampire came for me from behind but Hunter caught him in time, pulling his head from his body before I lit him up.

It's getting litty here.

We turn around, look at the blonde man like nothing happened.

“I am here to speak to the king. Was that show good enough or do I need to decapitate more vampires?" Athena asks. The tall man smiles and moves out of the way, letting us in the very dreary and spooky castle.

This felt like a scene from a horror movie. I don't do well with those.

‘Be a Klaus damnit!’ Athena says to me and I chuckle.

‘You're the one in control so don't get us killed.’ I say and Athena rolls her eyes.

“Ah I was beginning to think you couldn't keep up." He says to me but my attention went to the blood that was in the whiskey glass in his cold dead hands.

The scent of a pup. This good for nothing vile creature was drinking my child's blood. This was the moon goddess in me.

I want to rip him to shreds for ever thinking this was a good idea.

Hunter growls at him when the scent hits him and I take the glass from him boiling the blood with my hand.

"Hey! If you wanted blood, all you had to do was ask. Now you've gone and ruined it. Who cooks blood? You're a weird one.” He says to me.

“You want wolf blood? Come get mine." I say before growling so loud the entire castle shook.

The scent of the baby wolf had killed my other senses. The minute I growled, the servants in the castle went on their knees, exposing their true nature.

They were werewolves.

"You make my own kind your servants? You think they are beneath you?" Athena asks as the anger in us boils past angry. We were mad!


"We are naturally superior to wolves.” The stupid vampire says to me before smiling at me.


Athena released her power, all of it and Hunter did the same.


A loud, menacing growl comes out of my mouth before I jump on the vampire, pulling his head from his body. The tall blonde man tries to attack me but Hunter decapitated him and throws his body on top of the vampire I just killed. I throw a fire ball on their bodies and walk away.


Following the scent of the pup. It led me up a few stairs, where we had to burn some bodies along the way. Hunter was enjoying this but I wanted that baby and the rest of my wolves out of harm's way before I enact all kinds of vengeance on these bloody shits.


I walk in to a room to see a woman, dressed in regal attire, a burgundy velvet dress that reached the floor, hugging her body in all the right places and a crown covered in diamonds.


She hissed at us but I paid her no mind as she was sitting on the couch, high as a kite from drinking the blood from my poor baby.


When Evan told me about the baby, a vision appeared in my mind. I saw the very same woman, in the very same burgundy dress, sinking her teeth in to the child to have a taste. She didn't drain him completely but instead, left him for dead. Only her venom had entered his system and was beginning the stages of transformation.


I walked up to the baby, picked him up. Hunter gave me his long sleeve shirt to warm him up, I used the time to heal him. Inspecting his body of any bite marks.


He didn't have any as I finished checking, removing the IV drip and needle in his arm. I healed the opening and covered him completely in Hunters shirt. Hunter killed the woman sitting there and I threw a ball of fire at her and the furniture around us before disappearing off and back in the woods to see Evan and the warriors waiting for us.


Athena gives me back control.

"Evan, take this child back to the throne room. I'd like to look at all he has been through before we return him to his father. Take the warriors with you. Hunter and I have a score to settle." I say and Evan nods before disappearing with the baby and the warriors.

I turned to look at Hunter, who was already in his wolf form. I stayed human as we ran back to the castle.

When we get to the clearing, thousands of vampires standing, waiting for us. I smile before disappearing off in to the castle in search of the wolves made servants.

I find one, she was running and I caught her in time.

"Run from this place." I say but she shakes her head no.

"I can't. We can't. Our alpha sold us to the vampire king. If we run, our own pack will kill us. We are better off as servants then dead." She says before shaking out of my hold and running away.

Hunter finds me, and gives me a quizzical look.

"You have created chaos in my castle." A man says. We both turn to him, a very tall lanky man standing before us.

He was almost Hunter's height but he had icy blue eyes and very very pale skin. A true vampire...

"Somebody call the make up artist, we need some blush." I say out loud.

I know, childish.

Sue me.

"You have my wolves as servants.” Hunter says and the lanky man chuckles.

"I bought them. If you have a problem with that, take it up with the alpha from their pack." He says.

"You have been feeding from a newborn baby and don't say you bought that child because you didn't.” I say through gritted teeth.

“Ahh yes. That alpha blood was delicious." He says and Hunter attacks him, acting quickly before lanky man could react. He threw his head at me and I caught it.

I lit the head and threw it at the body on the floor.

"The wolves won't leave." I say and he growls.

"Then we take them by force and pay their alpha a visit.” Hunter says to me. I nod in agreement.

We search the entire castle for the servants, killing vampire after vampire on our search. I decide to torch the castle to lure them all out and it worked.

The servants were all out, hugging each other out of fear.

"Please do not fear. You are werewolves, omegas maybe but werewolves nonetheless. Find the strength to go back to your pack. I will be paying your alpha a visit." I say to them.

“What do we tell our alpha as he will want answers about our return?” One asks me.

"The castle was attacked and all the vampires were killed. If he wants proof, he can come here himself. Now run along." I say and they obey my order.

Another woman wearing a crown runs out, dragging another woman out. A young man right behind them.

If I wasn't on the hate team of vampires I'd consider him insanely handsome. He had blonde hair and was tall and had a well toned body.

His walk was calm, calculating and he had icy blue eyes, like the man Hunter just killed. We locked eyes for a minute before I decapitated a vampire right in front of him.

"Who are you and why are you doing this?" The one woman asks.

"You. Fed. Off. A. Baby." I say again through gritted teeth.

“That was not your child! The mother trespassed on our land.” The other lady says to me.

“Oh but that's where you're wrong. They are my children. The wolves you treat as food and servants are my children. I am a very angry mother right now.” I say before shifting in to my wolf.

"What kind of wolf are you?” The lady asks and I just snarl. Releasing my power before vampires start attacking me. Kill after kill, bodies piling up on top of each other. I hear hunter howl in pain.

I turn to see mr icy blue eyed junior's fangs deep in my fathers throat.

I shift back in to human form. Hunter throws icy blue away but falls to the ground.

The vampire venom.

I turn to look at the man that thought he could attack my father and live to tell the tale. I have three roots wrap around the two women before setting them on fire. The fire travels up the roots, slowly making it's way to the two females. Their screams almost making my ears bleed.

"You dare try to kill my father?" I ask him. Icy blue falls to his knees at the sight before him.

"No. I just wanted one of you to turn in to one of us. To know how our minds work and why we do the things we do. You think that baby was the first? We have been around for centuries and how do you think we have survived this long? When your father transitions, you will understand that the thirst surpasses all logic reasoning and because he is your father, you will not be able to kill him. Just like me, love will paralyze you until your entire family is turned in to blood sucking animals and there is absolutely nothing you can do." He says to me.


“If you have been around for so long, feeding off of babies then that reign ends now. I will personally make sure of it.” I say slowly walking towards him.


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