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President’s Sweet Wife novel Chapter 533

Kevin stopped.

He pressed his lips against hers with a big smile on his face. He asked her gently, “Does it still hurt?”

Ally took a moment to realize that he was asking about her knees and ankles. She shook, “No.”

Her injuries were not serious. It didn’t hurt anymore.

Kevin was still worried. He lifted her dress to check her knees and ankles. The swelling had gone down, and the wounds on her knees looked much better.

Then he breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’ll have Chris fix you up a pair of flats later. We’ll come back as soon as possible.”

Ally said awkwardly, “Is that OK?”

She was only 1.65 meters tall, so she would look short. It was a family dinner and everyone would be there!

Kevin stroked her hair gently and said, “Don’t worry.”

Seeing this, she said nothing more and looked out of the car window.

It was a bit cold in Eqitin in October. On the street, the yellowish leaves of the parasol trees were blown down by the wind in the autumn. She pursed her lips and she was a little nervous at the thought of meeting his family.

Soon their car stopped at a large styling club.

After getting off, they were greeted by an attractive man.

“Oh, Kevin, what brings you here?”

After a warm greeting, he noticed the woman standing behind Kevin. He paused for a moment and looked at her, surprised, as if he had discovered a new continent.

“Oh my gosh! Is it true? A woman? I can’t believe you brought a date.”

Kevin frowned and looked annoyed.

The man looked Ally up and down, which gave Ally goose bumps. She could not help leaning closer to Kevin.

“Wow, very beautiful. Pretty face and a nice shape. Who is she?”

Kevin felt a stirring of anger. He shouted, “Chris! Watch your mouth!”

Chris was shocked, because it was the first time Kevin had spoken harshly to him. For a moment he didn’t know how to respond.

Kevin ignored him and gave Ally a little push, “This is my wife. I need you to give her a new look. A conservative one.”



Chris stood there dumbfounded. Ally smiled at him and said politely, “Sorry to bother you.”

He said with a waving hand, “Not at all. It’s my pleasure to serve you.”

Then he said, “this way,” gesturing at the VIP area upstairs.

Ally looked at Kevin and went upstairs after he nodded.

Chris was called the magician in the fashion circle. After two hours of getting dressed, Ally looked stunning. She looked at the noble and elegant woman in the mirror and couldn’t believe her eyes.

Chris picked out a V-neck white dress studded with tiny red crystals for her. It looked simple but elegant. He put her hair in a high ponytail and did her makeup elaborately. And with those ruby stud earrings, she looked noble and pure.


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