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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 131

Because I went to see song Yiran in the afternoon, some work was shelved, and I finished all the work.

When I looked up again, the day outside had changed from the day before to the evening.

Although we can't see the sun from this angle of the office, we can see the golden sunset in the sky.

I looked down. It's early 7 o'clock and it's more than an hour after work.

Clock in and out.

I stand in the elevator, planning to have dinner in the evening, go home to take a bath, then take my notebook to the hospital to see Qin Ci, and then continue to do the design work.

When the elevator opened, I thought of the man.

Ji Qingxuan.

Should he go?

I must have left.

I guess he can't be here for more than two hours.

I walked out with my bag. As soon as I got to the door, I saw the black car parked there.

It's just that no windows are closed.

Ji Qingxuan was not seen around.

Maybe the same car?

When I comforted myself, I saw the door open and Ji Qingxuan got out of the car.

I'm still wearing the afternoon suit.

He's been waiting for me here for two hours?

I was in a trance for a while. I thought that a long time ago, I was still Mrs. Ji. That day, Lu Qiaoyu drank until he had stomach bleeding. Ji Qingxuan accompanied me to take him to the hospital.

I spent the night with Lu Qiaoyu in the hospital.

When I came out, I saw Ji Qingxuan waiting for me in the car.

He waited for me all night.

When I was distracted, the man had come to me, and his thin lips tilted slightly to one side, looking at me, "what do you think? I'll take you to what you want to eat in the evening



Ji Qingxuan looks at the smile in his eyes.

I don't seem to mind waiting for me at all.

I looked at him for a long time, then said, "you decide, anything can."

Maybe I should talk to Ji Qingxuan.

We can't go on like this.

Ji Qingxuan took me to Dongfeng Building, to the top floor, but we did not sit in the box, but sat on the balcony.

There are night lights around.

It's not too hot in April. It's cool at this time. I feel good.

Ji Qingxuan asked me to order, I still said, "you decide."

Soon, the food came up.

It has to be said that the dishes in Dongfeng Building are really delicious. Every dish is delicious.

When we finished eating, the main dish plates were removed, and the desserts were served, I looked up at Ji Qingxuan and said, "let's have a good talk."

"Try this first. Their desserts are delicious too. I didn't order them last time."

Ji Qingxuan interrupted me.

His expression is gentle, but I feel that he seems to deliberately do not let me speak.

I looked down at the Matcha cake in front of me and took a bite.

First slightly bitter, then sweet.

It's like the relationship between Ji Qingxuan and me for such a long time.

In retrospect, it seems that every step is painful, are scars, but why, I always vaguely think of a good memory.

I just took a bite and continued, "Mr. Ji, if I remember correctly, you said that you can only have something to do with Qin Jiameng all your life. Now that you have married him, how nice it is that you are entangled with me, which will only hurt her heart."


Ji Qingxuan is silent. He looks down at the dessert in front of him and doesn't move.

"Mr. Ji, I'm not trying to figure out whether you want to enjoy the happiness of all people or why, but no matter why, since you are going to marry Qin Jiameng, don't have any contact with me any more. I'm very busy now and I'm very busy every day."

The mystery of Qin Ci's operation, the lawsuit and the design competition.

Any one of them alone will be enough to spend all my energy.

I really don't want to deal with Ji Qingxuan any more.


Ji Qingxuan still did not speak.

"President Ji..."

"Qin Jiaqi, I just want you in my sight."

After a long silence.

Ji Qingxuan finally spoke.

But I didn't understand.

He didn't love me, he didn't like me, he didn't miss me.

Just want to see me.

In fact, maybe if a man says this, I think he likes me, but in front of Ji Qingxuan, I dare not expect.

I looked at him and said, "I understand that Ji is always afraid that I will get too close to your uncle, and that I will find another man. You can rest assured that he will not."

"Stay away from him. He's not as simple as you think."When I mentioned Ji Zhaoming, Ji Qingxuan's face became serious immediately.

I just nodded, "well, I know, it's just that the Qin Zhaomin family sued me this time. I just wanted to protect myself when I came to him."

"Then why don't you come to me? I have the best lawyer team in Yancheng. "

Ji Qingxuan said.

There was some dissatisfaction in the tone.

It's like you're breathing.

His words only made me feel funny. I looked at him and asked, "if the murderer who framed me is Qin Jiameng's family, or she is also involved in it, will you help me fairly?"

Ji Qingxuan looked at me, and I answered for him, "no, you will threaten me to withdraw the lawsuit, otherwise you will firmly stand on her side."

"I will help you fairly." Ji Qingxuan explained.

"Is it?" I listen to the man's pale defense, sneer, "Mr. Ji, have you forgotten why we divorced?"

Even though our relationship started to be bad.

But there has been moderation in the middle.

I still remember Ji Qingxuan got that knife for me when I was kidnapped by elder sister long.

Without Qin Jiameng, maybe we are now

I clasp my hands tightly, remind myself not to think about the past, it is clear that the pain between us is more than good.

When I look back, I can only think of beautiful things.

"Not this time, not in the future..." Ji Qingxuan's eyelids drooped slightly when he spoke.

It's like covering up the guilty heart.

No matter how stupid I am, I understand.

"Mr. Ji, I'm ready. Thank you for your hospitality. I'm leaving."

I'm going to leave with my bag.

Ji Qingxuan gets up. He wants to see me off.

I know I can't refuse, I can only promise.

Because the community is a separation of people and cars, he deliberately parked the car to the door, and then accompanied me to walk into the community.

The night just happened, we walked on the winding stone road, but without a word.

Until I got home, I just said "goodbye" and went upstairs.

After I got home, I took a bath, changed my clothes, packed up my things and prepared to go downstairs to the hospital.

After all, Qin CI is still in a slight coma and may wake up at any time.

Qin Zhaomin and Qin Zhaozhi will not be in the hospital. I'm afraid she will feel lonely when she wakes up with no one around.

I packed my things and went downstairs. As soon as I walked out of the door, I saw a man sitting on the flower bed not far away.

In the dark, there is a little light, bright and dark.

It seems to be a lighted cigarette.



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