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Please Love Me novel Chapter 26

The whole ride was quiet. I can feel him looking at me from time to time, but I’m still ignoring me. I don’t care on whatever he is feeling right now because what he did to me was so cruel that I can feel my heart aching.

“Patricia…” He called me. I can feel a hint of sadness from his voice. Why would he be sad? Because of what he did? I doubt it…

I tried my best to not notice him because I know that any moment, I would break. I went iside the house, but he held my elbow.

"Look Pat I'm so sorry..I didn’t know that you would react like that. I thought you were cool with it.."

I immediately look at him. It would probably be okay then when he’s not being serious to anyone, when I wasn’t feeling what I’m feeling for him right now. I can see that he’s worrying. I’m hurt!

"It’s fine..." I told him coldly.

Days passed since it happened. I did not go to school because I’m still not feeling well.

Message received..


-Pat I'm sorry...

-Pat why aren’t you at school?

-Still mad?

-Please Pat I'm sorry.. :(

I really want to reply to him, but it really hurts! And yeah! I'm a little bit mad until now.

After my self-mourning, I decided to go to school. I’ve neglected my studies because of this freaking love.


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