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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 103

Ji Qingxuan see me, obviously a Leng.

"Who are you calling?"

At this moment, I can't think of anything else. I just think Ji Qingxuan is talking about Lu Qiaoyu's mother.

He said that she, in my opinion, is me.

I can't even pretend to be nothing.

"It's nothing. It's about the company." Ji Qingxuan is really a good actor.

His face immediately returned to calm, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, came to me.

I stepped back and thought about my trust in him during the day. It was clear that the evidence was solid and I tried to find an excuse. Everything was ridiculous!

I looked up at him, the expression is that they can feel the cold, word by word, "Ji Qingxuan, I am now by your side, if you hate me, then we can go to hell together, later don't involve innocent people."

With that, he turned and left.

Ji Qingxuan grabbed me with a serious look, "what's the matter? It wasn't good before. "

"Ji Qingxuan, didn't you ask me why I didn't go with Lu Qiaoyu? I can tell you now that Lu Qiaoyu's mother was suddenly dismissed from the company, and her son wanted to go abroad with me again. He couldn't bear the pressure and committed suicide, so we didn't succeed. "

I didn't want to tell Ji Qingxuan about this, but now I have to.

Ji Qingxuan stood in the same place, deep eyes to explore looking at me, seems to flash across a trace of injury, eyebrow deep frown, asked me, "do you suspect that I do?"

"Who else would it be?"

Ji Qingxuan listened to my question, with a helpless face, told me word by word, "if I don't want you to leave, I call, you can't get any visa, I still need to work hard on his mother? And I can't do such a mean thing. "

I'm a little hesitant.

Because he's right.

Ji Qingxuan looked at me and knew I didn't believe it. He said coldly, "at that time, I had decided to let you go. I didn't do anything extra. Believe it or not."

With that, he changed into a casual suit and went out.

No more words were left for me.

I stood there, looking at the empty room, a little at a loss.

Am I wrong again?

I went to the windowsill where Ji Qingxuan called just now and looked at the lights in my eyes. For a moment, I was a little disappointed.

I picked up my mobile phone, looked at the number, and finally felt like calling Jiang Qin.

Fortunately, she got through.

She came up and asked me, "if you don't go to the three treasures hall, what's your problem?"

"Jiang Qin, where are you? Is it in Yancheng? I want to talk to you. "

Now my doubts, is not the phone can talk about a few good.

"I'm at home. I just came back in the afternoon. It's just the right time for you to come and help me cook. Hehe."

Jiang Qin said happily.

I turned to look at the floor clock in the living room. It's more than 9 o'clock.

"You haven't eaten so late? It's not good for the stomach I couldn't help saying.

"Yes, come on, baby."

Jiang Qin finished, facing the phone "wood ah" a.

I got to Jiang Qin's house about half an hour by car.

Her family is always in a mess.

However, I didn't clean up this time. Instead, I went to the kitchen to help her cook. However, when I opened the refrigerator, a bad smell came out and soon water flowed out.

I tilted my head and looked at the plug beside me. The poor plug was lying on the ground quietly.

couldn't help but Tucao, "are you sure you want to make complaints about the food in the fridge?"

Jiang Qin came over and saw the miserable appearance in the refrigerator. He patted his forehead and said, "I came back one day last time. I forgot to plug in the refrigerator."

"I'll help you clear out the refrigerator."

"No, no, let's go out to eat. I'll call the housekeeping company to clean it tomorrow."

Jiang Qin wants to pull me out of the door, I still use a mop to clean the dirty water on the ground.

I was taken by her to a cold pot shop near her home, which has a small front and all the tables are outside.

The owner is an old woman.

Because it's early spring and it's very cold at night. There's no business at all.

As soon as Jiang Qin came over, he said hello to the old lady warmly, and then he took the plate and began to pick the strings with ease.

Then he took two bottles of beer and asked me to drink with her.

Maybe the atmosphere of eating string is very good. I sat there and told her a lot of things recently.

It has been said that Lu Qiaoyu and I separated. After fighting Qin Jiameng, we went back to Ji Qingxuan.

Jiang Qin listened carefully and sighed gently, "it's OK. In fact, marriage is a matter of life. You just want to repay Lu Qiaoyu, but it's unfair to him."

I dropped my eyes and said nothing.Actually, Jiang Qin is right.

"Later..." I plan to tell Jiang Qin that Lu Qiaoyu's mother may have something to do with Ji Qingxuan recently.

However, maybe my heart is partial to Ji Qingxuan. I'll talk about the island first.

After listening, Jiang Qin's eyes were straight, "what! Private island? "

I nodded.

Jiang Qin grabbed my hands and looked at me with sincere eyes. "Dear Qin Jiaqi, please tell Ji Qingxuan that if you go next time, please take me. I promise not to be a light bulb. I'll be in my room every day and the beach in front of me. I won't go anywhere!"

Then she raised another hand and tried to raise three fingers, but because of the tendon problem, she couldn't do it, but she still didn't forget to say, "I swear!"

I was a little heavy at first, but I was amused by her.

"Well, next time I go, I will take you. Even if you are abroad on business, we will pick you up first."

"This is a good sister!" Jiang Qin raised the wine glass in front of him, "I'll do it first."

After drinking, I finally told Lu Qiaoyu about his mother and Ji Qingxuan.

To my surprise, Jiang Qin interrupted me immediately after hearing half of it, "please, wake up. Ji Qingxuan is also the president of Optimus. No matter how shameless he is, he can't attack the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled."

Her words made me fall into silence.

Is that so?

It seems so.


"But what? I really don't want to go to the island to say good things for him. I'm in first class now. What kind of rich people haven't seen?" Jiang Qin confidently said, "most of them are in the guise of hypocrisy, but this kind of person is born from the heart, Ji Qingxuan..."

"How is he?"

I listen with relish, listen to her pause, quickly asked.

Jiang Qin said with a smile, "when I was a child, you paid attention to him every day. Naturally, I also paid attention to a little bit. In addition to some recent things, I think that even if he was not a good man, he would never do such a vulgar thing."

"But It's not him. Who is it? " I wonder.

Jiang Qin thought about it and looked at me mysteriously. "Do you have other pursuers?"



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