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Please Love Me novel Chapter 21

I’m now in front of the restaurant we are supposed to meet up to. Should I go back?or should I enter now?

I decided na pumasok to enter since this is the reason why I went here.

"Good evening ma’am.. Do you have a reservation?" I hugged myself because of the cool air.

"Yes?" I’m not even sure if they are already here.

"Is Enzo Martinez here?"

"Yes mam. So you're Ms. Patricia Jane Jimenez? He asked me for you."

I nodded at the hostess. My knees are turning to jellies because of the cold and my nervousness. My heart immediately skipped a beat when I saw Enzo in the middle of the restau.

Damn. He's dropped dead gorgeous.

Enzo's POV

"Si, Ms. Patricia is already here.."

I looked at the waitress when she spoke Fuck! My world just stopped right now...

"Sir?" I shook my head

"come here Tricia.." I called Pat. I’m just staring at her. At first, she’s just statued on her place, but she suddenly walked towards us. I can’t take my eyes off her. She’s so beautiful. The curves of her body are highlighted because of the dress. Her cheeks are also red. This is how I felt when we were in our high school ball. But I don’t now why this is more intense.Fuck! My heart is beating so fastly!

I got distracted when Monica said something. I averted my gaze to somewhere else. If I were to compare Monica and Trisha, the former is pretty, and Trish is really beautiful plus she has this innocent and hot look.

"Hi.." Pat said like a whisper.

"Enzo, are you okay?" Monica asked.

"I guess..?" Fuck! Why is my answer like that? Why is my whole system affected? Why am I feeling like this?

"Aren’t you going to assist Tricia?"

"Yeah.." I can’t even look at Tricia right now....

I was about to stand from my seat when Tricia stopped me. I can see that she’s nervous. I should know. I’m his best friend, right?


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