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Please Love Me novel Chapter 6

2 years after…

I graduated as a valedictorian in our class, and now, the three minions are in second year college. Enzo enters a business course while Zion and Maico are in the engineering area. All of them are...they just look really stupid at times.

We are now on vacation, and my dad gave me a trip to Boracay because he was not able to attend my graduation. I’m now in my room packing my things. I almost jump on my bed when Enzo suddenly comes in. He becomes more handsome because he has firmer muscles.


“Where are you going Pat?” He sits beside me while observing me. He is curious…

“Why do you care?” I rolled my eyes, that's why he laughed. My heart is starting to go ballistic again… Since I attended their ball in high school, there’s something different…

"Ofcourse I care Patricia! Where will you go? I’ll go with you." He smirks, and starts to mess up my things!

"Stop it, Enzo. I’ll go in a vacation!" For the nth time, I rolled my eyes while getting back my things. So annoying! Besides, I’m still annoyed at what I’m feeling for him...I don’t even know what it is. And I want to stop it immediately.

“Wait Pat! Chill! Do you like me?” He smirks, and I could not move. I feel like white covered my face...am i obvious?

“You freak! If it was you, I would never like you!” Tsk!

“Ouch! You are so defensive!” He frowned like he did not like what I said. It’s my turn to frown when he gets the two piece in my suitcase. Oh my gosh!

“Pervert! Give that back to me!” I tried to get it back, but he was too tall.

“Seriously, Pat? You’re going to wear this?” I’m not sure, but he looks irritated? Or I’m just hallucinating?

"So what?” I removed my slipper and threw it at him.

“OA!” He just sat there, but he’s still holding my two piece.


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