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Please Love Me novel Chapter 31

I woke up because of the noise in my room.

Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday.. happy birthday.. happy birthday to you...

"Happy birthday Tricia!" Mom and dad greeted me synchronously. They gave me a quick kiss on my forehead, and I smiled at them.

"Happy birthday Tricia..." Sunny said.

My happiness is overflowing right now…

While I’m fixing myself for later’s party, my phone is ringing non stop because of the birthday greetings.

“You really are beautiful.” Complimented by the stylist.

I stood up to get the gown hanging on my closet. I noticed a huge strawberry designed wrapper in the last layer of my drawer. I smiled. I know who gave me this, I’ll open it later.

My mind is occupied with the thought that Enzo is going to be my escort. He gave me this day. Only me.

I wore the gown. It is a tube top that is color pink with a balloon style black skirt that reaches my feet.

"You’re now a grown up Pat.." my nanny told me while crying. I hugged her. Aww. I did the same with Mom and Dad.

We drove to the venue of my debut which is owned by the family of Enzo. We actually did not have to pay for some of the expenses since Enzo’s mom told me that this would be her gift for me.

I was amazed when we entered the pavilion. It’s so beautiful! It is full of color pink! There is a strawberry shaped chair in the middle. It looks like i’m in my dream…

“Is Enzo not yet here?” I asked Sunny who looks pissed. She did not say anything, so I became nervous. The part will start in five minutes, and Enzo is not yet here. Where the hell is he?

"Tricia be ready!We're going to start.." the organizer tapped me. My nervousness is still clinging to me. There’s no sign of him yet…

“Tricia...Enzo’s still not here. He’s probably stuck in a traffic or something.” I know my Mom. She’s just trying to calm me down. Even though I want to cry, I managed to form a smile. I can’t cry. I don't want to ruin everything they prepared for me. He promised me…

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