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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 140

I followed Deng Qi into the office.

He closed the door, and then looked at me seriously, "Qin Jiaqi, how can you be so confused! Even if Ji always how to report you to enter the finals, you can't plagiarize

"I didn't copy. She copied me."

I said calmly.

"She copied you? How is that possible? You entered the semi-finals with the 50th place. This time, the work is highly completed and the idea is novel. When you look at Lu Yuhan, you just spend a lot of effort. Who's wrong with you to copy? You just copy her? "

Deng Qi didn't believe me at all.

He only believes that I copied Lu Yuhan.

But I don't blame her.

After all, my level in the company is good, but it is not the same level as Lu Yuhan.

Lu Yuhan has won many awards in China with novel themes.

I have paid more or less attention to it.

"I didn't copy it. I have the original document on my computer." I said.

In fact, I know that this is not convincing. After all, this kind of thing can be made in a short time if you want to imitate it.

But beyond that, I don't know how to prove that I didn't plagiarize.

Deng Qi looked at me, disappointed, and didn't intend to listen to me.

He sat on the chair, "if you don't plagiarize this time, Ji Zong can still get you to the final, but since you don't work hard, even don't do the work, plagiarize directly, the immortal can't help you."

"Now that you think you are, it's useless for me to say anything."

I'm too lazy to talk.

Lu Yuhan and I, no one will believe that she copied me.

As soon as he wanted to leave, he heard Deng Qi say, "Oh, wait a minute!"

"What's the matter?"

"No, I wonder. You said that your ability is good at ordinary times, and there are some good works. Why do you copy her? What do you draw?"

Deng Qi sat there, patting the table, frowning.

He looked puzzled.

I looked at him and asked, "yes, what do I want? Do I have a brain problem, or do I want to copy from her? "


Deng Qi looked at me and nodded.

After thinking for a while, he looked at me suspiciously and asked, "so, you didn't copy her?"

"I didn't. She copied from me, but I don't know why."

I answered.

Deng Qi frowned, put his hands around his chest, frowned tightly, nodded and thought, "yes, what does she want? Although your work is good, as long as she takes out 50% of her strength, she will not be able to enter the final

Deng Qi said this and asked, "do you have any enemies?"


I have.

Actually, there are quite a lot of them.

When I'm struggling with what to say to Deng Qi.

The door of his office was pushed open.

Two women came in one after the other.

I don't know any of them.

"Mr. Zhan." When Deng Qi saw them, he immediately stood up and laughed.

I guess Mr. Zhan in Deng Qi's words is the woman in front of him.

Mr. Zhan didn't look at me. He went directly to Deng Qi's desk and patted the desk. "Call Qin Jiaqi from your company for me."


It was for me.

Deng Qi gave me a color, said, "you go out first, I'll find you later."

I realized that he seemed to want to help me.

I tangled for a while, looking at this, Mr. Zhan must be angry. When I thought about going out first, the younger woman behind Mr. Zhan suddenly held me, "don't go. I've seen your sister's news on the Internet. Are you Qin Jiaqi?"

News of Qin Jiameng?

I'm afraid that the video that was forced was brushed again a while ago.

On hearing this, Mr. Zhan turned his head to look at me, and his eyes were on fire. "Are you Qin Jiaqi? I can finally see you. You have the courage to copy the works of my family's Yuhan. "

I realized that the woman in the back was Lu Yuhan.

I've only heard her name before.

This is the first time to see me.

Lu Yuhan is not tall and slightly fat, but his eyes are fierce.

"I didn't copy." I said lightly.

"No plagiarism?" Zhan always looked at me. "What do you mean? Does it mean that our Yuhan plagiarizes you? Ha ha ha

With that, he just laughed.

Her appearance is exaggerated, behind Lu Yuhan is also a horizontal face, "that is, you this kind of third rate designer, also don't see what virtue, I copy you?"

"How do I know?"

My expression has been very calm.After all, I have confidence in this matter, so I don't need to use voice to suppress it.

"You don't know? Pooh! Are you still rampant in plagiarism? " Mr. Zhan looked at Deng Qi and yelled, "Deng Qi, I tell you, such a person must be dismissed immediately!"

Deng Qi stood in the same place, with a helpless smile on his face. Looking at the shouting president Zhan, he said, "don't be angry, don't be angry, have something to say."

"How to say it? Your people copied our works of Yuhan. What's the matter? Think she's Mr. Ji's lover, so that's it? "

Zhan said directly.

"Mr. Ji's lover?" I look up at Mr. Zhan.

She looked at me, too. "What? Dare to do not dare to say? We all know it so well that we can't hide it. "

"That's to say, you and your sister's two daughters are serving one husband together. Do you think we don't know if we don't talk about it? There is no impermeable wall

Lu Yuhan followed suit.

I stood still.

How can there be such a rumor?

Two women serving a husband?

Ha ha.

I can't do such a disgusting thing.

However, I can also see that these two people are well prepared, so naturally they won't let it go.

I looked at Mr. Zhan and Lu Yuhan again, "don't yell. It's not the one who has a big voice that makes sense. Besides, our works are very similar. Why must I copy yours? Can't it be that you took the money and deliberately plagiarized me? "

When I finished, Lu Yuhan was stunned.

The expression on his face was immediately unnatural.

Zhan always is not, she sneers, "she plagiarizes yours?"? Who doesn't know our family's Yuhan level, and why should we copy from you as a third rate designer? "

"How do I know?"

I shrugged.

Deng Qi looked at the situation and said, "if not, today's quarrel can't come to an end. Let's go back and sort out the evidence that this work is our own, and then find a time to take it out together, and then find some people to comment on it."

In fact, I think what Deng Qi said is feasible.

But Mr. Zhan didn't want to, "why? She plagiarized our Yuhan, we have to take evidence? You want evidence? We have already handed in the evidence! "

"How many days earlier? I can't do it even if I do it in a few days. Moreover, the submitted works are completely confidential. I have no channel to know her works. "

I can't argue with Mr. Zhan.

Lu Yuhan also said on one side.

But in the end, there was no result.

In the end, I decided to use one week to sort out the materials and prove that this work is my own, and then show it to you in the conference room of Optimus one week later.



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