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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 192

"You'll live here and I'll live next door."

Ji Zhaoming gets out of the car and follows me.

"Next door?" I look next door. It's a house with the same pattern as this one.

But there was nothing planted in the yard.

Ji Zhaoming handed me a small bag in his hand. "Here's your passport and certificate. I bought you a mobile phone. There's a local card in it. By the way, there's also cash in it. If you want to leave here, you can do it at any time."

I opened my bag and checked this stuff.

It's a wonderful feeling.

Ji Qingxuan won't let me go before. I desperately want to leave. Now here, Ji Zhaoming gives me everything. I'm completely free, but I think it's good here.

Ji Zhaoming handed me a key and let me have a look in the room.

I walked inside, only to find that he was still standing at the door. I turned to him and asked, "why don't you come in?"

"This is your house now. I can't go in if the host doesn't invite me." Ji Zhaoming gave a faint smile.

I was stunned for a moment.

Did a "please" action.

Ji Zhaoming just came in.

He accompanied me to visit the room, the whole room is divided into two floors, below is the living room, dining room and kitchen.

There is a dressing room, a study and a big bedroom upstairs.

The window of the bedroom is connected with a large balcony. There are several small shelves on the balcony, on which all kinds of flowers are planted.

It's like a little house in a cartoon.

"Do you like it?"

When I looked at the flowers on the windowsill in a daze, Ji Zhaoming asked me in the back.

"Well." I nodded.

Ji Zhaoming nodded, "that's good. I'll find someone to buy the daily necessities and clothes for you. You have a rest first. We'll go to town for dinner later." He looked at his watch. "Start in half an hour."

"All right."

After Ji Zhaoming left, I went to the windowsill, sat on the metal chair and looked at the distance. The sunset was falling little by little.

Everything is so quiet and beautiful.

However, I always think of a person in my mind.

Ji Qingxuan.

Where is he now? what's happening? Are you still on medication?

What if he can't find me?

It's clear that I want to leave him. It's clear that I hate him for killing my child without authorization.

But now I really left, but my mind was full of him.

Half an hour passed, but I forgot the time.

When I look at the sunset, I hear the slight footsteps behind me, feel someone standing behind me and ask me, "what are you thinking..."

This voice

"Ji..." I subconsciously called out Ji Qingxuan's name, but when I looked back and saw the people behind me, I was disappointed and forced to smile, "brother Ji, why are you here?"

Ji Zhaoming pointed to the watch on his wrist. "We made an appointment to have dinner together half an hour ago."

"Ah." I just remember this thing, some sorry to say, "sorry, I forgot."

Ji Zhaoming shook his head. "It's OK. Are you hungry now? If you're not hungry, we can be late. There's jet lag between here and there... "


I interrupted and stood up.

After all, I asked Ji Zhaoming to save me. Now he has done what I said. I can't put on a sullen look.

He did nothing wrong.

If someone does something wrong, it's just me.

Ji Zhaoming said that he would take me to a restaurant for dinner. I thought of my face and refused.

But he repeatedly assured me that no one would care.

Finally, I took off the mask on my face and went to eat with gauze and mask.

Ji Zhaoming took me to a very popular local restaurant. When we went in, it was almost full. When the boss saw Ji Zhaoming, he said hello to him. When he saw me, he just laughed.

Then take us to a quiet corner at the bottom.

The boss here is a middle-aged woman in her forties. She doesn't mind my appearance. Instead, she enthusiastically introduces the specialty dishes to me.

The first time we came, we followed her recommendation.

Wait for the dishes to come up. To tell you the truth, the dishes here are not as good as recommended by the boss. The taste is very strange, but the boss comes to ask us whether we are delicious again and again because we are outsiders.

In order to live up to her enthusiasm, I have to eat the whole dish.

And the people around really don't mind my appearance, as Ji Zhaoming said.

This let my heart down.

After dinner, Ji Zhaoming, considering that I was very tired, asked me to go back to rest first, and at the same time asked me to visit the town tomorrow.I looked at Ji Zhaoming suspiciously, "brother Ji, you are usually so busy with your work, so come out, what should the hospital do?"

"Don't worry, I'll turn everywhere." Ji Zhaoming said, suddenly his expression became serious, looking at me, "it's you. I'll take you out this time, just to make you think clearly and ask your heart what you want."

What do you want

Looking at Ji Zhaoming, I seemed to understand what he meant.

Ji Zhaoming rubbed my hair and said, "go and have a rest. If you need anything, you can have my phone in your mobile phone, or you can come to my home directly. One of your keys is from my home."

When he finished, he seemed to be afraid of my misunderstanding and said quickly, "but I didn't do it in your house. You didn't lock the door at night. I called you and you didn't come back to me, so I went up."

Looking at his nervous appearance, I smile, "I know, a gentleman, elder brother Ji."

As a man, he always takes good care of his sense of propriety, which won't make me have any worries.

Ji Zhaoming was stunned and laughed, "even if it is."

Then he went back to his room.

I also went home, changed my clothes, took a bath, and lay alone in bed with a mess in my head.

Full of heart, full of mind, all Ji Qingxuan.

Holding a mobile phone in my hand, I tried to call him several times.

Am I crazy.

Finally escaped, why do I want to go back?

Even if I go back, I have to wait until two months later to let Ji Qingxuan believe that I didn't get sick.

When I think of this, I suddenly realize that it's not me who has become abnormal. It's Ji Qingxuan who firmly believes that I am in the video. Then he persuades himself and forces himself.

At the same time, I was forced to

I was full of him, lying on the bed and falling asleep.

Maybe I also have some thoughts. That night I dreamt of Ji Qingxuan. I dreamt that he was standing in a desolate desert, shouting my name.

Crazy to find me, but I'm not there.

He kept shouting until he was exhausted.

I just keep looking at me. When the morning sun wakes me up, I just feel tears hanging around my eyes.

Ji Qingxuan.

Ji Qingxuan.

What should I do with you?

What am I going to do!

"Ding Dong."

"Good morning!"

I washed and changed the clothes Ji Zhaoming had prepared for me. When I went downstairs, the man was already waiting for me at the door.

He had two bicycles beside him, one blue and one pink.

See me come out, wave to me, "go, take you to have breakfast."

I looked at him, quickly put away the sad mood, put on a relaxed expression and went forward, "OK."

Said, took the initiative to take the pink bike.



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