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President’s Sweet Wife novel Chapter 543

In fact, they were just saying goodbye as friends, but in Max's eyes, they embraced and kissed.

He couldn't believe that the woman who loved him would do this with another man.

Max had planned to go to Laura's house to surprise her. Now he saw that the two were so close.

He was furious.

He really didn't expect Laura to be a woman like this.

He wanted to ask her if she wanted to be with him or not.

Now he felt that it was very ridiculous for him to come here.

Max threw the bouquet of flowers straight to the ground and stomped on it.

Bullshit love.

Bullshit women.

He was very jealous now.

They were so close in front of Laura's house at such a late hour.

Max was sad, but he was very angry and couldn't stand it at all when he thought of Laura teasing him.

He decided not to talk to Laura anymore.

This was an insult to his dignity as a man. If she didn't like him, why did she have love in her eyes?

If she liked him, why were she and Isaac hugging and kissing in the middle of the night?

Were all women inconstant?

Isaac hadn't left yet, and Max drove off straight away.

Shortly afterward, Isaac also drove off and Laura returned home alone.

She was in a bad mood.

But she came back to rest.

She knew she had been delayed too long by the accident. She had to return to the crew tomorrow to continue filming.

She couldn't delay the whole crew, so even though she couldn't fall asleep, she kept forcing herself to sleep.

Laura got up early the next morning.

Because she didn't sleep well last night, she looked a bit haggard today.


Looking at her listless self in the mirror, Laura shook her head helplessly.

It seemed that all she could do was put on some makeup to make herself look vibrant.

Laura then walked straight to the set.

"You're early today. Didn't you just get out of the hospital?"

To be honest, people in the company were a little surprised to see Laura coming back to work today.

Usually, actresses in the company would stay at home if they were injured or not feeling well.

They heard about Laura's accident, so they thought she was dedicated when they saw her today.

"Well, let me know if we're shooting today."

Laura planned to take a nap in the company to regain her energy so she wouldn't mess it up or make frequent mistakes if they had to shoot.


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