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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 109

"Why don't you try?" Ji Zhaoming didn't mean to flinch.

When several gangsters hesitated to start, one of them called, "brother Qiang, the patrol is going here."

"Damn it! You're lucky

That strong elder brother finished saying and got on one side of motorcycle.

A few punks left.

Ji Zhaoming turned around,

"thank you." I stood in front of Ji Zhaoming. I was embarrassed when he saw me like this.

Then he wanted to leave.

Ji Zhaoming called to me behind his back, "you don't wear shoes. How do you plan to go?"


In fact, because I took off my shoes to run, there seemed to be glass on the road, which was stuck in the center of my feet at this time.

Just now, I didn't feel that I was running for my life. I would stand down. I just found that my feet hurt when I didn't walk for a while.

"Get in the car." Ji Zhaoming said gently.

Then I opened the co pilot's seat for me and got into the driver's seat by myself.

After I went in, Ji Zhaoming first said, "sorry, my car is cheap after all. Maybe it's not as comfortable as Xiaoxuan's car."

"No, no, good."

I said quickly.

Ji Zhaoming started the car and asked me, "today is your birthday?"

I was stunned and looked at him.

With doubts in his eyes, he asked him, "how do you know?"

Ji Zhaoming glanced out of the window and said, "today Xiaoxuan has bought all the buildings that can be contracted. Let alone me, I'm afraid few people in the whole Yancheng don't know."

I turned around and saw that the lights of the building outside wishing me a happy birthday were still flashing.

Think of Ji Qingxuan who left because Qin Jiameng was pregnant.

It's a great irony.

"He burned a lot of money." I dropped my eyes and gave a wry smile.

"Xiaoxuan is a businessman, but he is not willing to spend money for everyone." Ji Zhaoming's eyes were fixed on the front. There was a happy birthday light in front of him. He looked at it and said, "he is willing to spend so much money on you, which shows that he cares about you."

"It may never have happened."

I smile bitterly.

He took me to heart?

He only has Qin Jiameng in his heart.

I sat in the car in a daze, and soon realized that Ji Zhaoming's car was not heading for Yancheng No.1. I looked at the strange scenery outside the window and asked him, "where is this going?"

Maybe it's my trust in Ji Zhaoming.

Even if this road is not the way home, I have no doubt that he will harm me.

Ji Zhaoming said with a smile, "your foot is injured. I was on duty in the hospital and went home to get something. I didn't expect to meet you when I came back. I helped you with the wound on your foot and sent you home."

My foot injury should be serious. I really need to go to the hospital.

Soon, Ji Zhaoming heard the car at the door of a small private hospital, and I looked at the sign of Guangming hospital.

The car was parked closest to the door.

Ji Zhaoming opened the door for me. I got out of the car and thought that the wound on my right foot was serious. I wanted to step on the ground with my left foot. However, my left foot just touched the ground and it hurt badly.

I took a breath of cold air. As I tried to get up the courage to get down, Ji Zhaoming squatted in front of me and said, "come on, I'll carry you."

"No, No."

I'm going to wave my hand.

Ji Zhaoming kept squatting, slightly tilted his head and said in a gentle tone, "are you going to leave a string of blood footprints in the corridor of our hospital?"

His words embarrassed me a little.

I do have blood on my feet now.

Hesitated for a moment, I still put my hand on the man's shoulder.

All the way, I was carried to the diagnosis room by Ji Zhaoming.

By the nurse to help me deal with the foot injury, my feet large and small, a total of three pieces of glass.

When pulling out the biggest piece of glass, Ji Zhaoming didn't know where to take a bear doll and handed it to me, "hold it, don't be afraid, just a moment."

"Thank you."

I took the doll

and watched the nurse take out the biggest piece of glass with tweezers. After that, I disinfected my feet and trembled with gauze.

Ji Zhaoming asked the nurse to get me a new pair of nurse shoes.

Send me home.

On the way back, I asked him, "I didn't expect you to be a doctor..."

"Well, just a poor doctor."

Ji Zhaoming added.

I immediately said, "no, no, the doctor is very good. It's a good career to help the dying and the wounded."

That's what I think.

Ji Zhaoming took a look at me with Yu Guang and said with a faint smile, "thank you. In fact, I also like my career very much."

Ji Zhaoming sent me home. As soon as I got off the bus, he ran after me again. "I'll give you this."I look down. It's the bear doll.

"No, No." I subconsciously refused.

"Take it. It was sent to me by a small patient before discharge. It's useless for a big man to take it. I'll send it to you." He said, put the doll into my hand, and then added, "you are also a child in my heart."

After that, he went back to the car and drove away.

I looked at the little bear dolls, unconsciously smile, take the doll to go home.

That night, maybe because of bear, I didn't have insomnia.


the next day, as soon as I arrived at the company, I was blocked by a group of employees.

"Qin Jiaqi, yesterday was your birthday, wasn't it?"

"Your boyfriend is so proud. He bought all the flash screens of the buildings in the city yesterday!"

"That is, you have such a rich boyfriend, do not tell us, so low-key?"

Everyone around said, only heard Cao Jing said, "her sister is the biggest boss of our company, general Ji's fiancee, can she be bad?"

In a word, there was an uproar.

More colleagues came around and asked me who my boyfriend was.

I know. No one believed that Ji Qingxuan bought it for me.

I just said, "it's not me, maybe it's the same name."

"Don't cheat. I checked with the personnel. Your birthday was yesterday."

Colleagues don't believe it at all.

I looked at a crowd of colleagues around me with a wry smile and asked them, "if this happened to you, would you deny it?"

In a word, everyone seems to understand.

Colleagues left with a look of disappointment.

Someone pulled Cao Jing and said, "bang. I thought she really had a rich second-generation boyfriend. "

Cao Jing said with a smile, "she's just a little tricky. She's just being played by men. If she can meet the second generation of rich boyfriends, don't I have to marry the richest man in the world?"

Cao Jing was the only person in the design department who knew about my design in Yufeng.

She has a problem with me and I can understand.

At lunch time, I sat at a table and heard other colleagues sitting together, discussing yesterday's events.

The people in the design department also spared no effort to share my morning words with them.

Everyone looked disappointed and satisfied.

I thought I could have lunch alone today, but I heard someone ask me, "is there anyone here?"



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