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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 97

I don't know when Ji Qingxuan left, but that day, I sat at the door for a long time.

Until I fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up at the gate.

The first thing I did was to open the door. There was nothing outside. Even after the night, I could still smell some wine.

It seems that Ji Qingxuan really drank yesterday.

Back in the room, I wanted to call Lu Qiaoyu, but I found a message on my mobile phone.

From Ji Qingxuan.

He said, "this time I'll let you go and don't let me see you again. 】

seeing this message, my heart was slightly sour.

Hesitating for a moment, I still call Lu Qiaoyu.

I wanted to tell him what Ji Qingxuan said he knew yesterday.

But the phone didn't get through for a long time.

It was afternoon when he came back to me.

On the phone, I could hear Lu Qiaoyu's voice was very tired. When I told him about it, Lu Qiaoyu was also absent-minded.

There is a match, there is no match for me.

I said for a while, but he suddenly asked me, "what did you just say?"

I frowned slightly and asked him, "what's the matter?"

"No, it's OK. There are too many things to do before going out. I didn't have a good rest."

Lu Qiaoyu's voice is very hoarse. It really seems that he didn't have a good rest.

I should have come down.

The phone hung up, but I knew clearly that Lu Qiaoyu must have met some difficulties, but he didn't want to add burden to me, so he didn't tell me.

That afternoon, I received a call from a strange number.

It belongs to Lu Qiaoyu's hometown.

I hesitated for a moment and picked it up.

As soon as we got up, we heard a woman crying over there, "Xiao Qin, I'm the son of Xiao Yu. We don't expect him to support us. We just hope he can come back to see us often."

I instantly recognized that this was Lu Qiaoyu's mother.


I knew why she called, and I didn't know what to say.

Lu Qiaoyu's mother cried and said, "I know where you're going. It's so far away that it takes more than ten hours to fly back and forth. Recently, his father and I are getting worse day by day. If we have any problems, maybe he won't have time to come back to see us."

When Lu Qiaoyu's mother said this, she cried even more.

In fact, I can fully understand Lu Qiaoyu's mother's feelings.

I can't help but say, "Auntie, he and I haven't made up our minds yet..."

"Don't lie to me." Lu Qiaoyu's mother sobbed, "Xiao Yu has said that you've already reserved your air tickets and everything is ready. We won't listen to you!

We Xiaoyu have been sensible children since childhood. Do you want to go out? If you want to go out, you have to rely on yourself. Why are you holding my little house? "

Lu Qiaoyu's mother had a bad attitude.

She has been nagging, determined that I took his son abroad.

I've been begging to let Lu Qiaoyu go. Don't pester Lu Qiaoyu.

I can't even get a chance to cut in.

Finally, Lu Qiaoyu's mother took out her mace and said to me in tears, "Xiaoqin, to be honest, my aunt is ready for the pesticide. If you and Xiaoyu leave, we will drink the pesticide at the back of our feet!"

Hearing this, I was scared and said, "Auntie, don't be impulsive! I'll persuade Qiao Yu! "

"Really?" Lu Qiaoyu's mother's voice finally improved, and her crying voice stopped. "OK, Xiao Qin, if you dare to take Xiao Yu away, we will commit suicide. You will have a bad conscience all your life!"

I slightly frown, dull should come down.

The mother Lu Qiaoyu I talked to this time made me feel very strange. It seemed that she was totally different from the loving mother during the Spring Festival.

But life is of the essence. I still called Lu Qiaoyu.

As soon as I got through, I would say, "Qiao Yu, let's not go abroad. Let's stay in another city."

"What's the matter?"

Lu Qiaoyu's tone was not very good when I said that.

I didn't want to put the blame on his mother directly, so I said, "I just don't think I'm familiar with foreign countries. I'm an art student and my English is not very good. I'll go out for a while..."

"What did Ji Qingxuan say to you?"

Before I finished, I was interrupted by Lu Qiaoyu.

His voice with obvious anger, I am a little surprised, but also denied, "no, it has nothing to do with him."

"It can't change unless I die."

Lu Qiaoyu said firmly and hung up the phone.

I don't even have a chance to explain.This phone call made me feel strange and terrible.

It's like a different person.

But I thought of Lu Qiaoyu's mother's words and called him back.

This time, Lu Qiaoyu didn't answer.

I tried several times, but I couldn't get through.

In desperation, I had to send a text message to tell him that his mother said that if we went abroad, we might be short-sighted.

To my surprise, I soon received a text message from Lu Qiaoyu.

Only four words back, they won't. 】

really not?

I think Lu Qiaoyu's mother's tone is that she has really bought pesticides.

I sent a few more messages to persuade him, and Lu Qiaoyu began to return a word or two.

Later, I didn't come back at all.

Three days later, Lu Qiaoyu came to see me at home and went to the airport with me.

I repeatedly asked him on the road if he had a good communication with his family.

Lu Qiaoyu is vague.

I know, he didn't say.

Thinking of Lu Qiaoyu's mother's firm attitude, I immediately yelled to the driver in front, "stop!"

When the driver stopped at the side of the road, I said to Lu Qiaoyu, "if you don't make it clear to your parents, I won't go with you."

Lu Qiaoyu had been looking out of the window, but when he heard what I said, the tender affection on his face was replaced by the cold.

He grabbed my hand and asked, "are you sorry? Do you think I'm not as good as Ji Qingxuan, so I don't want to go with you? "

He grasps very hard, I only feel my hand pinched.

The expression on the man's face even makes me feel a little scared!

"It hurts!" I cried, frowning.

"I'm sorry." Lu Qiaoyu listened to my cry of pain. He released his hand in panic. Then he held the hand he had just grasped and exhaled. He kept asking me, "does it still hurt?"

I saw him nervous and shook his head.

Just about to open his mouth and continue to persuade him, Lu Qiaoyu frowned and said, "don't persuade me, I finally make up my mind."


"You know what? For you, I have betrayed all my relatives. When I went home, my parents didn't agree and even threatened my life. But I still stand on your side, so what I fear most is that at this time, even you will give up. "

Lu Qiaoyu looked at me, his eyes full of vulnerability.

I know. He's telling the truth.

Lu Qiaoyu took my hand and kept silent for a while before he said, "don't worry about my parents. They just can't accept it for a while. I believe we can come back and have a look later and they will accept it."

He said that, and I couldn't refuse.

It's just that when we got to the airport, changed our boarding pass and got ready for the security check, my cell phone rang.

It's a landline from Lu Qiaoyu's hometown.



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