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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 8

When I pulled out my cell phone from my bag and saw the familiar numbers above, I almost threw it away.

Fortunately, Jiang Qin caught it for me.

She looked at the string of 9 numbers on the screen and guessed, "Ji Qingxuan?"

I nodded silently.

The voice of the mobile phone continues to sing.

Jiang Qin saw that I didn't plan to pick it up, and said directly, "I'll pick it up for you." With that, press the answer button.

As soon as she pressed it, I immediately grabbed it, put it in my ear, and said in a trembling voice, "hello."

"Where is it?"

The voice of the man's impatience soon came from the phone.

My heart trembled, I looked at Jiang Qin and said, "in me Friends here. "

"Come home in an hour."

Ji Qingxuan finished, did not give me any chance to refute, hung up the phone.

His words were like imperial edicts. Although Jiang Qin always told me not to remember to go, I didn't dare to, but she finally dragged me into a very, very thoughtful make-up and told me something.

At the end of that call, I had an hour and a minute to ring the gate of Ji Qingxuan villa on time.

He opened the door and looked at his watch. "Did you mean it?"

"What?" I looked at him with big eyes on purpose.

He looked at me and couldn't hide the surprise in his expression, but he quickly turned around, pointed to a file bag on the coffee table and said, "sign this."

"What is this?" As I said it, I went over and poured out the documents.

A credit card fell out.

It's an agreement. To be precise, it's a maintenance agreement.

My heart is tight.

Before I finished, the man explained, "be my mistress for a year, 50000 yuan a month, and a credit card with a limit of 50000 yuan that can't be withdrawn..."

"I won't do it." He did not finish, I directly interrupted, put the agreement back on the tea table, looking at Ji Qingxuan's face is not good, with the tone of trying to be friendly, said, "sorry, I drank too much that day, said nonsense."

That day was when I was drunk and sober. It was really hard for me to accept such a thing.

After all, I worked as orphan Dean for 19 years and got the help of many kind-hearted people. In the end, I was the mistress of the rich

"It's ok if I don't sign it. I'll get my marriage certificate with Qin Jiameng tomorrow, and I'll have a better wedding again."

Ji Qingxuan came to me, sat on the sofa, legs overlapping, leisurely.

The snake hit seven inches.

His words really caught me dead.

In this way, the Qin family's wishful thinking is full, and who is Ji Qingxuan? At that time, he must have a way for me to spit out the 4% shares

Against him, I'm afraid I'll be swallowed. I don't even have any bones left.

I stand in the same place, thinking, no matter how I know, want to make the Qin family difficult, only along Ji Qingxuan this road.

"Think about it?"

Hearing Ji Qingxuan's urging, without saying a word, I squatted down, picked up the pen and turned the agreement to the last page.

I'm going to sign my name, but I find that there is a clause on it, which probably says: I can't have any excessive intimacy with other men, and I can't interfere with his relationship with other women.

I instantly understand, this is Ji Qingxuan to me under the pit, let me always humble can't look up.

I was silent. I wanted to sign Qin Jiameng's name, but I just signed two words. Before the dream was finished, the pen was suddenly taken away.

Immediately, the head spreads Ji Qing Xuan to take chilly warning slightly, "Qin Jia Qi, do you want to play me?"



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