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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 77

I'll take a breath of the air conditioner.

Someone bought my life.

Who is that man when I think of the things happened a while ago? It goes without saying.

It made me connect all of a sudden with what I had been in prison before.

Is everything Qin Jiameng did?

How can she have such great ability alone?

At this time, I calmed down and said to elder sister long, "you help me contact the person who is looking for you, and tell her that I put those photos on a cloud, and set the settings. If I don't log in 24 hours, those photos will be automatically sent to the major domestic Forums by the system, and they will be sent every hour."

"I don't care about your pictures!"

Elder sister long scolded.

As soon as the voice fell, she kicked me in the thigh!

Because I was tortured by her for a long time in prison, I learned to be good, and I yelled a pain.

Then he said, "elder sister long, you don't know, she knows, you go to tell her, and I promise that if I go out, I will give you extra money."

"How much?"

"Five million!"

I gritted my teeth and said the number!

"Five million? Go to your uncle. Isn't your house worth ten million? "

The lion opens her mouth.

It's a little too much for me.

When I hesitated, I heard someone laughing. Soon there was the sound of opening the door. From the direction of the sound, there were several women's laughter.

"Is this Qin Jiaqi?"

"Yo, little pet, we meet again."

"Hey, I haven't hit you for a long time. I'm still itching."

Even if I haven't heard these voices for more than half a year, I can easily tell who they are!

When they were in prison, some of them were under elder sister long's hands. They bullied me in those years, and everyone made a contribution!

"Ten million, ten million!" I said immediately.

Seeing that I hesitated for so long, elder sister long doubted, "ten million? Do you have so much money? "

"Yes! My husband is Ji Qingxuan, President of Optimus

I say it with all my heart.

After I said Ji Qingxuan, the hut where I was was fell into silence.

The next second we start laughing!

"Ha ha, Ji Qingxuan, which Ji Qingxuan? Do you have the same name? "

"Is, God his mother Ji Qingxuan, you cheat also find a reliable person."

"How can I believe you when you lie so much?"

Those who laughed were the younger sisters of elder sister long who came in later.

"Really! I have his number, you can call him! "

I said.

At this time, the voice of those who just laughed stopped.

I can tell that there was no elder sister long among the people who just laughed. It seems that she has some faith in my words.

But when I finished, elder sister long scolded, "make a phone call? You think we're idiots! If it's true, if he finds us, we'll be in vain. "

Sister long's little sister realized that I was kicked on my waist again, and then someone scolded, "Damn, I almost fell for it."

Just then, I heard a mobile phone ring.

The next second I heard elder sister long pick up the phone and say, "hello."

Although I can't see or hear the voice of the person on the other side of the phone, I'm very sure that the phone must belong to Qin Jiameng!

"Qin Jiameng! I tell you, I hung that photo on a cloud. As long as I don't log in for 24 hours, those photos will be automatically sent to major domestic forums Ah

I yelled!

But before he finished, he was kicked in the stomach.

I eat pain, pain curled up on the ground, still repeating the same words!

"What are you yelling at?"

A few people came over, kicked me, hit me.

I just think the smell of blood in my mouth is getting heavier and heavier.

Limbs also hurt up, the whole person lying on the ground, even dare not move.

The most ridiculous thing is that Ji Qingxuan is in my mind at this time.

I think, if I live, Ji Qingxuan and I may be able to have a good life.

Qin Jiameng seems to have heard what I said at this meeting. I heard elder sister long repeat what I said just now. After a while, she said to several people who beat me, "don't beat me. Can you afford to kill me?"

Some of the people who hit me stopped.

A man asked, "elder sister, didn't you say that if you die, it's over? Why don't you kill me? "

It's over if you kill it.

Qin Jiameng.

You are so cruel!

Soon, I heard elder sister long's irritated voice, "what the hell is there in this smelly girl's hand? It's estimated that it's our golden master's gorgeous photo. Now the golden master won't let her die, let her say her account number and password."Ha ha, in fact, there is no cloud at all.

But I know Qin Jiameng doesn't dare to gamble. If she loses, even if I die, she will have a hard time.

"What are we going to do?" Someone asked.

Later, I heard the sound of opening the door again. It seems that several people have gone out. My head is covered and my hands and feet are bound. I can't even observe the terrain.

Helpless, I had to lie quietly.

I think Ji Qingxuan will come to me when he finds out I'm missing.

"I can follow you, like the shadow chasing the light, sleepwalking..."

At this time, I heard my cell phone ring.

I have a hunch that this must be Ji Qingxuan's phone!

The music is sung over and over again.

No one answered.

I bear the pain of the whole body, trying to a little bit like the direction of the bell past, trying to find the phone, pick up.

However, when I moved a few times, I heard the sound of opening the door. The next second, I kicked over again, "do you want to answer the phone?"

The next second I heard a "pop.".

The ring has stopped. I know my cell phone must have been smashed.

I heard "pa", a slap in the face, followed by sister long's fury, "you fuckin 'smashed her cell phone, the caller didn't know she had an accident!"

"It's sister long. I'm wrong." Sister long apologizes.

"Come on, try to get her to talk."

When elder sister long finished speaking, I felt her coming and doing something on my neck.

Soon the bag on my head was removed and I finally saw the light again.

The first thing I saw was sister long.

In prison, she is a Bancun, now she is bald, covered with tattoos, and a scar spreads from the top of her head to the center of her eyebrows.

It can be seen that she is a big sister.

I took the time to look around again. I was in a house. From the cracks in the walls around me, the house should be very long. The windows around me were nailed with wooden boards. I can't tell whether it was a building or a bungalow.

My bag is on a small table not far away.

"I'm afraid you'll forget the past. I've specially prepared a little gift for you."

Elder sister long squatted down and looked at me. After that, she gave a color to the people next to her.

When two people went out, I heard the drag.

Soon, I saw the two men dragging a one meter square iron cage in



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