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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 130


This car belongs to Ji Qingxuan.

I remember that Ji Qingxuan first bought him and Qin Jiameng a wedding house. There are many sports cars in the basement.

But he never drives it.

Yizian saw that I didn't move, and then he said, "you're a common citizen. You should be very good at this kind of thing. Please help me or scare her!"

I think yizian's EQ is negative.

Ask for help, talk like this.

I gave him a white look and said, "no help."

And then we're ready to go.

"No, no! I can't give you money! Five hundred thousand! how! You take care of this, I'll give you half a million! "

Yizian took me with one hand and said.

The onlookers were stunned.

"Half a million?"

"God, rich people are different."

And the old lady who wronged yizian, when she heard that yizian wanted to give me 500000 yuan and let me solve her, immediately cried out, "Oh, come and see, there are some unreasonable people here! I hit my old lady's leg. I want to run without money! "

He did not hold yizian in his hand.

At this meeting, we all know that the old lady is a porcelain bumper.

I took out my mobile phone and started recording directly. While recording, I said to yizian, "500000? If you get in the car now, you'll lose two million if you push the accelerator. "

"What?! This... "

Looking at yizian to say something else, I immediately winked at him.

Although yizian's EQ was low, his brain was still good.

"I see," he said! I get it

Then he got into the car.

I stepped back and pushed back the onlookers, asking them to leave Yizi an a way out.

The old lady sat in front of the car and looked at the front of the car. She was a little confused for a moment.

The sound of a sports car starting.

The old lady is already a little ready to get up.

And then with "buzz!" Although the car didn't move, the old lady stood up and ran away!

I quickly took my mobile phone and took a picture of the old lady.

Yi zi'an put out the car, got down, and looked at me with admiration, "yes, Qin, Qin Jiaqi, isn't it? I didn't expect you to be so good! "

"Half a million."

I spread my hand to him.

"Here you are." Yizi ran to the car, took out a stack of checks and was ready to write them.

I was joking, but I didn't expect that yizian really gave it to me.

The world of the rich is really beyond my imagination.

Looking at him tearing down the check to give it to me, I waved, "no, don't pester Jiang Qin in the future. I'll thank you."

With that, I headed for the law firm.

As soon as I took two steps, I saw song Yiran and Ji Zhaoming standing at the door, looking at me together.

When I got there, song Yiran clapped his hands and said with a smile, "I didn't expect Miss Qin to be such a bold and resourceful person."

"No, No."

I just used a rogue way to deal with rogues, but song Yiran and Ji Zhaoming saw me.

Ji Zhaoming said to song Yiran, "this Qin Jiaqi looks like a domestic cat, but in fact it's a wild cat."

"Well, I think so."

They teased me and went upstairs.

Upstairs, Ji Zhaoming told me that he found a relationship to check the monitoring of Shengxin hospital. On the day Qin Jiameng jumped off the building, after I left Qin Ci's ward, a nurse went in and left in less than a minute.

They have given the situation to the police.

At present, as long as it is proved that my card was stolen and that the money was not transferred by me, my guilt will be cleared.

When I heard this, I suddenly thought, "did the monitor see who woke up my grandmother and helped her to the rooftop?"

"Well We don't think we've noticed yet. " Song Yiran shook his head.

"Can you help me?"

I look at Ji Zhaoming with the eyes of request.

He hesitated and agreed.

I talked with song Yiran and Ji Zhaoming for more than an hour, finished some things about the next court session, and then got up to leave.

Ji Zhaoming sent me.

As soon as we got to the door of the law firm, we saw a familiar car parked there.

And the owner of the car, Ji Qingxuan, is standing by.

When he saw Ji Zhaoming and I together, his face changed from plain to displeased.

Come quickly to us.

I looked at Ji Qingxuan's face and thought that he would be angry when he came, but when the man was only one step away from me, he suddenly stopped.Look at me.

Something seems to be brewing.

A moment later he said, "where are you going? I'll see you off. "


I thought I heard wrong.

Ji Qingxuan's tone is light, even mild, which is totally different from the momentum that just came.

"Where are you going now? I'll see you off. "

Ji Qingxuan repeated his words again.

"No, I..."

"Well, I have something to do, so I'll go first."

When I subconsciously wanted to refuse Ji Qingxuan, Ji Zhaoming interrupted me.

With that, he went straight away.

I didn't even say a word of Hello.

I looked at the man's back, and looked at Ji Qingxuan, there is a sense of being betrayed.

"Let's go." Ji Qingxuan looks at me.

I don't know if it's my illusion. In the eyes he looks at me, there are always some things I can't see through.

A lot of people, really can't resist the heart.

I look at Ji Qingxuan, he goes in the direction of the car, I follow him.

Looking at the man's back, blocking most of the sun, like a wall, a city.

Every time I thought I was escaping, I found that it was just my self righteousness.

It turns out I've been standing in the center of the city.

Never left for a moment.

By the time I got back to my senses, I was already in the man's car.

Ji Qingxuan leaned over and stretched out his hand to hold the seat belt for me. His face was very close to me, and his deep eyes were staring at my face all the time. They were light and shallow.

It seems that it's just a pool of clear water. You can see through his mind at a glance.

This is Ji Qingxuan I know.

With a click, the seat belt jammed, and the man leaned over and asked me, "where are you going for dinner? I'll stay with you. "


I looked at Ji Qingxuan, the man's eyes as I saw just now.

There is no secret in it.

As if what he said was what he thought.

Seeing that I didn't answer, Ji Qingxuan said again, "Qin Jiaqi, I want to have dinner with you. After dinner, I'll take you home."


I blurted out.

I always remember that I asked him to marry Qin Jiameng. I can't turn back.

"No why." Ji Qingxuan looked at me and continued to ask, "what would you like for dinner?"

"Sorry, I have to go to the company again. I may not be able to have dinner with you."

I wanted to promise, but I lied.

"OK, I'll take you to the company." Ji Qingxuan didn't say anything.

Straighten up, a foot accelerator, soon, to our company's downstairs.

When I get off the bus, I don't forget to say to him, "I'll work overtime for a long time. Ji doesn't have to wait for me."

Then he left.



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