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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 111


I was a bit surprised.

"Yes, about my elder brother, Ji Qingxuan!" Yizian nodded quickly.

Although I was a little curious, I thought of Jiang Qin bothering him and said, "no, I have nothing to do with him."

This time, I led Jiang Qin away.

But this time Jiang Qin stopped and said, "tell me, what's the matter."

Seeing Jiang Qin wavering, Yi zi'an was a little bit aggressive. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Hey. This is exclusive to me. If you want to know, at least you have to exchange it in your name. "

He added, "and the phone."


After listening, Jiang Qin just rolled his eyes.

I took Jiang Qin and left, "no, I don't want to know his information any more."

Jiang Qin didn't move.

At this time, the masked beauty beside yizian finally couldn't see it any more. She pointed to Jiang Qin and scolded, "why do you have so many tricks and play hard to get? It's your honor for Yi to ask you less for a phone call!"

She said, and then took yizian's arm to act like a coqueter, "Yishao, you see this woman doesn't give you face. She's not as good as me. Let's go."

Jiang Qin took a look at the woman and hesitated for a moment. Then he took out a business card from his bag and handed it to Yi Zian, "go ahead."

"You, you woman, why are you so unprincipled!"

That masked beauty was in a hurry!

She also saw that yizian's interest was not in herself at all. Now Jiang Qin gave him his business card, didn't she completely get out of the game?

Yizian really ignored her.

After I finished my business card, I looked at it carefully and laughed with satisfaction, "stewardess? Not bad. "

"You can say it."

Jiang Qin asked him.

Yizian looked around, "there are so many people. There is a good coffee shop nearby. I have a VIP card there. Why don't we go there and have coffee and talk?"

"No more."


Jiang Qin and I have a different voice.

"OK, let's go!" Yizian automatically filters out my words.

The masked beauty saw that yizian was going to take us away. She was in a hurry. "What about me? I'm going too! "

At this meeting, yizian finally showed some impatience, took his arm out of the woman's hands, looked at the waiter at the counter just now, and said, "wrap all the clothes she tried just now."

The masked beauty thought that yizian was going to take her. With a sweet smile, "I knew Yishao would not leave me."

As soon as she finished, yizian continued, "take your clothes and go, or I won't pay for them."

Masquerade beauty a Leng, but she is not stupid.

Although in the eyes ten thousand are not reconciled, looking at Jiang Qin's eyes full of envy, she still chooses to leave.

Before he left, he looked at yizian reluctantly and said, "Yishao, people wait for you to contact me again ~ ~"

yizian didn't even look at her again.

Took us to the cafe.

With his VIP card, we sat in the box on the second floor.

After that, yizian, in order to please Jiang Qin, took the initiative to recommend Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee to us, and then kept talking about the grade of coffee beans.

After listening, Jiang Qin said only four words, "Mocha, thank you."

Yizian was a little embarrassed and asked me again.

I shook my head. "I don't drink much coffee on my day off. Just black tea."

Finally, yizian did not order the coffee he recommended, but chose the same Mocha as Jiang Qin.

As soon as the waiter went out, Jiang Qin asked, "come on, what's the matter?"

Yizian looked at me and said, "my elder brother may not marry your sister."

He said, I was not surprised, but added, "your news is out of date, Qin Jiameng is pregnant."

"I know." Yizian looked proud. "I don't say that. I know almost everything about my elder brother."

"Then how can we not get married?" Jiang Qin asked for me.

After that, yizian began to talk endlessly.

The main reason is that the dress designed by Qin Jiameng was highly praised by the industry. Ji Yanhai thought that she was very capable, so although this marriage was a bit absurd, it was also recognized.

As a result, I burst the story of Qin Jiameng's plagiarism.

In addition, the original designer Chen Lan's cause of death in that year was revealed, and there was another secret. When the police investigated, it seemed that Qin Jiameng had a little relationship with her.

As a result, Ji Yanhai's impression of Qin Jiameng changed from good to very bad.

Now Ji Yanhai is talking about another marriage for my elder brother.

“……” After a moment's silence, I said, "it's fine."

"Ah?"Yizian's reaction to me, some can't believe, "don't you love my elder brother so much? I'm not surprised to hear that. "

"Who says they love each other so much?" I didn't speak, Jiang Qin said first, "it's not your elder brother who has been pestering her!"

"Don't talk nonsense!" Yizian was not happy when he heard Jiang Qin say so, "my elder brother is so excellent, let alone Yancheng. People all over the country who want to marry him can line up from here to Paris!"

"That's great." I know Jiang Qin wants to speak for me, but I'm the first to say, "please tell him quickly, don't pester me again."

"That's right!"

As soon as Jiang Qin patted the table, he took me and left.

Yizian looked at Ji Qingxuan and worshipped him very much. If we say that, he might be very angry and didn't catch up.

When we came out of the coffee shop, Jiang Qin looked at me, "what do you think?"

"It's good. I'm free."

I blurted out without hesitation.

"Don't lie to yourself."

"I didn't." I dropped my eyes and was silent for a moment. "In fact, I'm by his side now, but I just want to revenge Qin Jiameng. As long as he marries Qin Jiameng and whoever he marries, I won't disturb him, and I will draw a clear line with him."

"What if he keeps pestering?"

“…… He won't

I'm not very confident in this sentence.

But Ji Qingxuan didn't contact me recently, didn't he just decide to give up? Although she had been waiting for me in front of the company for a long time.

That day, I accompanied Jiang Qin to other shopping malls to buy clothes and had dinner.

It's about nine o'clock before we go home.

When I got home, I cleaned up my room. Before going to bed, I took out the skin care products recommended by Jiang Qin. According to the people who said in today's spa club, I was preparing to apply them to my face.

"Kowtow, kowtow."

A knock came from the door.

My heart is a little nervous.

I can only think of one person in my mind

"Kowtow, kowtow."

There was a knock at the door again.

It's light.

When I was struggling to make a sound, I heard people outside say, "at home? I'm Ji Zhaoming. "

Knowing that it was him, my heart was inexplicably released.

When he opened the door, he saw Ji Zhaoming wearing a household clothes, one foot on the ground, and the other touched the ground slightly, as if he did not dare to exert himself.


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