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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 135

take a shower.

Ji Qingxuan's words have been very explicit.

I looked at him suspiciously, "you won't all hurt like this, still think about that thing?"


Ji Qingxuan's arm imprisons me, but he says innocently, "I just want you to take a bath for me..."

"No washing." I am a little angry, "you wait for Qin Jia to wake up and help you wash it?"

"Qin Jiameng?" Referring to her, I saw Ji Qingxuan's eyes darkened, and then said, "except to marry her, I won't do anything else."

"Do you want Li Kai to care about Qin Jiameng?"

I can't hold it any longer. I have to say it now.

I said, Ji Qingxuan slightly frown, "what?"

"Don't pretend. I know all about it. When Grandpa Ji came here today, I went to see Qin Jiameng and happened to meet Li Kai."

I gave Ji Qingxuan a white look.

In the heart is angry, but at this time he in my side, my heart gas seems not so heavy.

The most unpromising is me.

Ji Qingxuan listened to my words, silent for a moment, as if thinking about something.

Seeing me looking at him, the corner of the man's mouth was raised to one side, "I didn't order this, but the people around me must take into account all the things I might ask."

This reason, I reluctantly accept.

I accompanied Ji Qingxuan to go home. When I opened the door, some servants saw me, and all the servants went back to the servant's room skillfully.

The empty room is just me and him.

As the man walked in, he unbuttoned his shirt. Half way, he turned and looked at me. He said innocently, "baby, I can't take off my clothes."


Ji Qingxuan at that time that appearance, where is what big president, is clearly waiting for his mother to help the son!

I gave him a white look and deliberately said, "take it off yourself."

"I can't take it off." Ji Qingxuan came over and held me in his arms with his right hand, shaking his left hand in front of me.

I probably took a look. Ji Qingxuan's left hand is in plaster, and the sleeve of his shirt is rolled on it. If you open the button of the sleeve, you should be able to take off the clothes.

Looking at the pitiful look of the man, I don't know why I'm not angry.

Let him sit on the bed, I carefully help him unbutton his left shirt, and then take off his clothes.

I thought it was easy. I unbuttoned and began to undress.

"It hurts."

I take off to half, Ji Qingxuan cry pain.

At first, I thought he hit me. I tugged again and looked at the man. His face was a little white, and his forehead seemed to be covered with sweat.

I realized that he didn't seem to have lied to me.


Ji Qingxuan just looked up at me.

His face was full of innocence and sincerity.

I looked down to check, only to find that although the cuff link came out, the middle part of the sleeve was stuck in the plaster, and a drag would drive the plaster.

I quickly pulled the sleeve back, frowned and said, "I can only cut this dress."

Then he went to find the scissors.

When I was holding the scissors, I saw Ji Qingxuan sitting upright and stretching his left hand straight. Before, he felt as cold as a handsome face on an iceberg plateau, but with a trace of grievance and tension.

See me with scissors.

Finally, I couldn't help saying, "be careful, or you will ruin the happiness of the rest of your life."

"Mine?" I chuckled and said, "you're broken. I'll replace you with someone else. You'll only destroy yourself Ah

Voice did not fall, directly by the man's right hand to the arms.

One turns over and presses on the bed.

Action came too fast, my scissors suddenly did not hold steady, flew a few circles, "bang when" fell to the ground.

"Someone else's?" Ji Qingxuan pressed me. Just now, the tension also disappeared with the landing of the scissors. He looked at me, his black eyes were full of banter and pondering, "experienced my size, other men can't satisfy you."

Then he began to lean over and kiss me.

My mind is not here at all, "your left hand is still injured!"

"Nothing." While kissing my neck socket, the man said, "pain, you can't only use your hands..."

Beautiful night.

Ji Qingxuan and I went from the bedroom to the bathroom and back to the bedroom.

I don't know. I've been lingering for hours.

Finally, I fell asleep in his arms.

It seems that not long after I fell asleep, I was awakened by one bell after another.

I opened my eyes slightly, and the sky just turned white.

It should be like five or six.

Ji Qingxuan beside me, some discontented to pick up the phone, I nestle in his arms.The room was very quiet, and the telephone was a little loud. I heard Fan Yu's voice clearly from the microphone, "Mr. Ji, I wake up from my dream. She's in a very complicated situation now. Please come here!"

"When she wakes up, she goes to the doctor."

Ji Qingxuan said lightly.

His attitude made me feel at ease.

"No, Mr. Ji, I beg you, come here, dream of her, she I lost my memory

I also heard Fan Yu's words clearly.

I was in a man's arms and saw him frown slightly, saying, "if you need me, I can help introduce a psychologist."

"No! Mr. Ji, please come here. I've said a lot that dream and you were predestined to each other

Fan Yu is entangled in every way.

I don't know if Ji Qingxuan refused because of me. I don't think he let go, so he said, "go, I'll go too."

Ji Qingxuan squinted at me and said reluctantly, "OK."

In fact, I mainly want to see whether Qin Jiameng has really lost her memory, or what else to do.

I dressed Ji Qingxuan well. This time, we chose a shirt with loose sleeves, which can be easily put on and off.

We went to the Sacred Heart Hospital.

According to the ward number Fan Yu said, to the door of the ward.

I was on the elevator, holding Ji Qingxuan on purpose.

The door of the elevator opened. Sure enough, Fan Yu was standing at the entrance of the elevator. When she saw Ji Qingxuan, her face was filled with joy, but she soon saw me.

Just now the expression of joy turned into consternation, and then into anger! Pointing at me and swearing, "Qin Jiaqi, why are you here?"

"Aunt fan, I sleep with him in the same bed. You wake me up and I can't sleep any more. Naturally, I'll come and have a look."

I said alienated.

Fan Yu's teeth are itching, "Qin Jiaqi! You bitch, without you, our family, our dream would not be like this! "

She said, the whole person rushed at me!

Ji Qingxuan pushed with his right hand, Fan Yu staggered, pushed back a few steps, holding the wall did not fall.

She looked at Ji Qingxuan, face some incredible, "Mr. Ji, dream so love you, how can you be Qin Jiaqi this fox spirit hook soul!"

Fox spirit.

Well, this is probably the unified name of Qin Zhaomin's family for me.



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