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Not Your Mate Anymore novel Chapter 45


Sabrina's POV


It has been a few days since the drama with the vampire king, all those poor babies kidnapped for selfish gain. The guilt is still eating at me and I still have to deal with Cayden.


Taking the newborn pups was just unforgivable but my job is to protect the wolves and I thought it was more important to fix my life. Was I forgivable for the obvious negligence? Why would I even think it was important to focus on my life when even I know evil roams this world. I don't have the luxury to do that, not with what's happening out there in the world.


"Next week, I start school. First King's Academy they call it. From going to werewolf school to human school, to the heavenly realm for almost ten years to train and now I must go back for however long. I may not look like it but I'm almost thirty and nobody is taking that into account." I say to Xander, who's been keeping me on his lap since my return.


"Hey, am I interrupting? Anthony brought me here." Josey says as she walks into Xander's office.


I've been hiding out here most days because Xander is always in here, pretending to do some filing but I'm actually just trying to avoid everyone.


"No. Come in." I say in a whisper but she's a hybrid now so....


Josey sits down on one of the chairs opposite from me and Xander.


"So, Cayden...." I say and Josey shudders and not in a good way.


“I mean he is a very handsome man but the whole kidnapping nonsense was just ridiculous!" Josey says to me and I smile.


"Yeah, I am not listening to this." Xander says before placing me on my feet, kissing my cheek and walking out of the office.


I sit back down on his chair, giving Josey all my attention.


“I don't know. I feel like it was all too easy actually. I'm not sure if he made it easy so he would be my captive or he just wanted to father your children." I say.


The elders were still working on the amulet and it was clear there was dark magic surrounding it but they were not sure what Cayden would use it for.


“Well, I will not be giving him any sex so no. He must forget about it." Josey says to me and I just roll my eyes.


"Yeah I get it. Your mates would feel it and you made a commitment but something feels funny to me. I hate when my body senses something and can't tell me anything.” I say with great annoyance.


Since leaving Cayden with Evan, I've had a funny feeling. Like he surrendered too easily and it made me feel uneasy.


Why would a vampire king just surrender like that? Evan got hold of Cayden’'s sister, she agreed to a meeting later today.


In broad daylight!


This was getting more and more confusing.


I'm to meet her today and I asked Anthony to bring Josey here so we could go have this meeting with her.


“Anyway, what do you think about mom? I've been reading up on our family history and she wasn't exactly a saint. She was troubled and clearly that trouble followed her and now we are paying for it. Etihad hated mom for reasons I'm still looking in to." I say and Josey's eyes bulge out.


"So she took the moon goddess position out of revenge?" Josey asks me and I shake my head no.


"I think that was all greed but I mean it must have been sweeter to do that knowing she was doing it to our family." I say and Josey nods in agreement.


Ethia, the mess started there so her hatred for my family runs deep. Where did it even begin? Why did it have to get this far?


Her feud with my family caused trouble with my different mates, my life, Cayden's mother and so much more.


Her vendetta was the detonator to the mess that is my life right now and I'm not sure how to go about this.


"What time are we to meet Cherisse? I just got home and my mates did not want to let me go.” Josey says as Cj walks in with Arianna.


“Since everyone I need is here, let's get going. We will start with the heavenly realm where Jose and I will pay the vampire king a visit and then you two can go see the elders about that amulet." I say standing up to hug everyone.


We all hold hands before disappearing. Arriving at the door of the castle with Evan waiting for us.


I don't notify him when I'm on my way so I'm not sure how he's expecting us but time is different here so maybe he sees me coming.


“Your Serene highness." He says to me before bowing in front of me.


“Christopher, Arianna and Josey." He greets before turning around and letting us in the castle.


"Christopher and Arianna please follow the passage and the first door to your right is where the elders are stationed studying the amulet.” He says to Cj and his mate, who walk away from us.


"Now, the vampire king. Follow me please." Evan says as he begins walking ahead of us. We follow right behind him as Josey takes in the place.


Her facial expression reminds me of the first time I came here with Hunter. I was in awe of the place and all the furnishings.

The decor changes as we head down the stairs. From all white and gold to dim and boring. We were definitely headed to the cells where we keep prisoners.


"No luxury here..." Josey says and I smile looking at her, as if she read my mind. Evan stops at the door, looks at me as he hands me earpieces.


I guess I won't get to hear any conversations between Jose and Cayden.


"It's for our protection, your highness. If he gets to you, it's over for all of us." Evan says to me and I nod in understanding.


I put them on as we all walk in to find a sleeping Cayden. Do vampires even sleep?


Josey groans when she notices Cayden sleeping. Shirtless.


I don't tease her about because it's all too soon but I really believe there's some serious sexual tension between these two and Josey is fighting it hard. I can imagine how bad her vampire wants the king, disgusting her wolf who is sworn to her mates.


I'd pay to watch such a show on TV.


Cayden wakes up fast, making his way closer to us but an invisible barrier throws him back from coming too close.


Josey's POV


This man was beyond handsome. His perfectly messy ‘I just woke up’ hair and just you wait, I'm so sure he's got the sexiest voice too.


"My queen..." Cayden says groggily and I swoon inside but maintain a calm face.


I called it.


"Vampire king. You look well for someone who hasn't fed in days." Sabrina says and I smile, checking him out.


He was pale already so there's no way to tell if he was not feeling well.


“Yeah it's a little rough and quite a smart idea leaving me to go hungry. I underestimated you moon goddess.” Cayden says and I look at Sabrina who just shrugs.


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