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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 81

At that time, I was very nervous. What I was most afraid of was that Qin CI forced me to withdraw the lawsuit.

Her kindness to me, if you speak, I will compromise.

After hearing this, Qin CI nodded, patted my hand and said, "Xiao Qi, I've wronged you."

I bowed my head and didn't speak, waiting for her to continue.

To my surprise, Qin CI didn't persuade me to withdraw the lawsuit. Instead, he said to me, "let it be. Xiaomeng is spoiled by us. This time she goes to Zhaomin, she has a good memory, but she will find someone to help her. She won't live so hard."

Of course I know that.

The prison cells are also divided into three, six and nine classes.

I'm the kind that nobody cares and Qin Jiameng asks someone to take care of me, so I'll live the worst with elder sister long.

Qin Jiameng goes in and naturally lives in a single room with TV and computer.

It's just a restriction of freedom.

I came out of Qin Ci's house, and my heart was a little relieved.

Although Ji Qingxuan would not give up like this before, I have secretly vowed that no matter what he threatened me with, I would not give in.

Ji Qingxuan came to me a week before the court session.

I had already hired a lawyer.

Moreover, the evidence in this case is solid, so it does not need lawyers to do too much. It is just a matter of judging what kind of crime the official decides, and more or less.

Ji Qingxuan stopped me at my door.

That day, I went to a construction site, and worked overtime in the company at night to make drawings, so I didn't go home until 11 o'clock.

But Ji Qingxuan waited until 11 o'clock.


When he saw me, he just said these two words.

"No way." I replied in three words, thought about it, and added, "unless I die."

I think I have said that. He should be very clear about my attitude, my position and my determination, right?

I walked around him into the corridor, but Ji Qingxuan came after me and pulled me into the stairwell and put me on the wall.

The man's head buried in my grip, thin lips close to my ear, said, "withdraw."

This time, his tone was obviously lighter.

And even with a few supplications.

My heart tightened for a while, but I know that this tone, the deep feeling at the moment is not because of me, but because of Qin Jiameng.

I closed my eyes and clenched my hands to the wall. "No way, unless I die."

It's the same answer.

"In fact, I have known about this for a long time. I know that you hate her in your heart. You are angry and want to take revenge in this way. I understand you. That's why I've never been in charge of it and let the police investigate. Now she has been in the police station for a month If you don't think the others are enough, I can pay you back for her. "

In front of the words, although let me angry, but I still did not speak.

But the last sentence completely angered me!

"You pay for her? Why do you pay for her? What are you her? "

I suddenly push away Ji Qingxuan, and the voice control light in the corridor lights up.

I look at Ji Qingxuan, heart so painful!

It seemed that I realized something. I asked, "I understand. You've been kind to me these days. I've always been affectionate. I think you really like me. It seems that I really think too much. You just think that you're paying Qin Jiameng's debts, right?"


"Don't call my name!" I roared, "you just said I hate her, do you think I don't hate you?! Everything, in the final analysis, is not because of you! It's not because of Mrs. Ji! "

After a pause, I continued, "I tell you, Ji Qingxuan, it's impossible for me not to hate you all my life!"

With that, I want to skip the man again and go out, but Ji Qingxuan caught me dead.

He kept me in the corner and whispered, "you can hate me, you can hate her, but I won't let her in this prison."

Every word of this sentence, as if incarnated in countless needles, poked into my heart.

Pierce all my previous fantasies.

So painful, so painful.

I stood in the same place, refused to compromise, "then you find someone to kill me, had better hurry up, or the court will open in a few days."

I finish, feel Ji Qingxuan grasp my wrist hand obviously forced, my wrist was pinched of raw pain.

But I didn't shout a word.

Ji Qingxuan said, "I can't kill you, but I will tear down the orphanage..."

"Tear it down. In the end, haoyufeng closed down."

I didn't wait for him to finish, but I snatched the lead.

Besides, I have finished what he will say later.

It's not the orphanage, it's not Yufeng design, he used these things to force me to give in again and again.

But this time I've made up my mind that you will never give in.The two of us stood there for a long time. The stairwell was very quiet. I could even hear Ji Qingxuan breathing and his heart beating.

Although we did not speak, but my heart actually absurd hope that such a longer time.

I'm afraid Ji Qingxuan will let go now, so we may never see each other again.

When I think so, I hear the man say, "then don't regret it!"

The tone was cold.

It's like talking to the enemy.

He said that and left.

I look at the figure of the man who left, and I feel really sad. When I was still warm, he began to hate me.

It's good.

So I can better persuade myself to give up.

I thought Ji Qingxuan was just talking, but the next day I got a call from the old director of the orphanage.

He told me that the land of the orphanage was to be demolished, so they had to move away because there was no more suitable place, and the demolisher only provided them with a dormitory building.

I'm calling to ask if I can help with the packing this weekend.

I'm not surprised to know the news.

Maybe in my heart there are still some fluke.

I don't think Ji Qingxuan will be so heartless to me.

But the fact again gave me a loud slap in the face.

I promised the old dean to pack up.

At the weekend, I went to the orphanage early in the morning.

I thought I had been ruthless, no matter how the orphanage, this time will let Qin Jiameng in prison.

But when I went to the orphanage, I saw what I saw.

The older ones are packing, the younger ones refuse to leave, the older ones are sitting on the basketball court with their heads down, and some girls are hiding in the corner to wipe their tears secretly.

Looking at everything in front of me, although I understand that Ji Qingxuan donated it.

I thank him, but it's cruel to deprive him now.

At first, I was determined to help with the packing, but then a little girl came over and held my leg and asked, "Auntie, can we not leave here? I like it here!"

I looked down and saw that her eyes were swollen.

Heart suddenly hurt up, and even feel that the culprit is me.



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