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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 179

I looked at Qin Jiameng and said nothing.

Qin Jiameng put her hands around her chest and put away her smile. "Ji Qingxuan is the boss of Optimus and the person at the top of Yancheng pyramid. He calls the wind and the rain and can do anything. For such a man, his desire for control must be infinite."


"If you think about it, I have so many people who can't bear the past. He has to bear it again and again in order to control me. The day you give your clean self to him, he will already regard you as his own thing!"


"Don't deceive yourself!" Qin Jiameng interrupted me directly, "you should be very clear about how much Ji Qingxuan's possessiveness is! Lu Qiaoyu came to see you from a long distance after helping you out that time, and let Ji Qingxuan know that Lu Qiaoyu was scheming against him!

What's more, do you think Ji Qingxuan can know about his coming? As long as he thinks about Yancheng, what can he not know? "

I have to say that every word Qin Jiameng said was right.

But I don't want to accept it!

Although I want to keep away from Ji Qingxuan, I still don't want to believe that he has done such a terrible thing.

Don't believe he has Lu Qiaoyu's life in his hands!

I cleaned up my mood and looked at Qin Jiameng, smiling calmly, "I'm sorry, I don't believe it. Unless Ji Qingxuan comes to tell me in person, I won't believe a word!"

Qin Jiameng didn't think I didn't believe it.

Leng for a while, Zheng Zheng looked at me, began to have no expression.

And then all of a sudden I started laughing!

"Ha ha ha! It seems that you have a deep relationship with him. " She hesitated, some unwilling to say, "it's not bad for him to hold me and call your name when he drinks too much, ha ha ha ha!"

Qin Jiameng couldn't help laughing.

She laughs in a very exaggerated way.

The expression is very sad.

With a smile, tears fell from the corner of Qin Jiameng's eyes. She wiped it reluctantly, reached out and pinched my cheek, "but everything will end today! After today, he will never recognize me as you again! "

"You, you want to kill me?"

I saw her hand in her pocket.

Soon, take out a thing from inside!

Because it's not big, I can't see it clearly. I can only see it through his fingers. It seems to be a brown thing.

It's like a bottle!

"Kill you? That's not good. " Qin Jiameng pretended to be pathetic again, "you are my sister. How can I kill my sister?"

She reversed her hand and pinched what she had just taken out of her pocket with her index finger and thumb.

I just saw the whole bottle.

Is a small brown glass bottle, not only the bottle body is glass, even the lid is glass, there is liquid level in the shaking.

Because the bottle is brown, we can't see the color of the liquid.

There is a layer of plastic film between the lid and the bottle body, which seems to prevent the liquid from spilling out.

What is this?!

Need to put it in pure glass?

The answer, almost locked in a few strong corrosive liquid

"Let me go!"

In my mind, I suddenly recall what several people said a few days ago.

She said, if she can't get Ji Qingxuan, she will pull me to destroy together!

"Let you go?" Qin Jiameng shakes the glass bottle in front of him and stares at the liquid level. "Qin Jiaqi, do you know? What I hate most is that you and I have the same face. When I first met you at school, my first reaction was disgusting!

I never thought that grandma would take you home! "

"Grandma is dead. You and I have nothing to do with each other!"

I have just thought of what Qin Jiameng is going to do!

No way!

I can't let her do that!

"Never mind?" Qin Jiameng looked down at me, expressionless, "how can it be ok? From the beginning, you exposed my past to Ji Qingxuan; later, you exposed that I copied other people's works; at last, you even found someone to rape me. Now Ji Qingxuan has retired, and he doesn't want me anymore. Qin's family is bankrupt, and my good days are gone! "

"Qin Jiameng, you have hands and feet, you can work by yourself!"

"Work on your own? Why do I work by myself? Women are born to be raised by men? Why do I have to work on my own! " Qin Jiameng looked down at me with straight eyes. "Moreover, in order to become Mrs. Ji, I would be doomed. Since you have destroyed my dream, let's destroy it together!"

"No! No

I'm scared!

She began to work hard for her.

But she sat on my waist, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't kick her.

I started to turn around and try to get her off me.Fortunately, Qin Jiameng is light.

I tried so hard to move my leg to the bed that she couldn't control it.

When she was about to fall, she yelled, "you guys come in!"

Voice just fell, outside came five men!

It's all black.

The height is about 1.9 meters.

Full of tendons! The people inside have thicker arms than my legs!

My sweat came down in an instant.

"No, no, no, no!" I don't want to be defiled by these people. At this time, I'm afraid that you'll explain to Qin Jiameng, "it's not the little gangster I found who invaded you. This whole thing has nothing to do with me! We've all been calculated by others! "

Qin Jiameng didn't listen at all. She raised her hand and touched the muscle of a man beside her. "Sister, you see how good I am to you. You find me a little gangster, but I pay you a lot to find the coarsest one in the world. I promise to satisfy you."


"You guys, hold her leg down for me first!"

Qin Jiameng said it in Mandarin.

Several black people were standing there, confused.

I don't know Mandarin.

Qin Jia had a dream that several people didn't understand. She seemed to understand that they didn't understand what she said. Then she pointed to my leg and said, "holdthiss!" in poor English


I shook my head and kicked.

But these people didn't listen to me. They probably understood what Qin Jiameng meant. They quickly grabbed my legs and carried me back to the middle of the bed.

Two more people come and grab my hand!

Qin Jiameng then slowly opened the glass bottle in her hand.

A little bit up to the top of my eyes, looked at me and said, "don't be afraid, just this point, drop down, no one will think we look the same, and no one will see me when you ring."

That pungent taste from the mouth of the bottle, proved that the inside is really sulfuric acid!

"No! You are crazy! Qin Jiameng! You are crazy I'm really scared!

Fear is raised to the top.

Qin Jiameng looked at me, eyes wide open, "yes, I'm crazy! I'm crazy because you've made a mess of my life! "

With that, my hand tilted slightly



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