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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 56

I know, Ji Yanhai, this is a promise.

When I was worried about how to open my mouth to Qin Jiameng, she said directly, "I have a share in seeing you! I'm going, too. "

"This..." I pretended to be hesitant, and then I said, "OK."

In fact, I was secretly happy.

After that, Ji Qingxuan said the name of the restaurant, which is box 666 of Mingge.

this is a Michelin 3-star restaurant.

When I left Ji's house with him, Ji Qingxuan sent a driver to send Qin Jiameng back, and then went back to the villa with me.

This behavior is mainly for Ji Yanhai.

On the bus back, I asked him before I learned that this box in Mingge was reserved for him all the year round.

Then he asked me, "tell me, what do you want to do tomorrow?"

I hesitated and said, "keep it secret."

I'm not sure Ji Qingxuan will help Qin Jiameng. If so, my plan will be destroyed.

The next morning.

When Ji Qingxuan went to work, I got up and went to the mall, found the wholesale market for wigs, and finally found a long hair with almost the same color as Qin Jiameng's hair.

It's just a little longer than her long hair.

I took it to the barber's and asked the barber to cut Qin Jiameng's wig and make a temporary shape.

In the afternoon, I wanted to find Jiang Qin to make up for me, but she was not at home.

But she introduced me to a co-worker with a lot of make-up.

Give me a make-up to imitate Qin Jiameng.

I have to say that when I put on my wig, I really like Qin Jiameng.

She smells like a green tea whore.

An hour before the appointed meal, Ji Qingxuan came home to pick me up. At that time, I didn't bring my wig. He saw that my eyes were heavy, but he didn't say anything.

When I got in the car, he asked me, "where are you going now?"

I was a bit surprised, but I realized that he should have known what I was going to do.

We connect Qin Jiameng and Ji Yanhai.

Four people sat in a car and then came to the gate of the worker's construction site.

After waiting for two minutes, Qin Jiameng was not happy. "Jiaqi, aren't you going to dinner? What are you doing? "

"Wait for someone." Let me explain briefly.

Qin Jiameng seizes the opportunity to play and leans on Ji Yanhai. "Grandfather Ji has precious time. You don't want him to wait with you, do you?"

I just want to open my mouth to explain to Ji Yanhai, but Ji Qingxuan said first, "wait a minute, it will be ready soon."

I sat in the co pilot's seat and gave him a weird look.

Man's expression is light, can't see anything.

On the contrary, I couldn't understand him any more.

Soon, I saw the worker go downstairs. At that moment, I immediately took out my wig from my bag, put it on my head, and then combed it with my carry on comb.

Take a look at Qin Jiameng.

Qin Jiameng seems to be aware of something, reaching out to grab my wig, but I took the lead.

Open the door and get out of the car.

I walked up to the worker, and the worker immediately recognized me, "you are Miss Qin Jiameng."

"Yes." I nodded.

After that, he paid attention to his recent situation, then pretended to be on a whim and gave him 3000 yuan.

It's not that I don't want to give more, but I really don't have any more money.

He thanks "Qin Jiameng" with gratitude, and then he scolded me again.

In the end, he said, "people say you look alike, but in my opinion, you are not the same at all. She looks vicious at first sight! You are not the same. You are so kind! "

When I listen, my heart is sneering!

Hypocritical said, "my sister is not easy, she..."

"Qin Jiaqi! Stop acting

In the middle of the story, Qin Jiameng suddenly jumped out of the car, rushed over and pulled off my hair!

When the worker saw us, he looked left and right, with a confused face.

"She's Qin Jiaqi!" Qin Jiameng pointed to me and said to the workers.

I do not deny, "yes, I am Qin Jiaqi, so you are still sure that you must have seen me that day?"

When I asked, the workers were completely stupid.

Qin Jiameng said excitedly, "of course it's you!"

At this moment, even if she did not say, all things have been broken.

That night, the so-called dinner broke up.

Qin Jiameng sent me a short message to curse me.

When I thought I was going to win, Ji Qingxuan, who sent me home, suddenly said, "Jiaqi, I can give you the position of Mrs. Ji, and I can protect you, but can you promise me that this matter will not continue."

"What?"I just stepped into the house, turned around and looked at Ji Qingxuan behind me, thinking that there was something wrong with my ears.

"The studio wallpaper glue thing, that's it."

Ji Qingxuan, word by word, said very definitely.


"You can always sit in Mrs. Ji's seat. No one can..."

"I'm not rare!"

I interrupted him before he finished speaking!

I went to Ji Qingxuan, looked up at him, looked at him, woke up, "no wonder you have been so good to me recently, you already know, this thing is Qin Jiameng ghost, you are afraid that I find evidence, afraid that I sue her right!"


"No? You're full of guilt, don't you know! "

This time, Ji Qingxuan's behavior, although I have all explained with various reasons, but I really feel that he is good to me.

The attitude is good, but also gentle.

Especially in this matter, his cooperation with me made me feel that he might not be so bad.

"She was just confused for a moment..."

Ji Qingxuan's words, said that he was not strong enough.

That strong Ji Qingxuan, at this time in order to explain to Qin Jiameng, can have such a guilty heart, lack of confidence.

I looked at him and asked, "confused? If I'm confused, I'm going to jail, right? You must have known about abortion in those years. Is it really wrong? She was confused, right? "


"Please call me Qin Jiaqi, don't call me by my name, I'm sick!"

I feel really crazy.

Ji Qingxuan gave me a little bit of warmth. I actually felt that I had gone from winter to spring.

How stupid!

"As long as you promise me not to pursue, I can promise you one thing."

"What if I pursue it?" I looked at Ji Qingxuan, "I have been in prison for a year and a half, what am I afraid of?"

"If you pursue, I will stand firmly on her side and protect her."

Every word, heart and lung!

My heart seems to be held by countless invisible hands.

It hurts.

It hurts.

I looked at him and bit my lips to make myself less embarrassed.

But I know very well that if I don't agree, I can't fight him with my own strength. If I ask for help, it will also involve people around me.

In the end, I compromised.

I looked at him and said, "OK, I've got some conditions."



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