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Not Your Mate Anymore novel Chapter 6


I decided to get ready. It was 4pm and I had to be ready by 7pm as Damon will be here to pick us up. I wanted to really enjoy getting dolled up and pampering myself.


My sister called in reinforcements too. We had a make up artist, beauticians to wax those brows and legs. We had hairstylists come in. Even my brother got a dope ass haircut. We got massages and drank champagne while we let our glam squad make some magic.


When mom got home she joined in too. My grandfather and dad just laughed at us and went about their business.


I opted for red nails seeing as my dress was red. Josey went white and Remi too. It was almost 7pm and we were all ready. I said this before and I'll say it again, Josey looks like a Greek goddess. She looks so beautiful and angelic we almost cried. She wore her white gown with strap heels. She styled her hair in a cute messy bun and light make up.


Like an angel...


Remi decided to wear an emerald green dress. It hugged her perfectly and was flowy going all the way down. She pairs it with emerald earrings and gold strap heels.


I wore a red dress and paired it with my black stilettos. I felt like a powerful woman about to walk the golden globe red carpet.


My little Cj was a grown man tonight in his tuxedo. It fit him perfectly. You'd swear he was older if we were to judge on his height alone. He needs to stop growing this one.


When we walked out to show my dad and grandfather our outfits, they were speechless. My dad obviously fanning over mom but he also mumbled something about us growing up too fast. We took family photos and shared a drink before we had to go.


Mom and dad left first with grandpa and we stayed behind waiting on Damon. He finally arrived at 7h15 running into the house to apologize.

He told us he's been working like crazy but we will make it on time. I was more worried about the traffic as neighboring packs won't be sleeping at Green Forrest so the amount of cars driving to the venue might be a crazy amount of cars. Damon assured me we will make it on time.


When we drove into pack territory it was 7h45 already and I was about to start sweating. I didn't want to rush Damon because I'm sure Max was shouting all mother of swear words at him through the mind link.


We all notice he drove past the pack house...


"Where are we going Damon? Isn't the ball held at the pack house?" Josey asked what we were all wondering.


"Not anymore. Maximus built a private guesthouse with a ballroom for such occasions. These parties can get crazy and loud so he built the new house to respect those that need the peace and quiet.” Damon said. How thoughtful of him.. I'll have to keep that in mind if I need to get away from everyone tonight. It could get overwhelming with my mate in the same room as me, add Max's mate in the mix and I'll get a headache.


We drove uphill seeing cute lanterns hanging on trees to illuminate the road. It looked majestic. When we got to the top we were all speechless. The venue was a beautiful glass house surrounded by greenery. It was absolutely breathtaking. A very big house. A very modern house. Max has really outdone himself here.


We got out of the car still taking the beautiful architecture in. There was a beautiful lake and dock to the left where benches where placed and lanterns hanging by the trees. Security everywhere and people running around making sure things were where they supposed to be.


I didn't even notice Max come out the house and stand in front of us. I was so mesmerized by the look of this house that he had to clear his throat to get my attention.


Boyyyyy He got it alright...


Max in a tuxedo should be illegal. This man is handsome. They need to put his face in the dictionary next to the words handsome, sexy and ridiculous.


He was ridiculously good looking. He wasn't even wearing his suit jacket but he made it work. I don't even care if he even wears one. How his tattoos sneak out onto his neck. Those muscles hugging the fabric of his shirt. I was probably drooling but at that moment, I didn't care.


Max is mighty fine.


I looked back into his eyes and I caught him drooling too. Boy was checking me out. So I did a little twirl for him and pout.


"So, how do I look Maximus?" I ask. Yes I'm fishing for a compliment.


"You look amazing Sabrina Kimberley Trent. You look absolutely beautiful” he says to me still taking me in. He walks towards me and takes my hand to kiss my knuckles.


“I'm a lucky man tonight. If I knew you'd come out looking like this, I wouldn't have rushed Damon. This was worth it Kim. You look perfect." he says.


With all the butterflies moving around in my stomach, the compliments Max was throwing out, I didn't notice Josey slip away to be with her mates or Cj go do Cj things. I was lost in his eyes and smooth talking ways.


"You clean up nice too alpha Maximus" I say coyly.


"Thank you. Besides, I couldn't have you outshine me” he jokes.


He pulls my hand gently, "Come. We have people to meet and greet." He says walking with me into the house.

I walk in to see Celine, my uncles bed mate playing the violin so beautifully alongside a man who played the grand piano. Waiters walking around with flutes filled with champagne. The atmosphere was enticing and I loved it.

The ballroom had white walls and a white podium. The decor was gold. They had a chocolate fountain set up, fondue fountain with sliced bread pieces on the side. All the food you can think of they made.

A fully stocked bar on each side of the ballroom and bartenders doing what they do best.

“I must say Maximus, you've really pulled it off" I say to him. He really pulled out all the stops tonight.

I saw my mom and dad laughing with uncle Deacon. Cj talking to Nicole about something. I think he has a crush on her. Cute.

Josey at the bar with her twin mates. Bella and Elise sitting with Tristan at the bar on the other side. Tristan looked distraught and I wish I could make him feel better. His wolf still saw Bella as his but his wolf also probably wants to kill the baby growing in her belly. His wolf will be jealous of the attention the baby will be getting and because the baby isn't his, his wolf won't feel anything for that baby. I just hope his human side feels different and Bella spends the rest of their lives making it up to him. She owes him that.

So many auras around the ballroom, the room felt static. 12 alphas in attendance and if you weren't used to this it would be intimidating.

The room was filled with so much power. Feeling all the alphas in one room. It was intense actually.

When there's so many alphas in one room, a fight almost always breaks out. It would be weird if it didn't. All wanting to prove they are more powerful than the other. It is the way of the wolf. I'm sure Max has his warriors keeping an eye on each alpha, some tend to let a wolf out from time to time. We all have tempers but alphas got the worst of it. It was bound to be an eventful evening...

We walked around greeting people and exchanging pleasantries. I made small talk here and there but I mostly let Max do the talking. Some

alphas are insane sexists, they will never acknowledge a female wolf or female at all. They believe the man speaks for himself and his mate. In their

packs, women are good for sex and cooking. These alphas make sure their mates are forever carrying a pup.

For instance Alpha Cane. His mate is on baby number 7 and she's ready to pop. Same time next year we'll probably see her pregnant again. Its

always the same story with men like him. It is their way but more and more women are finding mates in other packs which makes me wonder if the

moon goddess is punishing them for those exact ways they are so adamant to live by.

Alpha Cane can talk. He's been pleading Max to allow his make wolves to come to Green Forrest in search of their mates. Max would decline

every time but Cane would bring it up again. It is highly unlikely that a werewolf male would be mated to a lycan female. Lycans are stronger, with Cane's pack, they female Lycans will kill their mates if they have to endure such treatment. Knowing Max, he's probably afraid of the same thing which would result in the women fleeing Cane's pack and taking refuge back here at Green Forrest because Max would never turn them away. Cane would have a search party for the Lycans and once he finds out Max had accepted them back in his pack, he would wage a war.

It's brutal but Cane is desperate so he's not thinking clearly. If only I could smack some sense into him.

He and Max have been at it for a while and I've been keeping myself busy with the champagne. I'm starting to feel a light buzz in my head. I need fresh air if I'm to survive another minute doing this. I whisper to Max to tell him I'm running to the ladies and I'll be back. Max has to let Cane know I'm excusing myself and he nods at Max in understanding. Can you believe this toad!?

I turn and walk out of the ballroom and make my way to the ladies. It's a little quiet on the corridors but there's couples stealing kisses and girls giggling about whoever. I push open the door to the ladies and immediately regret my decision when I see Ralyn.

She sees me and I know I can't turn around now. So I walk in, go into one of the stalls to do my business and I walk out to see she’s still there.

Just my luck.

"Ralyn" I greet her looking at her through the mirror while I wash my hands.

"Sabrina. You look amazing" she says beaming at me through the mirror like she didn't just steal my man from me.

Smiling at me. Bitch is trying to butter me up but she quickly noticed I wasn't going to entertain her. I'm sure my grim face gave it away.

“I'm sorry how things turned out Sabrina. I never wanted to hurt you" she says still looking at me.

"Save it Ralyn. I don't want to hear it.” I shut her down while wiping my hands and applying lotion to them.

"Sabrina, Percy and I were never a thing. We had slept together before you and him found out you were mates. My father somehow found out that he was the one to take my virtue and he had Alpha Charley choose between war or making me Luna. You need to know I tried to fight my father

on this. I didn't even know he was alive until a few months ago." She says to me.

Even if she's being manipulated by her father, she could've given me a heads up. She didn't have to sleep with Percy again knowing he's my mate. This lying bitch forgot I know all about her ex boyfriend Jack and how he flat out denied having any intimate relations with her. I don't even care about that, she slept with my mate.

I could never forgive that. They slept together knowing what it could do to me.

"Don't you think I've suffered enough? Why continue to lie to me? The pack knows that it was Jack, your ex boyfriend that took your virginity not Percy! But once he found his mate he denied you. You took my mate from me Ralyn and failed to give me a heads up to your father's twisted plans.

You humiliated me in front of my friends and family to the point where I had to leave everything I've ever known because I couldn't stand back and watch my mate be with someone else. It should've been you that had to leave seeing as you're the rogue princess and a homewrecker! It should've been you who was forced to leave the pack and not me. I did nothing wrong but here I am, hurting but you follow me here yet again and rub your relationship in my face talking about an heir. You took my gift from me. You knew how much I loved him. Gosh Ralyn, I confided in you about him.

Even a week before the announcement of you being his chosen mate I told you about me and him. You just listened and said nothing! You made a fool of me. I trusted you, I saw you as a sister.” I say to her finally turning to face her.

"To add all the salt in the world to my wound, you go ahead and fuck him knowing what it would do to me. You slept with my mate possibly numerous times to the point where my body shut down for 3 whole days because it couldn't take the pain. While you're in orgasmic bliss with my mate, I'm in hospital under heavy sedation because I was having convulsions episodically. You say you never wanted to hurt me, well you did physically and emotionally. I will never forgive you because as of right now, you made an enemy out of me. I remember your sick tales about your grand plan to reach high social status, I just didn't know my mate was part of it. You're a spawn from the rogue alpha, so if you think my family will be the only family to leave Blue Moon, I suggest you go home and count heads and if you think Green Forrest will remain an ally to a rogue luna, you have a surprise coming your way.” I say to her..


I throw away the towel I used for dry my hands roughly and walk to the door, I pause then turn around to look at her,


"Clearly the moon goddess knows what she's doing. She has not blessed your union. Can't you see? Everywhere you go it doesn't rain! It remains dry. She's a vengeful woman the moon goddess and you're in her sights if not mine." I turn around and walk out.


I was fuming. How dare she tell me she never meant to hurt me!?


I was so lost in thought that I walked into a hard wall. I looked up to see my father with a worried expression on his face.


"What's wrong pumpkin?" He asks..


"I ran into Ralyn. I just need some air dad. I promise I won't lose it.." I say to my dad who pulls me into a hug.


“Ok pumpkin. If you want to leave just let me know." He says to me and I nod. Too scared to say anything because I'll just cry.


I walk away from my dad and run outside. I let go of the breath I was holding and look up to the sky. Why me moon? Was my life so easy that I have to endure this kind of heartbreak? What am I supposed to be learning from this? That even mates can break your heart? Check. Consider my heart broken moon. I'm aching.


A strand tear makes it's way out of my eye and I quickly wipe it off. I couldn't cry, not right now.


“Why moon goddess.. why me?" I say in hushed tone..


"Sabrina?" A voice I know all to well call my name. The tingles that shoot up my body from just saying my name make my knees weak. I can't escape the feelings. I can now feel his eyes on me. Taking me in, he looked good too. Handsome. His hair looked so soft that I wanted to run my hands through it once again like old times. His lips were slightly parted looking soft and his body in that navy blue tuxedo was doing things to me. I wanted to run to him and cry in his arms. I wanted him to tell me it was all going to be ok.. but he's the one hurting me so how could he possibly make me feel better? I can smell Ralyn’s scent on him which infuriates me. Reminding me of everything that has happened to me. All that he has done to me. Sleeping with Ralyn, he got off of it.


Why wouldn't he leave me alone?! Why couldn't he just let me go and stop being so selfish! I'm hurting, can't he see that? Do I need to sleep with someone for him to feel what he did to me? Argh! It's not like I'll be able to go through with it. I take my virtue seriously and before all this chaos it was meant to be given to my mate. To Percy.


I need to get away from him. Can't I get an invisibility cloak!? I cannot deal with Percy right now.


"Sabrina, you look amazing. Goddess you look really beautiful. So perfect." Percy says walking to me.


"Don't come any closer. I don't need this. I can't do this. Not right now Percy just stop right there.” I say. I was about to burst. I could feel it.


“You must hate me huh? I don't blame you. I hate myself too for what I put you through.” Percy says.


"Hate you?" I laugh out loud. “That's the problem! I can't seem to hate you even if I try to. It's this stupid mate bond. Why won't you let me happy? Just accept my rejection and let me bel!" I scream at him.


"I can't do that Sabrina. You're mine!” He says walking again towards me.


"Oh and what am I supposed to do? Be your mistress? Have me watch you and Ralyn prance around the pack hand in hand? You want me to watch you be with someone else? Feel you be with someone else?” I say to him in a defeated tone.


“I don't love her Sabrina. I love you! It will always be you...” he says to me.


"It will never be me! It isn't me right now. You're supposed to be made for me but you chose someone else.” I say to him in an exasperated tone. My voice cracking.


"Sabrina you know I had no choice. It was either that or start a war." He says to me.. oh not this again.


"You had a choice when you decided to sleep with HER!!! When you did what you did over and over without thinking what it was doing to me. You didn't even think of what I would go through when you decided to sleep with her. No amount of ‘I'm sorry's' will ever make it right. You made the decision to be with her when you slept with her and broke sacred law." I said to him.


“Sabrina....” he tried to hold my hand but I jerked it away.


"I Sabrina Kimberley Trent, reject you alpha Percy Woods of the Blue Moon Pack as my mate.” I say looking him in the eye.


“Accept it Percy because I will never forgive you for what you've done. Athena will never forgive your wolf for allowing you to do what you did. I want nothing to do with you. You're a sorry excuse of a man." I spat out.


“I won't accept it Sabrina because one day I'll win you back. I don't care what you say to me. You're angry I get it." He says to me.


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