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Please Love Me novel Chapter 24

Today is the second day of the foundation. It is also Enzo’s game.

“Make it fast Trish!” Oh. Sunny and I also shopped for her clothes. Sunny is really pretty. It’s just that she’s a late bloomer like me.

“Oh you look pretty Sunny.” I saw how she blushed at my comment. Adorable!

“Really sis?”

“Of course! Duh!”

We went outside the cr to go to the court.

“Bro Sunny and Trisha are really pretty.” Sunny walked confidently. That’s what I like about her. She can be herself at any situation. She’s confident.

It’s hard to go through the gym since there are a lot of people. We were about to got to Enzo when a guy suddenly stopped in front of us.

“Cheer for me Trisha! I’ll win the game for you!” I just smiled at him...I don’t know him though.

"Fuck you! de Ocampo! She’s mine!" I grimaced at Enzo’s words. What the hell? He has Monica, then he has the guts to say that. Huh!

“Your girlfriend?”

“My bestfriend…” He seriously said.

“Tss. you act like you own her.” I felt Enzo’s hand tightened around my shoulder. De Ocampo and his friends just turned around and sat at the bleachers.

The game has started. This is it!

“Martinez let me court you!!!”


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