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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 83

I squint at Ji Qingxuan, light smile, "yes, I clean body out of the house."

At this time, I was a little happy.

I'm happy that Ji Qingxuan finally stopped acting, so I don't have to nostalgia.

But Ji Qingxuan seems to be surprised by my answer, "Qin Jiaqi, do you agree?"

"Yes, what else does Mr. Ji want? If you like my house in Yancheng No.1, I'll give it to you, too. "

I looked at him in a distant voice.

Ji Qingxuan frowned deeply and said, "no need."

When the staff wrote the agreement, Ji Qingxuan added, "forget it, I will give him 20% shares of Optimus group as compensation."

His words surprised me.

But I quickly reflected that this should be Ji Qingxuan's new set for me.

I immediately refused, "I don't want it."

20% of Optimus group

It's worth at least 10 billion.

So much money, once I take it, I really can't get rid of Ji Qingxuan.

The staff looked at me suspiciously.

It seems to be the first time I've seen someone push money out.

"Qin Jiaqi, I'll give it to you. You must take it, or you won't want to divorce!"

Ji Qingxuan's tone is command.

I looked at him with a funny face, "what's Mr. Ji doing? Why did you rush to pay? "

"Qin Jiaqi..."

"I don't need compensation from President Ji. As long as president Ji can divorce me, I will thank God."

We do the divorce in the VIP office, where there is only one staff member who helps to write the divorce agreement.

He looked at us in shame.

Especially when you look at me, it's a wonderful look.

Ji Qingxuan insisted for a while, I refused again and again, and finally he compromised, "OK, that's what you want."

The staff wrote the agreement and showed it to us.

We don't have children, and I don't want Ji Qingxuan's money. Naturally, we have nothing to do with it.

No problem. I'll sign my name at the back of the woman first.

Ji Qingxuan holding a pen, looking at me, eyes full of inquiry.

I don't know what he means, and I'm not in the mood to think about it.

Finally Ji Qingxuan wrote.

When I saw him write down his name behind the man, my mouth was slightly hooked, pretending to be calm. In fact, my heart was as painful as being crushed to death.

Ji Qingxuan finished signing and turned to see me.

See me laughing.

Originally pursed thin lips, suddenly raised one side, showing a cool thin smile, said, "Qin Jiaqi, as you wish."

"Yes, as I wish."

I said firmly.

The staff confirmed the agreement, then divided it into two parts and put them in front of him and me respectively. Then they took away the marriage certificate in front of us and quickly replaced it with two divorce certificates.

I take things and go out with Ji Qingxuan.

The corridor of the Civil Affairs Bureau is only a few meters, but I wish it could be longer.

We met a young man who came to apply for a marriage certificate. They were nestling together, so happy.

This reminds me of the scene when Ji Qingxuan and I applied for the marriage certificate together.

Maybe their relationship can last for a long time, but he and I are just a farce.

Finally, we got to the door.

I turned to Ji Qingxuan and said, "general Ji, never see you again."

Then he turned and left.

Leave the final dignity to yourself.

I went to the police station to apply for withdrawal.

After that day, I live in a muddle, the whole person is not in the state, and I often make mistakes in my work.

Apologies again and again, but I always inadvertently distracted.

When I go home at night, I always take a deep breath when I stand at the door, and when I enter the door, I will have a look around.

At that moment, I hope to be disappointed later.

Know Ji Qingxuan won't come back, know we have divorced, but I still hope.

Fortunately, he didn't know such a ridiculous me.

In order to stop this kind of behavior, I simply asked the property to change the door lock, and specially asked that no one else can take my card except me.

At the company's monthly meeting, manager Shu Qing called me, but I was distracted and found out for a long time.

After the monthly meeting, the manager called me to the office and said to me, "Qin Jiaqi, do you think we would like you to be a man with criminal record?"


I look at Shu Qing, always gentle, today is very different.

Look in my eyes with a bit of disgust.

Shu Qing said, "the reason why we want you is entirely because of Lu Qiaoyu's instructions. During an industry exchange, he said hello to many colleagues, saying that if you come to apply for the job, I hope we agree, and I guarantee that you are very capable.""Lu Qiaoyu..."

I murmured.

Shu Qing continued, "when you first came here, your ability was really good, but recently, what happened to you? You have been making mistakes and have been complained by customers. If you don't want to do it, leave as soon as possible. Don't think you are Lu Qiaoyu's friend, so I dare not fire you."

After listening to Shu Qing's words, my face is hot.

I always thought I was lucky and my ability was affirmed.

Unexpectedly, it was Lu Qiaoyu's help.

I quickly apologized and repeatedly told Shu Qing that I would never make mistakes again.

After that, I went to several responsible construction sites to check the situation, and after communicating with several customers, I was disgusted with their dissatisfaction overnight.

When I looked up again, the sky outside turned white.

I'm still in the company. When I finish my work, I realize that I'm hungry. I haven't eaten for nearly 24 hours.

I went out to KFC for 24 hours, bought a bowl of porridge and ate a hamburger.

I can't go home at this point. I stayed at KFC for a while and continued to work the next day.

Because of the first aid the day before yesterday, I had almost done my work after work. Thinking of what Shu Qing said yesterday, I specially called Lu Qiaoyu to thank him.

But Lu Qiaoyu said, "everything is your own."

I hung up the phone, hesitated, or decided not to tell him about my divorce, for fear that he might misunderstand me.

Actually, I haven't seen him for a long time.

But I think it's good to let him have more time to contact others. Maybe he can find a girlfriend one day.

The next day was the weekend, and I slept at home for 12 hours.

I was going to sleep for a while, but I heard the door open, which made me wake up!

I sat up from the bed and heard the rustling sound of the door opening. Instead, there was a knock.

Ji Qingxuan.

I already guessed it was him.

But I still pretended to ask, "who."

"It's me."

Ji Qingxuan replied.

I leaned against the door and said, "Mr. Ji, we are divorced. Do you have anything to do today?"

I'm not going to let him in. After all, I've just put myself in a good mood.

I don't want to be easily disturbed by him.



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