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President's Substitute Wife novel Chapter 98

I took a look at Lu Qiaoyu and he nodded before I picked him up.

And open the public release.

The other side of the phone is the town hospital of Lu Qiaoyu's hometown. The other side told us that Lu Qiaoyu's mother drank pesticide and is now in the rescue!

When the other party finished, Lu Qiaoyu rushed to the door without looking back!

I also followed, but I rushed to the manager's counter, gave him the boarding pass, and said that we might not be boarding, and we would pick up our luggage in a few days.

When I ran out again, I couldn't see Lu Qiaoyu.

I'll call him.

It took a long time for Lu Qiaoyu to pick up. He said that he was already in a taxi and bought the latest train.

He said, "you don't have to go."

"I'll go."

I said decisively.

It's about me. I have to go.

And if Lu Qiaoyu's mother really has a weakness, then I'm afraid I will bear a lifetime of guilt.

Fortunately, Lu Qiaoyu and I got on the train one by one. When I got off the train at the railway station, I saw him in front of me.

I caught up.

Lu Qiaoyu saw me and said, "I'm sorry. I didn't expect my mother to be so impulsive."

"No, she just loves you." I whispered, "I envy having a mother who loves you so much."

Although this maternal love looks abnormal in this situation.

Lu Qiaoyu and I took the train to his hometown Town, and immediately took a taxi to the hospital.

When he went in, Lu Qiaoyu's father was sitting in the corridor.

"Dad." Lu Qiaoyu rushes in.

His father began to think that he was the only one coming. He wiped a tear on his face and said, "boy, you are here! Later, you may not even see your mother for the last time! "

His words let my heart "clatter"!


I stood aside and cried.

At this time, Lu Qiaoyu's father found that I was there, and his sad face turned into anger. He got up and swung his fist to hit me!

Lu Qiaoyu is scared to get out of the way. Help me stop his father!

Lu Qiaoyu's father's eyes were red. Although he was stopped by Lu Qiaoyu, he still yelled at me, "it's all you fox, seducing my son and letting him take you abroad! It's all you

"Dad, it's nothing to do with her."

Lu Qiaoyu is holding his father.

But now Lu Qiaoyu's mother was dying, and his father couldn't listen at all. He pointed to me and said, "now you are hooked by him, and you can't listen to anything! The last time she came home, I thought this woman was foxy! It's not a serious person

"Dad, stop it!"

Lu Qiaoyu stopped his father from continuing.

But his father got more and more excited.

I looked at them for a moment in a trance, and began to wonder if it was really these two people I saw before Chinese New Year?

Why is it that after such a short time, their attitude towards me has become so big

Lu Qiaoyu's father was stopped by Lu Qiaoyu, and finally sat down on the chair, but still said, "Xiaoyu, I tell you, if your mother died here today, I will definitely let this woman be buried with me, and I'm not afraid of going to jail!"

"No, Ma will be fine."

Lu Qiaoyu patted his father's hand to comfort him.

I could see that his face was full of embarrassment.

We sat in the corridor of the emergency room for only half an hour, and the lights went out.

When the doctor came out, Lu Qiaoyu stood up first and asked, "doctor, how is my mother's health?"

The doctor looked at Lu Qiaoyu and at us behind him, sighed and said, "people are saved, but they need to stay in bed. They can't get out of bed in a short time."

"We'll take care of my mother!"

Lu Qiaoyu promised.

When I heard the doctor's words, my heart was relaxed.

Otherwise, I'm afraid I really can't live.

After that, Lu Qiaoyu's mother transferred to the ward. Lu Qiaoyu and his father followed him in. Lu Qiaoyu's father refused me to go in.

I can only wait outside.

In the evening, Lu Qiaoyu came out and saw me outside the door and said, "I'll be here with mom tonight. Go to the hotel first."


I nodded and asked with concern, "how is Auntie now?"

Lu Qiaoyu looked embarrassed and shook his head. "It's not very good, but recovery really needs a process."

"That's good."

I turned to go.

After hearing Lu Qiaoyu say, "I'm sorry, going abroad may have to be postponed..."

I know he is in a dilemma. At this time, my mind is not going abroad.

I shook my head, turned around and said, "no, don't go out. Family matters."That night I thought a lot in the hotel. I think neither Lu Qiaoyu nor I can be selfish.

Want to understand this matter, the next morning, I bought a train ticket back to Yancheng.

Before I left, I sent a message to Lu Qiaoyu, telling him, "I'm back in Yancheng. Take care of my family. 】

as for the rest, I don't think he knows.

I went back to Yancheng, because I quit my previous job, and I couldn't find a new job, so I had to contact the previous cafe.

Fortunately, they are easy to recruit.

A few days after I came back, I received a text message from Lu Qiaoyu's father.

He begged me not to approach Lu Qiaoyu any more.

Now Lu Qiaoyu's mother is not completely out of danger. If I go back, it must be a heavy blow to his family.

I promised to come down.

Maybe it's a coincidence that when I went home that day, I saw Qin Jiameng again in the community.

She saw me as if to hell, "didn't you go abroad?"

"You live so well, how can I be willing to go?"

I looked at her and sneered.

In fact, at this time, I had no obsession with the quality of Qin Jiameng.

But Qin Jiameng didn't think so. She looked at me warily, "what do you mean!? I tell you, you'd better delete those photos quickly! Otherwise, if I'm ruined, I'll hold you on the back, too! "

Qin Jiameng's face is ferocious when she talks.

In fact, I occasionally see her on TV. She is really flourishing now. Although she only produced a set of design works, she has been praised.

And she went to Milan fashion week with this set of works.

But after that, she didn't move. Now it's March, but she doesn't mean to wear summer clothes.

I guess she wanted to stop in time, celebrity forever.

"Good." I looked at her, a faint smile, "we good sisters, with natural, to die naturally also want to die together."

Now, I'm really alone. There's nothing to be afraid of.

But Qin Jiameng wants too much.

She listened to me and laughed with disdain, "who will perish with you? I'm going to be Mrs. Ji. I live in the best house and have the most handsome and rich husband in Yancheng. At that time, I have plenty of ways to get the photos back"

"are you sure?"

I remember what Ji Qingxuan once said.

It seems that Qin Jiameng knows nothing about what Ji Qingxuan has done.

But these are not important. I picked up my mobile phone and directly sent out a microblog that had been edited long ago.

Avoid long nights and dreams.



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