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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 78

I'm in a state of collapse!


I shook my head and stepped back, but I was still grabbed by elder sister long's hair and pulled me close to the cage!

After that, close the door.

"Let me out!" I yelled.

Elder sister long looked at me, "let you out? Dream

After holding a little sister said, "go out to discuss, how to let her talk."


"No problem."

A few younger sisters flattered me.

I curled up in this cage, the whole person began to tremble, fear is more than the outside with his head covered.

I'm really afraid to do it all over again.

At this time, I close my eyes, as if I could see the time in prison.

I'm scared.

This fear is beyond my control.

I don't even think I'm sick.

Soon, they came in.

They tortured me by the same means as in prison, but they beat me more recklessly. I was curled up in a cage, held by them, lifted on the cage, and then let the wax drop.

I can only keep dodging, but still keep being burned.

Later, they are not happy, and then changed into a cigarette, and finally into a knife.

It's like that pirate game. No matter how I hide, I will be hurt.

I was worn out by the blade in many places, and my clothes were soaked with blood.

But they were afraid that I would die, and finally they stopped.

I lay in a very twisted position in the cage, although not seriously injured, but the whole body aches everywhere.

It's late at night.

I feel sick and can't sleep, but I hear elder sister long on the phone.

I can't hear who she is calling, but the tone is like coaxing a child.


I think this idea is ridiculous. In my opinion, a woman like elder sister long will not have children.

I was thinking about it when I heard elder sister long shouting, "get up, don't go to sleep, someone's coming!"

Then the door of my room was opened.

Elder sister long and a few people gathered around with knives and directly pulled me out of the cage with the knife on my neck.

Soon outside came the sound of opening the door. As the door opened, there were many footsteps.

Then, in the moonlight, I saw several policemen rush in.

"Lay down your arms!"

"Don't come here. If you come here, I'll kill her!"

There was a confrontation between the two sides.

I heard the footsteps of a shoe.

Ji Qingxuan came in from the outside.

The moment he came in, my little sisters of elder sister long took a breath of air conditioning.

One muttered, "it's true."

The knife that elder sister long put on my neck also shook.

Ji Han looked at me. The night was so dark that I could not see his expression. I heard him say, "how much money do you need to set her up? Has the final say."

"Ten million!"

"No, no, 50 million!"

"Yes, fifty million! Cash, please

Long elder sister several younger sisters said.

Ji Qingxuan stood there, not in a hurry, "50 million cash, even if the whole Yan City, there is not so much."

"Fart, don't play tricks! How can you give us money when you call the police! "

Elder sister long obviously doesn't trust him.

"The purpose of calling the police is to find her, not to catch you. As long as she is OK and I can give her money, I will give it to you."

Ji Qingxuan's words are really attractive.

I can feel the hearts of the kidnappers around me.

"Sister, how about less cash?" It was suggested.

"20 million in cash!" Elder sister long cried, "and you need to find a car and send us away."

"You can't take 20 million cash, you can't run even if the car is given to you. It's better to change it into gold bars. Although it's a little heavy, you can take it away."

Ji Qingxuan is actually helping them out!

"Good, good, good!" Elder sister long and younger sister long agreed.

"You wait."

Ji Qingxuan said and turned to leave.

He came back in less than five minutes and was thrown to the ground by a policeman with two arms boxes.

Ji Qingxuan said, "count, 300g gold bars, 200."

There were two people who came to get money. When they opened the box, there were neat gold bars in it. Even if it was dark, they could blind people's eyes.

"Sister, it's really gold bar, 200 heel!"

Sister long's little sister's eyes are falling out.

"I've got the money. Can I let people go?" Ji Qingxuan asked them."No! We're going to take someone with us. I'll give her a call. In five hours, she'll call and tell you where she is! "

Elder sister long is an experienced person.

She won't take the money easily, but she wants me to protect her.

However, Ji Qingxuan refused.

"No way."

Three words, definitely.

"Take the gold bar and go!" Elder sister long didn't listen and hijacked me to go out.

Several younger sisters followed her with boxes.

The box is not big, but it's so heavy that two people can barely hold one.

I haven't recovered from my previous symptoms in the cage. I walk very slowly. In a rage, elder sister long cuts my arm with a knife and says, "don't play tricks. Don't think you are a hostage. I dare not kill you!"

The blood ran down my arm.

At this time, the surrounding police swarmed up to seize the knife and detain people at one go.

Ji Qingxuan also rushed to protect me in his arms and asked me, "are you ok?"

Maybe in his arms, my fear actually reduced, leaning on him and saying, "well, I'm ok."

My heart just settled down, Ji Qingxuan suddenly a flash behind me, I only heard "poof".

Looking up, I saw that elder sister long didn't know when she broke away from the police, holding a long knife in her hand, and the tip of the knife poked at Ji Qingxuan!

"Ji Qingxuan!"

I yelled.

The police had come to stop elder sister long when she shot, but the knife was still stuck.

Ji Qingxuan's arm was on me. At this time, he squeezed out a smile and said, "little things."

His words, but let my tears burst.

I held him in my arms and I didn't know what to do.

Soon, the ambulance came and took me and him away.

My injuries are not serious. They are all skin injuries. They will be cured soon. Ji Qingxuan's injury is also very lucky. Although the knife is in the abdomen, it doesn't hurt the internal organs, but he still needs to rest.

The day after I was admitted to hospital, a policeman named Zhou Yang came to me to take a record.

I said everything.

Thinking of all the things I've suffered recently, and thinking that my children are all the ghosts of Qin Jiameng, I decided not to give up this time.

I embellished my previous imprisonment and showed him the scar on my armpit.

It can be seen that Zhou Yang couldn't bear to see it.

I took advantage of his soft heart and told some of what happened to me after I got out of prison in the Qin family. Finally, I asked him to keep everyone confidential when investigating the case.

Otherwise, someone will intervene.

Zhou Yang hesitated and agreed to my request.



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