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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 188

Ji Qingxuan now looking at me, let me really realize, he really killed my child!

I went to him, raised his hand, with their greatest strength in the face of the man!

With a "pa", I just felt numb.

The man is still looking at me, his face is just a little bit off.

When I finished, Ji Qingxuan was not angry at all. Instead, he took my hand and said, "it hurts. If it's calming, I'll take the medicine."

Looking at the man as if nothing had happened, my heart was cold.

I pulled out my hand, hid it behind my back and looked at him, "Ji Qingxuan, you don't want me to give birth to your child, do you?"

"No way." Ji Qingxuan looked up at me, "I want our children very much."

"Then why don't you believe that video isn't me!"

I yelled at him!

Why don't you believe me? Why take my baby.

I can't believe it until now. I'm still in the joy of pregnancy, but now I have to admit that my child is gone!

Ji Qingxuan drooped his eyes and hesitated for a moment before saying, "I watched the video again later. I know all the characteristics of you. Everyone in the video has Including the mole on the inside of your thigh. "


Ji Qingxuan's words stunned me.

That mole is very secret. I didn't expect that Qin Jiameng even did it there.

However, what are the interests behind this? Why does she want to do so? Is it just to let Ji Qingxuan give up on me?!

Ji Qingxuan seemed to think that I was shocked, stretched out his hand, took me into his arms, comforted, "it doesn't matter, today we take medicine together, there are still 27 days, and then wait two months to make sure that we are not sick, at that time, you want to have a few children, we have a few, OK?"

"Taking medicine together? I'm not sick at all. I'm not sexually assaulted. Why should we take medicine together? "

I wanted to get out of the man's arms, but he held me tight.

He said, "I know, I know, I think I'm wrong, so in order to make amends, I'll accompany you to take medicine, and I'll listen to you in the future, OK?"

"Are you wrong? How can you compensate me?! Do you pay for my child? "

"Well, I'll pay you later, as many as I can."

"No, no, the one you're going to knock out."

I know, I know!

Ji Qingxuan from the beginning to the end felt that I was confused and refused to accept the reality, so he made the decision for me.

But only I know that the person in that video is really not me.


Why doesn't he believe me?

Ji Qingxuan will hold me dead, "good, obedient, the child has gone, this is what I owe you, I did not protect you, everything is my fault, if you want to blame me, blame me, you can choose to stay with me, punish me, torture me, as long as you do not leave, everything is good."

"Good." I am in the man's arms, the corners of my mouth with a dry smile, "you said well, can't go back."

The man thought I was obedient and finally relaxed me. He gave me a kiss on the top of my hair and said, "don't go back."

Ji Qingxuan asked the servant to take three more pills for me. I pretended to drink them.

It's all under the tongue.

I said I didn't feel well. When I went back to my room, the first thing I did was to go to the toilet and spit out three pills and flush them out.

I stood in front of the mirror, looking at my ugly face with a mask.

Think of Ji Qingxuan looking at my unchanged expression.

Does he love me?

Maybe some love.

But he didn't trust me and killed my child. I'm afraid there's nothing else between me and him but irreconcilable.

The next week, Ji Qingxuan worked at home, and we took medicine together every 12 hours.

Because the first time I took the medicine, I was in a coma for a day. The first two times I took the medicine actually.

That's why I didn't feel well until I got up that day.

But then I didn't take the medicine, and the discomfort didn't come back.

On the contrary, Ji Qingxuan is taking medicine seriously, and the side effects of this blocking medicine are becoming more and more obvious in him.

I see him go to the bathroom repeatedly every day. He falls down when he walks. He can't even eat every day. He often lies down in front of the computer to have a rest.

Seeing him like this, I can't help feeling sad.

I want to tell him not to eat.

But I know he won't believe me.

I also want to escape, but these days, Ji Qingxuan found countless bodyguards inside and outside his home, including the elevator entrance.

Finally, a week later, because ban Lei called me, so I could go to the hospital to change my dressing.

Of course, I was also sent by Ji Qingxuan's car.

When I got there, ban Lei asked the nurse to take off the mask and change the dressing for me. This time, I had more thoughts and brought a small mirror.The gauze was removed layer upon layer. I quickly took out a small mirror to see what your own face looked like.

But when I picked up the mirror, I saw a piece of red in it.

The skin is growing by itself, but because of the burn, the muscle of my left face is deformed, which is obviously different from that of my right face!

Even the wings of the nose collapsed.


When the nurse came back with the medicine, she saw me holding the mirror and snatched it. "Oh, it's still in the recovery period. Don't look."

I stared at the nurse, "my face, can you recover?"

"It's ten to ten to recover."

After I asked, ban Lei's voice came from behind, and I looked at him slightly.

Ban Lei came up to me and looked at me carefully. "I checked you, but you should be glad that this man can't buy concentrated sulfuric acid, so he bought hydrochloric acid."

"hydrochloric acid?"

"If it's sulfuric acid, your face can't recover. It's like this all your life. Hydrochloric acid also hurts some muscles, but it's much better. If you do more plastic surgery, you should be able to recover 80% or 90% Ban Lei pauses, "but it's impossible to get back to the way it was before it was burned."

Ban Lei's words are like the coexistence of despair and hope.

Can't buy concentrated sulfuric acid?!

I don't believe it!

The man behind Qin Jiameng, since he has the ability to find black people, put viruses in my computer, and calculate everything so accurately!

How can we not even buy concentrated sulfuric acid?

I feel more and more that this talent is the most terrible.

He always seems to give me some hope in despair.

Destroy me, but not absolutely.

Who is he?

It's creepy to think that this person exists and wants to fight me.

When ban Lei talks, the mobile phone in his pocket vibrates. He takes it out for a look and puts it back.

See the mobile phone, my heart suddenly rise hope!

I said to ban Lei, "Dr. ban, can you lend me your mobile phone, I I want Ji Qingxuan to buy me a personal thing. "



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