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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 73

I stood aside, really holding the mood to see a good play, but Lu Qiaoyu pointed to me and said, "my girlfriend is watching there."

The girl turned to see me, blushed and apologized, "I'm sorry, sister."

With that, he sat back.

My colleagues' eyes were on Lu Qiaoyu. As soon as he said that, they turned to me immediately, "Wow! Qin Jiaqi, you have such a handsome boyfriend. Why didn't you tell us earlier? "

"That is, are we afraid of you robbing your boyfriend?"

"Don't blame her. If my boyfriend wants to be so handsome, I'll hide well so that I won't be watched by you hungry wolves!"

Most of the people who work in coffee shops are college students, young people.

I get on well with them.

So after Lu Qiaoyu said that, everyone was joking.

"No, he..."

"Jiaqi, what would you like to eat at night?"

When I subconsciously wanted to deny that Lu Qiaoyu was my boyfriend, Lu Qiaoyu came over and naturally took my hand and interrupted me.

At the same time, he made a face and whispered to me, "don't expose me in public."

At that moment, I suddenly felt that today's Lu Qiaoyu seemed young, and his manner seemed to return to the time of University.

When he was the boss of Yufeng design, he was tired every day.

I didn't talk anymore.

Lu Qiaoyu bent down, took out a few boxes of chocolates from his bag and put them on the counter. He said, "this is a little gift. I hope you can take care of my girlfriend more in the future."

Colleagues gathered around, and soon I heard them shouting, "Wow, godivan! This box is hundreds, isn't it

When they all took the chocolate and said something nice about Lu Qiaoyu, Lu Qiaoyu took me away.

Out of the store, I am a little embarrassed, "in fact, you do not have to bring any gifts, they are very good to me."

"That won't do." Lu Qiaoyu shook his head. "I have to declare my sovereignty, so that you don't declare that you are single. They will tell you about their brother and brother, and you will see it right again..."

Lu Qiaoyu talked on and on.

When I looked at him, I really felt that Lu Qiaoyu was in a good state. I couldn't help saying, "you seem very happy to be the director of design?"

"Yes." Lu Qiaoyu nodded, "in fact, I didn't intend to give up at first, but Ji Qingxuan gave me some suggestions after investing money that day."


"Yes, some suggestions on company management and marketing. I guess it's just a matter of fact from his experience in managing the company, but I found that although I am good at design, I lack too much experience in managing the company."

I look at Lu Qiaoyu.

When he talked about the change of ownership, it seemed that it was not anger, but joy.

I still said, "but you created Yufeng design. Now you give it to him, won't you give up?"

"Yes. But I'm too young in company management. I need to steal a teacher for a while. " He said, raised his hand to touch the top of my hair, "and, so I have time to think about, how to chase you this thing."


Lu Qiaoyu's words changed so fast that I didn't react to them for a moment.

"You and Ji Qingxuan will divorce sooner or later, right? I hope I can be your first choice after your divorce. "

Lu Qiaoyu's words are so serious.

I can't help losing my mind.

Yes, Ji Qingxuan and I will divorce.

It's just

"Senior, don't waste your time on me. I will get a divorce, but after the divorce, I may not get married again."

I drop my eyes.

"Well, now think about what to eat."

Lu Qiaoyu digs the topic.

It's just, as we went on, I heard him say, "if you don't get married, I'll stay single with you for the rest of your life."

At that moment, my heart was warm.

That day we had dinner, Lu Qiaoyu took us to the playground and caught a big pink leopard for me.

Lu Qiaoyu took me to the gate of the community. When I got off the bus, I ran into Qin Jiameng who had just left the community.

See her, my heart "clatter".

"What are you doing here?" My first thought is that Ji Qingxuan won't bring her to my home, will she?

Qin Jia Meng white one eye, "what do I do, why should I tell you, pour is you, why come here?"? Which lover of yours lives here? "

"Lover? Qin Jiameng, you think I'm as bad as you. I live here myself. "

As soon as I finished, Qin Jiameng was stunned, "how can you have a house like this?"

"I won't tell you."

I think Qin CI didn't tell her about buying a house for me with dividends.In order not to make trouble for Qin Ci, I didn't say.


When I was about to leave, I heard Lu Qiaoyu calling me from behind.

Turning around, he came running from a distance with a big pink leopard in his arms and a paper bag in his hand.

Come to me, give me two things and say, "this is the chocolate I bought for you. Your colleagues have it, so do you."

"Tut tut." Qin Jiameng, standing behind him, saw it and said sarcastically, "Qin Jiaqi, you have a good spare tire."

"I didn't."

Lu Qiaoyu took a look at Qin Jiameng and ignored her. Instead, he told me, "it's windy outside. Go back quickly. I'll go first."

Then he left.

Qin Jiameng thought that he had grasped me. "Qin Jiaqi, if you give me the design negative, I won't tell Qingxuan about it."

"Go ahead and say it."

I dropped four words and went home.

Entering the house, Ji Qingxuan is reading on the sofa.

He looked up and saw the pink leopard in my hand, and the chocolate in my hand. He closed the book in my hand and asked me, "where have you been?"

"Go out to dinner with friends."

I don't know why. When he asked me, I felt guilty.

Even Lu Qiaoyu's name didn't come out.

"Which friend?"

"You brought Qin Jiameng to my house today?"

When Ji Qingxuan asked me, I blocked him with another question.

Man obviously a Leng, shake his head, "no, how possible!"

"When I just came back, I saw her. It wasn't you. Was it someone else? And it's so late. "

That's what I said on purpose.

Ji Qingxuan dotes on Qin Jiameng again. Can he bear to have green grassland on his head?

But what surprised me was that Ji Qingxuan didn't even change his expression after listening to me. Instead, he continued to ask me, "you went to dinner with Lu Qiaoyu, didn't you?"


If he doesn't take the bait, I can only admit it.

The man's face sank, "I've helped him, and I'll have less contact with him in the future, otherwise I can destroy Yufeng design every minute."



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