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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 55

I stare at Qin Jiameng, because she is identical twins, and her face is very similar to mine.

In the eyes of outsiders, the similarity is very high.

But now that I have my hair cut short, many people will tell her from me directly.

If I wear a wig, will others acquiesce that I am her.

I've never thought of that before, and I've been dazzled by the fear of going to jail.

But I didn't react, I didn't make any expression.

Ji Yanhai also looked at me, "if you have grievances, just tell the police, it's useless to tell us."

"The person who framed me did it carefully, and I can't help it. Since you don't believe me, grandfather Ji, I and..." I looked at Ji Qingxuan hesitated for a while, then said, "I divorce my husband."

Ji Qingxuan looked at me with displeasure in his eyes. He grabbed my hand and said to Ji Yanhai, "grandfather, do you take my marriage as a joke? Change and change? "

This marriage is really a joke.

From Qin Jiameng to me, is it going to be Qin Jiameng again?

Just Ji Qingxuan's deep affection for me makes Qin Jiameng jealous.

Ji Yanhai knew it was not so simple for a long time. He waved his hand and said, "you two should go to the garden. I want to have a good chat with my grandson."

I didn't entangle, get rid of Ji Qingxuan's hand, turn around and go out.

When I stood at the door for a while, Qin Jiameng came out.

As soon as she came out, she immediately showed another face, "Qin Jiaqi, aren't you proud? How long can you be proud of Mrs. Ji's position? "


I only answered one word.

Then he took out his mobile phone and sent a wechat to Lu Qiaoyu, asking if he could contact the worker who mixed the glue.

Qin Jiameng saw that I ignored her and said angrily, "are you pretending to be Gao Leng here? There will be times when you cry in the future! "

I send play information, install the mobile phone, lean against the wall, sneer, "Qin Jiameng, the Qin family has long been clear about your family, your previous broken things, it is estimated that grandfather Ji already knew, so even if it is not me, it will not be you."

"How can it be? Grandpa Ji likes me very much!"

"Are you sure?"

When I asked, Qin Jiameng was a little silly.

Obviously, she's not sure.

I continue to say, "although I'm in a bad way now, the truth will come to the surface one day, and you, the rotten past can't be changed."

"Bah!" Qin Jiameng pointed at me and scolded, "are you clean? You think I don't know that your college tuition is not paid by the Qin family, but by others. Who in the world would be so kind as to give money to others? It must be you who bought your body for it! "

" use the heart of a villain to measure the belly of a gentleman. "

I gave her a white look.

It's ridiculous to find the logic of Qin Jiameng.

There's no way to communicate.

But Qin Jiameng said, "I'm a villain? Then tell me, who paid for the money? I'd like to see who is so selfless, who can't spend all his money, and who wants to help strangers! "

"I'm not old enough to think so dirty."

As soon as the sound of Qin Jia's dreamtalk fell, a man's voice came from the garden.

I turned my head and saw a man walking out behind the flower wall of the garden. He seemed to be in his thirties. He was dressed in light colored casual clothes and his hair was combed back. Although his dark eyes looked sharp, a rimless glasses covered his face.

"Who are you?" When Qin Jiameng saw him, he was obviously flustered.

After all, the conversation I had with her just now must not be heard by Ji's family.

"Third young master, you are here."

As soon as Qin Jiameng asked, the old housekeeper of the Ji family ran from a distance to meet the man.

The man handed a briefcase to the housekeeper and said, "all the things dad wanted are in it."

"All right."

After the old housekeeper took it, he went back directly.

Third young master.

I heard Ji Yanhai mention that he had three sons at dinner before, but I didn't expect that his third son was so young.

So count up, this person should be Ji Qingxuan's uncle.

"It's uncle."

Qin Jiameng also reflected this relationship and immediately welcomed it.

The expression on the face can pinch out sweet water.

"I don't know you well." Looking at her coming, my uncle took a step back.

That scene, it looks funny.

Qin Jiameng was not ashamed. Standing in the same place, he said with good words, "uncle, my sister and I were joking just now. Don't take it seriously. Our sisters often joke like this."

"It's your business. I'm not interested."

Uncle said, looked at me, turned away.Qin Jia's dream is to pursue her, but after two steps, she seems to find that she has been humiliated and turned back.

As soon as she came back, she pointed at me and scolded, "Qin Jiaqi, do you mean it on purpose? You know someone is eavesdropping on me and forced me to say those words, right?"

"Are you funny?"

I really think that Qin Jia's dream of Mrs. Ji's position is somewhat confused.

At this meeting, my mobile phone rang. I took out my mobile phone and saw Lu Qiaoyu saying that he wanted to fire the worker at that time, but the investigation found that his family was really difficult, so he left him.

That's good news for me.

I asked him for the location of the worker's current construction site and repeatedly confirmed his working hours.

Later, when the housekeeper let Qin Jiameng and I into the house again, Ji Yanhai didn't mention the divorce between Ji Qingxuan and me.

But my attitude is not good.

When I was about to leave JiZhai, I suddenly said, "grandfather, I'll prepare a small program for you tomorrow. I hope you can come."

"I'm not free."

Ji Yanhai refused directly.

Bad start, I can only continue to say, "grandfather, please give me a chance, this time, you will certainly change my attitude."

"No time." Ji Yanhai refused me, not even willing to say a reason.

Qin Jiameng snickered, "Jiaqi, grandfather Ji is different from you. You don't have to go to work, but we all have to go to work."

"Just a little bit of your time, I..."

"It's all said, no time!"

Finally, Ji Yanhai was annoyed by me. Before I finished speaking, he interrupted directly.

My sweat came down, helpless.

Just as he was about to give up, Ji Qingxuan suddenly said, "grandfather, tomorrow night, we want to invite you to dinner, which has been planned for a long time." He said, and turned to blame me, "just tell grandfather directly, grandfather does not like this mysterious."

"Sorry, I should have said it directly."

I turn to look at Ji Qingxuan, can't believe, he doesn't know what I want to do, actually help me talk.

Ji Yanhai doesn't like me, but he likes Ji Qingxuan.

Listen to Ji Qingxuan say so, Ji Yanhai followed to accuse a, "have a meal to say directly, don't do so mysterious."

When he spoke, the look of displeasure on his face had eased a lot.



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