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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 108

Because Ji Qingxuan is wearing a necklace for me, before I turn back, I hear a cheering voice behind me, "Qingxuan, I have a good news to tell you!"

Qin Jiameng.

I don't know if the necklace is on or not, so I'll go back.

As soon as I turned around, the necklace fell to the ground because I didn't take it well, making a clear sound.

My heart trembled and I lowered my head to get it.

Although I don't know the price, the necklace must be very expensive. I wanted to check it, but I saw Qin Jiameng holding a familiar thing in his hand with Yu Guang.

"How did you get here?"

Before Qin Jiameng said the good news, I heard Ji Qingxuan's accusation.

The man's voice is cold and terrible. It's obvious that Qin Jiameng's way is unexpected.

"I I... "

Qin Jiameng is wronged by Ji Qingxuan. She turns to look at everything around her and looks up at the neon lights outside the window

Although the light in the room was dim, I still saw her tears rolling in her eyes. "You said, you have something to do on my birthday. It turns out that the thing is to help Jiaqi celebrate her birthday..."


Ji Qingxuan does not deny it.

Qin Jiameng pretended to be sensible. "Oh, I know. I'm sorry, I I'm not coming at the right time. I'm leaving now. "

When she spoke, her tone was full of grievances.

Tears came down my eyes.

I'm sitting there, and I'm starting to feel uneasy.

Because I can clearly see that what Qin Jiameng is holding is

When I was worried, Qin Jiameng came over, handed the things in his hand to Ji Qingxuan and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't want to disturb you, just It's just that I suddenly know I'm pregnant today. I'm so happy that I pester your assistant to tell me where you are. I want to share the good news with you for the first time... "

Qin Jiameng said.

Ji Qingxuan took the test sheet, the body was obviously stiff.

Eyes fell on Qin Jiameng's flat belly, "pregnant? When... "

"That night..."

Qin Jiameng's face is a little red when she talks.


Ji Qingxuan didn't speak, but Qin Jiameng raised her innocent smile and said, "Qingxuan, are you happy that we have children again?"

"What does he have to be happy about?" Ji Qingxuan does not speak, I cold hum a, "Qingxuan now afraid is considering how much money to give you, let you go to abortion appropriate."

Qin Jiameng was stunned and looked at Ji Qingxuan, "no, Qingxuan, you said you want to have a child with me, and we are going to get married soon..."

"Qingxuan, what do you say?"

I asked Ji Qingxuan.

Today, since I ran into him, I must let Ji Qingxuan make a choice and make an end.

I'm totally liberated.

"Qingxuan, you won't let me kill the child, will you?"

Qin Jiameng's delicate voice interlaced with my cold questioning.

Ji Qingxuan stood at the same place looking at me, also looking at her, half a day, just raised his hand to pat Qin Jiameng's shoulder, "you go back first."

"I don't..."

"Mr. Ji, make a choice."

My name for Ji Qingxuan has changed.

In my opinion, his words just now have actually stated his position.

I guess I've lost.

"Qingxuan, have you forgotten what happened in those years? Do you forget why I chose to commit suicide there? "

I can't understand what Qin Jiameng said.

But I guess she and Ji Qingxuan may have met before.

Otherwise, how can there be such a deep feeling?

But I still exposed Qin Jiameng, "don't pretend, you didn't commit suicide and lose blood at all. Everything was pretended by the people who bribed the sacred heart. President Ji has found out, but I'm sorry to expose you."

I don't know if Ji Qingxuan has found out, but my words have obviously stimulated Qin Jiameng.

"I didn't! Don't talk nonsense Qin Jiameng pulls Ji Qingxuan, "Qingxuan, you believe me, Jiaqi just wants to destroy the relationship between us."

"Yes, I just want to destroy the relationship between you. After all, it's a birthday surprise prepared by President Ji for me. What's the matter with you coming here?"

Even if we were born the same year, the same month, the same day.

But it's not too much for Qin Jiameng to say that he is an enemy.

Qin Jiameng explained, "I don't know. I just want to tell Qingxuan about my pregnancy..."

"Now that he knows, you can go."

I'm chasing customers.

Where is Qin Jiameng willing to go?

She grabbed Ji Qingxuan's arm and said, "Qingxuan, do you really want our children? Then I'll go and knock him out, and I won't give you any trouble! "She said, and went out.

This move really worked for Ji Qingxuan.

When Qin Jiameng quickly goes to the door, Ji Qingxuan finally can't help but chase him.

I said later, "Mr. Ji, is this your choice?"

Ji Qingxuan did not answer, did not look back.

At that moment, I heard my heart broken.

I'm a crazy gambler in this relationship.

But this time, I lost again.

The neon lights outside the window have been blessing for a long time, the music of happy birthday is also on, and the candlelight on the table is flickering.

But I'm the only one left.

I checked the necklace carefully to make sure it wasn't damaged. I put it back in the box and left alone.

I was wearing beautiful clothes and makeup. When I was walking on the road, two motorcycles stopped beside me. A young man got out of the car and said to me, "ouch, beauty, alone? Is it lovelorn? Do you want my brother to accompany you? "

I don't care.

There are other young people down, hand hook my shoulder, "beauty, you see is lovelorn, forget that not long eye man, accompany brother happy."

I raised my hand, knocked his arm off and went on.

The young man was obviously irritated by me, "Oh, don't give face, right?"

"Yes! Brother Qiang is the shoulder of this generation

Some of them said while they dragged me into the lane with few people!

"Let go!" I just regained my mind, realized the danger of things, and struggled to run forward.

Young man is chasing me!

I had no choice but to take off my high heels.

After all, men run faster than women. When the people behind me are about to catch up with me, a black Mercedes stopped.

When the driver's seat opened, a white figure came down from the car and immediately blocked behind me.

I looked up and was surprised that the man in front of me was Ji Zhaoming!

He was wearing a long white shirt. Although he only saw the back of the man, I could recognize that it was the doctor's white coat.

The little gangster seemed to see Ji Zhaoming wearing glasses and said with disdain, "uncle, I see you have thin arms and legs. Do you still want to save the beauty? Don't put your life in it



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