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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 169

I was beaten by Qin Zhaomin half face numb, for his change, I don't feel strange at all.

Barely standing up straight, covering half of his face, he said, "there are cameras here. If you want to go to prison, go on."

"You give me the money!" Qin Zhaomin scolded me, "I tell you, if our company is finished, I will not only pull out your grandmother's ventilator, but also pull you to the end!"

This will, my cheek some hot pain, may be swollen.

I know that Qin Zhaomin did not care about Qin Ci's life and death for a long time. The reason why he is still procrastinating now is that he does not want to bear the name of being unfilial.

I put down my hand and looked at him, fearless, "you've made the company yellow, but you don't have the ability. As for my grandmother's ventilator, if you dare to move, I'll follow you forever!"

People, if they have money, they will become confident.

My bankbook is more than 10 million yuan. I'm not afraid of him at all.

Then he turned and left, ignoring whether Qin Zhaomin was jumping behind me.

I packed up after I got home.

The new home is very small, but very warm, let me feel at home.

I sat on the bay window, covered my face with ice bag, looking at the street view outside the window, with a lot of things in my head.

I've sent the photos of Qin Jiameng and Li Kai for 2 days, but Ji Qingxuan didn't react to that photo at all?

Can he even bear the green hat?

Where has Tang Ruo gone? I want to find her and find out what's going on with her.

There's also the courtesies.

Although I said to contact him that day, I didn't have his contact information. He was very mysterious. I certainly couldn't ask, and I couldn't ask Ji Qingxuan.

And Ji Qingxuan.

I'm going to put him down and go my own way.

I thought he would not come to me about Qin Zhaomin.

Unexpectedly, only three days later, Qin Zhaomin appeared at the door of our company again.

I saw him go straight around.

Qin Zhaomin came up with a smile on his face and said, "Jiaqi, does his face still hurt? A few days ago, my father was wrong. My father was impulsive. When I went back, my father also regretted it. "

His tone this time is better than last time.

Open your mouth and shut your mouth.

It's like trying to coax a child's father.

It's a pity that when I grow up, I won't be cheated by him again.

I changed the direction to go, he still followed, "Jiaqi, dad really apologizes to you this time, dad has done so many things that make you sad before, you don't borrow money from dad, dad also understands, dad doesn't blame you."

Qin Zhaomin has a father.

With four or five dads in one sentence, I feel sick.

Finally, I couldn't help looking back at him and frowning, "Mr. Qin, since you know what you've done before, don't pester me any more, or I'll call the police!"

"No!" Qin Zhaomin listened to me, but his face was still not angry. "I really want to make up with you this time. Now I want to understand that you have been in the orphanage for so long. We didn't care about your past. It's our fault."


"So, your mother and I, as well as Jiameng, are waiting for you at home. This time, we will eat at home and do what you like!"

When I walk in front, Qin Zhaomin reads like a fly at the back.

Compared with the previous male chauvinism, his temperament has changed greatly.

He said I love to eat, I finally stood down, turned to ask him, "Mr. Qin, I ask you, what do I like to eat?"

Ha ha, in the past three years, they never asked me what I like to eat.

Now, what are you doing here?!

Sure enough, after I asked Qin Zhaomin, I was stunned and hesitated, "I I don't know. It's all prepared by your mother. "

"Then you call Ms. fan and ask what I like to eat?"

I thought Qin Zhaomin would refuse.

As a result, he actually took out the phone and started dialing.

I didn't stop him, so I let him dial.

When the phone got through, Qin Zhaomin asked Fan Yu, "what's your favorite dish for Jiaqi?"

After that, although I couldn't hear Fan Yu's answer, I could see that Qin Zhaomin's face became a little embarrassed.

But soon, he looked at me and said, "Squirrel Fish, Longjing shrimp, and..."

"Needless to say, Mr. Qin, these are what Qin Jiameng likes to eat, not me."

In fact, when I asked, I had some unrealistic expectations.

But when Qin Zhaomin spoke, I gave up.

Qin Jiameng can't eat spicy food, so all her favorite dishes are light, but I'm not the same. I like spicy food, and all my favorite dishes are spicy.

I went to the subway entrance, Qin Zhaomin chased me, apologized and asked me to go.

Originally, he was like this. I should have gone.But the more so, the more I feel that something is wrong. It's like a grand banquet.

I'm afraid I can't come back.

Qin Zhaomin chased the subway station. I swiped the subway card and went in. He wanted to chase, but the gate could only pass one person at a time.

He was kept out and couldn't get in.

One side of the staff also called him, "Sir, can't rush."

It's just after work, there are a lot of people coming in and out of the subway station. I took a few steps along the stream of people and unconsciously turned around to have a look.

Qin Zhaomin is still standing at the gate, looking at my direction.

What was full of apology just now has completely disappeared, replaced by the cold and dark hatred.

At a glance, it gives me goose bumps.

A bad feeling rose in my heart.

Two weeks after that day, it was calm.

Nothing happened. As usual, we went to work during the day and had a rest at night. In the middle, Jiang Qin came back once and we got together.

Until one day at the end of August.

I received a call from Qin Ci's Hospital, telling me that Qin CI is in danger!

At that time, I was at work, talking about the design scheme with the guests. When I received the phone call, I quickly explained the situation to the guests, packed up my things, took my laptop and rushed to the hospital immediately.

By the time I arrived, Qin CI had already entered the emergency room.

After I asked a doctor, I found out that there was something wrong with Qin Ci's catheter. The catheter was not sterile, which caused Qin Ci to be infected.

In fact, Qin CI is not the only one. The whole batch of catheters have problems.

But because Qin CI is a vegetable, her resistance is worse than that of ordinary patients.

The immune system has been destroyed, and now the situation is very critical, so I will be informed.

I was paralyzed.

Sitting in the hallway of the hospital, hands together, praying, "don't do anything."

Qin Zhaozhi arrived soon after I arrived.

"Mom, how's it going?" Qin Zhaozhi grabbed me and asked.

"I don't know." I'm upset.

Qin Zhaozhi got up and asked the doctor again. When he came back, he sat beside me and muttered, "this kind of broken hospital is unreliable, and the catheter can still have problems?! If there's something wrong with my mother, I'll sue them to death even if I lose my property! "

I squinted at Qin Zhaozhi.

This is not the same person as the one who was fighting to turn off the ventilator before.



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