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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 164

At this time, I was still standing on the edge of the pool, and Mou Xiangli didn't let go directly. Instead, he dragged me to the deck chair on the bank and let me go.

I tried to shake my head and make myself more conscious.

Mou Xiangli is standing beside me. I hear Ji Qingxuan's voice coming in.

He came up to me and said, "give me a towel."

"No, I'm fine." I quickly got up and said to Mou Xiangli, "Mr. Mou, thank you just now."

Mou Xiangli had planned to go into the house. He heard me and looked at me.

His eyes stayed on me for two seconds and said, "it's OK."

At this time, ye Ze has taken out a bath towel from Mou Xiangli's room and said to Mou Xiangli, "Mr. Mou, first borrow the bath towel from your room, and I'll ask the waiter to bring you a new one."

"Take it."

Mou waved to Li and entered the room.

Ji Qingxuan took the bath towel and put it on me.

He reached out and touched my forehead, then my face. He seemed to realize the abnormality of my body. He bent down and picked me up.

"You What are you doing here? Who told you that? "

At this time, my brain has been a little sober, Ji Qingxuan appeared here, just like those who participated in the competition that day appeared in Ji Qingxuan's room.

It's no coincidence.

The man didn't speak, just holding me and going out.

This makes me have a candidate in my heart, sneer, "Qin Jiameng, right? Is it Qin Jiameng? "

"Not her."

Ji Qingxuan light back three words.

"Not her? It must be her. I suspected that she didn't lose her memory before. Now it seems to be true. She really laid a hard hand on herself. "

I'm in Ji Qingxuan's arms.

I don't know if it's because the medicine doesn't work.

I can vaguely smell the faint aroma of men, like an aphrodisiac.

Let me just want to do that.

Ji Qingxuan didn't speak. He took me back to my room, put me on the bed and covered me with a quilt.

Touched my arm, slightly frown, "this matter I will investigate."

"Investigation?" What he said is a joke to me.

Things related to Qin Jiameng will never be investigated.

Maybe it's the medicine that makes me crazy. I get up slightly, hook the man's neck, put my lips close to the man's ears, and gently exhale, saying, "I feel bad, help me."


The man didn't move.

I chuckled. "What's the matter? Are you afraid Qin Jiameng will blame you? "

Ji Qingxuan looked at me and pushed me away. He wanted to help me to bed. "You're sick. I'll ask the doctor here if there's any way."

At this time, the temperature that had just been retreated by the pool water rose again.

I feel sick all over. I really want to.

Ji Qingxuan is the best antidote.

He refused me, in order to stimulate him, I pushed him away and said, "bang, don't do it, I'll find someone else."

Then he got up and went out.

Just walk two steps, be fished directly by the man come back, press on the bed.

The man looked down at me, black eyes dyed with fire, a hand hooked my chin, "looking for someone else? I've already said that if you adapt to my size, others can't satisfy you. "

The next second, I bent over and began to invade me crazily.

There's a subtle chemical reaction between a man's hormones and my body's medicine.

I began to cater to him more intensely than ever before.

Although later the medicine has long been dispersed, we are still going crazy.

That day, we did not know how many hours.

All I know is that in the end I didn't have the strength to get out of bed.

Ji Qingxuan called the service desk for lunch or lunch dinner.

Before the waiter arrived, we were still nestling in bed. I knew that we had to bear the consequences of such wanton venting.

But I still won't let go.

About ten minutes later, I heard a sound outside the door. Then I heard the waiter say, "Miss Qin, why are you here?"

Miss Qin.

There are only two Miss Qin in the whole resort.

I'm in the room.

It is self-evident who is outside the house.

Ji Qingxuan also heard the waiter's words, immediately got up, picked up one side of the clothes quickly put on, began to go out.

I hugged him from behind and said, "Ji Qingxuan."

I didn't say anything. I just called his name.

Even if I don't say the following words, I believe he understands them.

Ji Qingxuan looked back and looked at me. His eyes flickered slightly. Finally, he patted me gently. I held his hand and said softly, "I'll come.""Don't go."

I hold her, and I don't let go.

Just think I'm willful.

Qin Jiameng can play tricks. Why can't I?

Who requires me to be sensible? If it's related to Qin Jiameng, what's the matter with Tang Ruo?

In fact, there are too many questions in this matter, but I don't want to deal with them.

In the relationship with Ji Qingxuan, I am a crazy gambler.

But this time I lost again.

He pushed my hand aside slightly and said, "I'll be right there."

How many times have I lost?

I don't remember.

I watched the man go out, picked up the flat bottoms he didn't have time to wear, and knocked him out the moment he opened the door!

And then throw out the pants!

Close the door.

Yelling through the door, "get out of here! I'm comfortable. You can go away! "

Later, Ji Qingxuan didn't come.

I feel like a joke.


It's sad.

In the evening, I was so hungry that I went to the store to buy food.

As soon as I went in, I saw Mou Xiangli.

Think of things during the day, I am a little embarrassed, go up again and say, "Mr. Mou, thank you today."

This time, Mou Xiangli stood still, looked at me, raised his eyebrows, and asked me, "people call me master, but most people call me sir. Why do you call me teacher? I didn't teach you. "

His words instantly confused me.

At that time, I just thought he was powerful and called him casually. I didn't expect that he would be more serious.

They all said that Mou Xiangli had a strange temper. I quickly said, "sorry, Mr. Mou, I didn't think so much."

"Well, forget it. You can call me a teacher. It's more agreeable."

Mou said to Li, checking out.

I followed him.

Out of the store, he asked me, "what do you think of your work this time?"

"Mine?" I think of Lu Yuhan spray bloody things, also dare not say, "my level, can enter the final is actually luck."

"You think so?" Look at me.

I nodded.

He laughs, "you don't have an accurate position for yourself. You are not lucky to be in the final. It depends on sleeping with boss Optimus."

His tone was a bit of a joke.

I blushed with shame.



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