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Not Your Mate Anymore novel Chapter 43


Josey's POV


I was stupid to think this man lured me in to his bedroom to talk the history of vampires and where he comes from.


It was foolish of me to think that this man would tell me about vampires and how they came about.


Instead, there he was feeding off not one, but two naked females and he was inviting me join in on the fun.


"Call it your initiation. Judging by your actions earlier, you have never feasted on a human before. Nobody wants to die a virgin, Josey.” He says to me but I scoff in response.


Greatly disgusted by his actions and how these women were pretending to enjoy having fangs pierce their skin and be drained of blood.


"I will pass on that offer, thank you kindly for sharing your food but I am stuffed from my dinner earlier, fried chicken." I say and he just smiles as he slowly undresses himself.


It was wildly erotic watching him undress in front of me and the other ladies. Vampires were gifted crazy speed but he sure took his time, making it all the more suspenseful. He was putting on a show and we were all captivated by it.


His body, a complete work of art. Not one scar on him to brag about or a hair out of place. He invoked feelings I did not want to feel. In no way did I want to cheat on my mates or act on the how I felt but they were there and I could not ignore them.


“We are sultry creatures, vampires. Sex is a work of art for us. We rush everything but when it comes to sex, it is enjoyed slowly. I try to prolong it as much as I can and feasting on your partner brings about a different kind of euphoria for our kind, it is like a drug. Highly addictive but we are granted immortality and cursed to roam the earth drinking only blood and doing nothing else. It is not like we can waste away like humans." Cayden tells me, clearly enjoying the show he is giving us.


"You said cursed?” I ask and he smiles.


“Caught that one, didn't you?" He says and this time, I smile. For me to better defend my kind, I have to know the enemy. Funny thing is that enemy is also now my kind.


“A very long time ago, a pale boy was born. A boy born with fangs that killed his mother when he was full term from the inside. A boy that drained his mother of every drop, killing her and forcing the doctors to cut her open and save him. Little did they know that I was my mother's killer, taking care of me but my body would reject the food or milk given to me. This troubled everyone but my father, for he knew why I was this way. My mother was cursed to give birth to a demon child. One who would cause chaos and bring about death every where he went and to everyone around him. My father would feed me his blood at night away from prying eyes until I was old enough to compel people to do my bidding. When I became a man, I turned my father in to a vampire, inflicting a pain I never knew existed.” Cayden says and I sit on one of his bedroom chairs, completely engrossed in this tale.


Ignoring the fact that another woman was giving him head right in front of me.


" Josey, my father killed for sport. Feeding off the weak and vulnerable because he could and creating an army of vampires that would bring chaos in to the world, just as it was prophesied. Yes, I was not the doom bringer but I turned my father so I take the blame. He later introduced the vampire kingdom, placing himself as king above all immortals. The vampire army forcing every vampire in to submission and those that did not agree with him were slaughtered. He turned his brother in to a vampire, who turned his family. That's the house of Wordsworth that your sister so famously slaughtered by the way. The news reached me before Thomas even knocked on my door asking for an army to take down some fierce werewolf girl who has magic powers! Imagine our shock to hear that wolves have superpowers besides the fact that they are inherently stronger than us, they can call on the elements and torch us to ashes. We did not believe him obviously because in my years of living, I have never come across


such a wolf with magical powers. Unless you have something to tell me?” Cayden says to me, pushing the girl away from him and walking towards me in his very naked form.


“I do not know anything about Wolves with a fire power but we believe our god, the moon goddess possesses abilities far past our capabilities and she is very much alive. I also know that our god, the moon goddess, brings about vengeance to anyone that harms children, werewolf pups and that is what happened to Thomas and his family, the karma that was a long time coming. Who feeds on a werewolf baby? I understand your silly weird fetish for fucking your food while you eat but what is with the kids? That is unforgivable. I would have slaughtered his family too if I had such powers.” I say, creating some distance between the naked vampire king and I by pushing my chair away from him.


"It is cruel but delicious. After many years of having nothing to live for. one can easily fall in to an addictive pattern. I know for a fact that Thomas did not feed on this baby because that is a road a vampire can never come back from. As addictive as this is..." Cayden says his hand pointing at the two girls lying on his bed.


"Feeding on a werewolf baby, the purity in the blood is very addictive and I say this because I know. I have tasted that sweetness and I can tell you there is nothing quite like it. Now, how about you tell me how you came to know about Thomas and the killing of his family?” Cayden asks me, gently pulling me up and pinning me to the wall.


Cayden's fingers caressing my cheek as the coldness from his body cooled down the heat coming from mine. His eyes, piercing in to my soul as if to read my thoughts and find my deepest darkest secret. My wolf, disgusted by the sight of a naked man she refuses to recognize but my vampire enticed at the thought of what could transpire if I gave in to my thoughts and feelings.


"Finish your story and I will tell you mine, all of it." I say back to him before pushing him away from me and walking to the other side of the room.


"I was born a demon child Josey. My ability to walk in the daylight stems from that, being born in to this monster. The mere fact that I can be in the sun further proves the fact that I was cursed to be alone, forever. I have had many queens, I have loved and I have lost. I have tried to live among humans and away from them, I have been the monster I was born to be, finally accepting my fate and existing just to cause chaos and fear all around me. I have been the monster human mothers tell their children as a bedtime story and I have been their hero at times but one thing that I have learned in all my years of being on this earth is that humans are incapable of gratitude and they still regarded me as a monster even after providing safety and economic freedom. So you saving a human from my house was disrespectful and did you even find out why I had the daughter in my

house?" Cayden asks me and I nod my head yes.

“You want children but that's not possible." I say and he smiles once again.

“I can walk in the sun and yet you still think that having children is impossible for a guy like me? Really?” Cayden says and I roll my eyes at him.

Cayden quickly pins me to the wall and licks my cheek.

"If you want to be fed on, by all means, roll your eyes again." He says to me causing me chuckle.

I put my hand around his neck and throw him off me, landing on his feet just above the girls on the bed. They squeal at his sudden appearance on the bed.

"You can try but that would just be suicide and I have already killed one ruler today, let us try that game tomorrow." I say wiping my face but the scent was already there.

If I was to meet Anthony later, I would have to shower off the scent and audacity of this man.

“Anyway, I am perfectly capable of having children, I have just not had anyone strong enough to carry the curse to full term without killing themselves and the child. Maybe you will finally be the queen to give me children that will survive the entire ordeal but those two marks on each side of your neck tell me otherwise.” Cayden says to me and images of my mates flash through my mind. The day I lost the baby came second and tears threaten to fall out of my eyes.

I was so happy, excited to have been blessed by the moon to carry such an amazing gift. There was no pain. no warning.

Just was blood everywhere. stained on my clothes and on the very white sheets I love to sleep in. I felt unworthy. weak.

A luna from a beta family and just found out from a godly realm, could not carry a child to term. I had failed at doing something every woman is created for, dreams of. I remember how Clayton and Chase would try to comfort me but who even knows how to?

They too had lost an heir, the child they would raise to take on the alpha position. My little baby did not even get to kick for the first time, but now I know better. I am not the first or the last to go through such a loss, I am lucky to have such understanding mates who don't see me any different post the loss. I am lucky to have a family that cares, a wonderful support structure even though we are all going through our own battles, I know that I am loved.

"Yes, I am already mated so kill any ideas of bedding me. My wolf only recognizes two males and we respect them very much. If I will be giving anyone children, it is them." I say proudly but Cayden just smiles.

"You say that now. The urges will soon consume you but tell me now, about you and your involvement with my nephew, Thomas." Cayden says, lying on the bed and taking the one girls wrist, biting into her flesh.

“Finish your story first and if I am to tell you mine, we will do it where I am most comfortable. This is not it.” I say looking around the room.

Cayden licks the blood from her wrist and whispers something in the girl's ear which has them both leaving the room.

“You know, I fell in love once. With a human girl who I refused to turn in to a vampire. She was too pure and innocent for such a life even though she continually asked for that one bite. She eventually aged and died, human and left me. She could never carry my children as it would drain her and I could not allow it, but here I am, broken and alone. I don't age and I am never sick but she was a human so you can imagine the diseases and illnesses that follow humans through the years but the heartbreak came when my father thought he could feed on her because she was old and I had forsaken my family for a dying woman. He killed her and I killed him right after, because after all, I am the rightful king. I have never loved again

since then, many women have tried to win my heart and affection but she died with my cold heart and there is no woman that will ever revive what I know to be dead. I am a cursed man because my mother helped a woman who was in danger, putting the coven in danger. Imagine that!" Cayden says and chuckles.

"Who was this woman?" I ask.

“All I know is that my witch mother had the power to travel through time, which was useful to the coven until it was not. She travelled to the future where she met a young woman who was with child and needed to hide from whatever, my mother being a good woman offered her help. I was told this woman was not human, far from it but my mother was able to suppress her power and help her blend in. Apparently this woman's mother was able to do the same before her to be with the love of her life and now she needed the same thing to hide away in the hopes of saving her unborn child who was royalty. My mother helped her out and when she returned back to her coven, the damage had been done and the leader found out she had interacted with someone from the future, threatening their work and having the coven gain an enemy in the future that would wipe out the entire coven and every bloodline tied to it, except for me since I was cursed already. Now the coven is dead and so is my mother. I just want to meet the heavenly woman who caused my mother her life and brought upon the curse on me." Cayden says and I shift around uncomfortably.


A heavenly woman who ran away from danger and had to suppress her power to blend in to hide her unborn child who was royalty. Mother came to earth to hide Sabrina and her constant disappearances between Blue Moon and back to the human realm never made sense to me. Was she the woman that Cayden was talking about? Were we connected far deeper than just being king and queen?


Could this possibly be fate bringing us together for my family to fix the chaos they brought on this man who was robbed of any normalcy because Ethia had it for my family? If Cayden was really talking about my mother then now I completely understand the war that is threatening our kind. Cayden will soon find out who I am and who Sabrina is and our mother. The woman he has a score to settle with.


The war looming over us was not Thomas and his revenge, it was Cayden. He was the one to look out for because his vengeance was the same but he was the king.


"What was your mother's name?" I ask.


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