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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 176

"Boss, you remember me."

I was a bit surprised.

"No, you haven't changed much in recent years. It's hard for me to recognize you." The boss said happily, looking at Ji Qingxuan, "is this your boyfriend? It's really expensive to look at. I'm not an ordinary person. "

I have to say that the boss is really good at judging people.

I hooked my lips, "no, he's just me..."

"I'm his boyfriend."

Ji Qingxuan knows what I'm going to say and grabs the words first.

I took a look at him and didn't bother to argue.

The boss laughs and brings the menu to our table? It's OK. It's OK to eat my family's food. "

The menu of his family is still the same. It's still bound with several pieces of paper. The name and price of the dishes are all written by himself.

Over the years, the price has not gone up much.

I looked at the price slightly frown, "boss, you do business is afraid to lose money."

The boss said with a smile, "I'm not afraid. I'll be happy when I do business. If you old customers like me are willing to come and have a chat with me, I'll be happy. Making money is secondary."

I ordered two dishes I used to eat, and gave the menu to Ji Qingxuan.

Ask him what to eat.

Ji Qingxuan looked at the menu, seemed confused, and finally said, "just order."

"This gentleman is a big boss. Let me recommend him to you." The boss is familiar with himself, and immediately picks up the menu to recommend to Ji Qingxuan.

After half a day's introduction, Ji Qingxuan only ordered a moustache.

The boss went to cook.

He and I were the only two people in the restaurant. I said, "Mr. Ji, you see, this is my life. You and I are two kinds of people."

"It wasn't good before. Why do you always say that now?" Ji Qingxuan frowned slightly.

I bowed my head, hesitated for a moment, then raised my head and said, "Ji Qingxuan, I used to love you and love you very much. No matter whether we are a kind of people or not, even if we are different from each other, I am willing to overcome hardships and be with you. I am willing to adapt to you. As long as you look at me, I would rather go through fire and water."

Ji Qingxuan heard me say so, there was no joy in his eyes.

On the contrary, there is an inextricable sadness.

I continued, "but after so many things, my heart has been consumed by you. I don't want to love you. I'm tired."

"Jiaqi, I..."

"Here comes the dish!"

When Ji Qingxuan wanted to say something, the boss came out with a plate of moustache meat. I only heard the taste, and I know that after so many years of not eating, the boss's craftsmanship has not changed at all.

It's still great.

The boss stood on one side and boasted, "try it quickly. Either I blow it, or the cooks in five-star hotels don't necessarily taste as good as I do."

Ji Qingxuan looks at the boss and seems to be waiting for him to leave.

I know the boss. He is warm-hearted and won't leave easily.

I said to Ji Qingxuan with a smile, "eat, don't say unhappy things when you eat, otherwise it will affect your appetite. You can say what you have after eating."

Ji Qingxuan hesitated and nodded.

After a taste of the food, I know from his expression that he likes the food here very much!

Later, the boss finished all the work.

After eating, Ji Qingxuan asked him, "would you like to open a shop outside? I'll invest in you. "

"Ha ha, thank you for your love." The boss laughs, "I'll never go anywhere in my life. I'll keep this shop. After all, my wife and I opened it together."

When the boss mentioned his wife, I asked, "where's the landlady? How come I haven't seen you? "

In the past, when I came to dinner, it was the boss who cooked and the boss's wife served.

But I didn't see it today.

Referring to the landlady, the boss's face looked disappointed. After a pause, he said, "she got sick a few years ago and spent a lot of money. She thought she was cured, but she relapsed and died last year."

"Sorry, I don't know."

I realized that I had said something wrong.

I just lost my grandmother, now I understand the boss's mood, how painful it is to lose someone important.

"It's OK, it's OK." The boss was dejected and said, "well, I think she and I have never had a good life in our whole life. In the next life, I must make a lot of money and let her have a good life."

"A good husband like you is a good day."

I comforted the boss.

When we checked out and left, Ji Qingxuan wanted to pay more, but the boss refused.

Leaving the restaurant, we walked out along the winding path. It was already evening, the street lights were dim, and neither of us spoke.

Seeing that I was about to get to the car, I heard the man behind me saying, "baby, this time you don't need to love me, just let me love you. You don't need to pay, I just need to pay."

Just a few words, let me mind a tight.I put my hands in front of me and held them tightly together. After a long time, I said, "no, Mr. Ji, you have this heart. It will be rewarded for anyone. Don't waste it on my heart."

It's cheap around here. There's no taxi.

I had to take Ji Qingxuan's car home. When I got off the bus, Ji Qingxuan still said, "let me love you. You can accept it slowly. I just hope you don't run away."

I didn't dare to look at him and left without a word.

A few days later, Qin Ci's funeral will be held.

On that day, I was dressed in black and went to the place where I was buried. Only a few people came this time. They were all familiar faces.

As soon as I passed, Qin Zhaomin saw me and was furious. He gave me a push and scolded, "you still have face! Get out of here

When he roared, everyone looked at me, and none of them had a good face.

Fan Yu also scolded, "what face do you have when you make the Qin family like this! Get out of here

Although I don't know why they are so excited this time.

But I know my purpose.

I swept the crowd coldly, "I came to see grandma, not to see you."

"My mother wouldn't want to see you even if she was alive!" Qin Zhaozhi finally said, "Qin Jiaqi, you have made the Qin family yellow. Are you happy?"

"What's the relationship between Qin's yellow and me?"

I frown slightly.

"What does it have to do with you?" Qin Zhao's people rushed to hit me.

I'm ready. Get out of the way.

Qin Zhaomin stares at me, "you seduce Ji Qingxuan, let him break the engagement with Mengmeng at such a time! You're a very kind woman

Because of this.

I turned my face and looked at Qin Jiameng, who was crying. "Ask her if she doesn't do those things that break the lower limit again and again, can Ji Qingxuan be unbearable to her? What does it have to do with me? "

"Wuwuwu, it's all my fault..." Qin Jiameng continued to cry, but didn't say much about why.

Even if the whole Qin family does not welcome me, this is Qin Ci's burial, I will be here, and I will say goodbye to my grandmother.



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