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Please Love Me novel Chapter 28

Sunny and I reached the Lighthouse. Thank God th her dad is out of the country so, she’s free to go. My rage and anger for Enzo disappeared. It was replaced by worry for him.

I can see Maico when I’m in the middle of the dance floor. Good thing that he approached us.

"Tricia you came.." I covered my nose when I smelled the cigarette which he is holding.

"Where's Enzo? Is he okay? What happened? Who is he with?” He smirked at him so I just pinched him.

"Ouch! I’ll answer you one by one! And Enzo is still alive!” I looked at the corner of the table. I breathed freely when I saw him lying down because of drunkness.

"You’re so OA! We thought something bad happened! He’s just drunk! You could take him home, why did you have to call us?”Sunny said grumpily. I let the two of them fight as I go to Enzo.

"Enzo wake up.."I’m kinda annoyed with what he look like right now. What’s his problem that he becomes like that?

He moved slightly and rubbed his eyes. I can see shock in his eyes when he saw me.

"Patricia.." He smiled at me. He tried to stand, but he just fell.

“You’re so heavy Enzo! You could have just drunk in your house.” I keep on talking to him, but he can’t understand me. I can still smell his scent even though he’s drunk. What the hell Tricia?

I brought Enzo home to our house.

"What happened to Enzo?" Mommy immediately approached us to help me lift Enzo.


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