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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 60

The person behind me is not someone else, or the uncle of Ji Qingxuan I saw at Ji Yanhai's house that day.

When the security guard saw him, he stood up straight and said respectfully, "Mr. Ji, you know this lady. I'm very sorry."

After that, the security guard apologized to me.

Ji Qingxuan's uncle came up to me and stretched out his hand, "can I help you with one?"


How dare I bother him to help me.

But Ji Qingxuan's uncle still took the initiative to help me with a bag in my hand, and then asked me the building number.

And took me all the way to the front of the building.

"Thank you. I'm here. Please go back."

I'm polite and want to get my bag back.

Unexpectedly, uncle Ji Qingxuan said, "I'm in this building, too."

There are only six or seven buildings in the whole Yancheng No.1 building. It's not a strange thing to be in one building.

We went into the elevator together. There were 36 floors in this building. I saw him press the 32nd floor.

When the elevator reached the 32nd floor, I stood at the door of my house, took my luggage and said, "thank you very much for sending me here. In the future, in a community, please take care of me."

Although he may be about ten years older than me, he is Ji Qingxuan's uncle after all.

With my relationship with Ji Qingxuan, he is my elder.

But the man saw me with a "you" and a smile, "my name is Ji Zhaoming, you call me brother Ji, or brother Zhaoming."

"No, you and Ji Qingxuan are uncles and nephews." I shook my head.

Ji Zhaoming looked at me and shook his head helplessly. "The relationship between you and Qingxuan's boy, others don't know. I know very well, so I call it that, so as not to change my words later."

Not only was he not embarrassed, but I felt relaxed.

"OK, brother Ji." I chose a title.

Ji Zhaoming nodded.

I thought he would go to the elevator entrance, but he turned around and pressed the electronic lock next to me

A drop.

The red on the door turns green.

I was dumbfounded.

Ji Zhaoming looked at me like that, hook lip light smile, "after we are neighbors, something can call me at any time."

Then he closed the door and went in.

There are three households on this floor. From the planning of the door, we can see that I and the one opposite should be small.

Ji Zhaoming is a big apartment.

He went in, and I didn't stop much at the door.

As soon as I entered the house, I was attracted by the French window in front of me. The river view was just outside the French window. I had a panoramic view of Yancheng in the distance.

The furniture of the whole house was bought.

I packed up my things, held my notebook and planned to go out to repair the computer.

It's a rare day off. Naturally, we should do everything we want to do.

Just go out, the mobile phone rang up, is Ji Qingxuan's phone.

Because there are servants in my family, I'm sure they'll tip me off as soon as I leave.

"Where have you been?"

Pick up the phone, there came Ji Qingxuan chilly these five words.

"Grandma already knows about our troubles. She says that although the Qin family is not as good as the Ji family, I don't need your face." I don't want to find a reason to relay Qin Ci's words directly to him.

"What else? Qin Jiaqi, you'd better come back to me so that I won't go to you. "

Ji Qingxuan's voice over there is already some displeasure.

"Mr. Ji, you never go back. Anyway, you always guard the empty room alone. It's not the same where I am?"

I said, a pique, put the phone to hang up.

After that, turn off the phone.

After I did that, my heart was beating.

But I also know that I can't always be at the mercy of Ji Qingxuan. I have to take this step.

I took the computer to the computer city, and the people there looked at it and said that it could be repaired, but they could not come to pick it up until at least three days later.

I came out of the computer city and bought a la carte at home before I went upstairs.

As soon as I got up, I just took out the key to open the door. I saw a tall figure standing at the door, smoking in the corner.

"How did you come back?"

Ji Qingxuan looked at me, full of displeasure, tone is also very bad.

I was startled. "You, how do you know I'm here?"

"Open the door."

Ji Qingxuan did not answer my question, but ordered me.

"This is my home!" This is the house that Qin CI bought for me. It's my very hard place to live.

I don't want to get into his control again.

However, the man grabbed the key in my hand, opened the door and entered.

After that, at the moment when the door closed, Ji Qingxuan suddenly pushed my arm to the wall. His powerful arm imprisoned me in it. He looked at me and asked, "I don't contact you. Will you never contact me?"Man's face is only two centimeters away from me, angular features, high nose.

I looked at his eyes, the surface of calm, it seems that something is surging.

I looked at him as if my heart had missed a beat.

When I didn't respond, Ji Qingxuan suddenly hugged me, thin lips buried in my neck, vaguely said a word.

Although I didn't hear it clearly.

But I feel like, "I miss you so much."

My whole body was tense and cried, "general Ji..."

"Shut up

The words behind haven't come out yet, Ji Qingxuan opened his mouth and bit lightly at the position above my clavicle.

It doesn't hurt. On the contrary, it's crispy.

The man raised his head and held my chin with his slender fingers. "Qin Jiaqi, you are my wife, so you can only call me husband. Do you understand me?"

When he spoke, his black eyes looked at me very seriously.

Even How affectionate is it?

I just woke up in a flash.

Ji Qingxuan looks at me. How can he be affectionate? I'm afraid it's too late for him to hate me.

"Call one to listen." Ji Qingxuan imprisoned me in the entrance.

I looked at him, raised his lips, sneered, "Ji Qingxuan, do you know? It's my dream to call you with these two words, but you forced me away step by step. Now you want to hear it? OK, I can call it, but I will never be willing, old Well

I just finished the first word, Ji Qingxuan face suddenly changed.

Seal your lips with your lips.

I feel a strong smell of tobacco into my mouth, domineering occupy every corner.

I want to push him away, but my body seems to be pulled out of strength, and I can't help being dragged by him.

I have to say that Ji Qingxuan is really a master in this aspect.

It's just a kiss, and I'm trapped.

When I was a little reluctant to part, the man suddenly pulled away, looked at me and said, "I don't want to force people, wait until you are willing to shout, but now you want to call me Qingxuan instead of general Ji."

When I looked at him, the man sat on the sofa like nothing happened. "I'm hungry."

The tone of voice is not command at all.



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