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Raising My Wife novel Chapter 4

Since they had dinner that day, Lily hadn't seen James for several days.

But it didn't matter. Lily had a nameless fear of him, even though he gave her a lot.

She hadn't seen him for several days. Lily was relaxed. She was familiar with the villa. She was very familiar with everything there except for James' room and study.

Lily were very familiar with Lara and Bill. They were very nice to her and she liked to stay with them.

Lara was very kind to Lily, not only because she was brought back by Mr. James, but also because Lily was very clever. When Mr. James was away these days, Lara always cooked with Lily's taste. This made Lily, who had no parents since childhood, seemed to feel the love of her mother.

When there was nobody else around, Lara always called her Lily, "do you want to cook too? You are so young, but you are good at cooking and you are a quick learner. Nowadays, many girls can't cook these dishes. "

"No, of course not... I just like to cook... "Lily said while helping her with the vegetables. "When I was home alone, I learned some skills."

Lily had been telling Lara about her birth parents the past few days. Lara loves lily dearly, so she treats lily as her own daughter

Lara didn't want to make Lily think about the sad things, so she changed the subject and talked about her interesting cooking. Although it was nothing serious, it was amusing to Lily and she listen to her carefully. She had never done this before.

Lara told her how to cook. The kitchen was quiet and peaceful. With Lara's guidance, Lily quickly learnt how to cook new dishes. The pots and pans were arranged in order and soon the dinner was ready.

The moment she put the dish on the table, she heard the sound of a car from a distance. Lily wondered whether James came back? It was such a coincidence that she saw the dishes on the table and was a little worried. He probably wouldn't like these

Lily began to feel nervous. After all, they just met once and the only conversation they had last time was not very pleasant.

'Lara and Bill went out to receive him. It must be him, ' Lily thought.

Lily didn't know how to face James until he came in.

When James came in, she hadn't taken off her apron yet. Not knowing why, he felt that her dressing made him particularly happy, as if it had made this place more "home". And she was like a wife waiting for her husband to come home.

wife? This thought flashed through James' mind.

She stood blankly at the table and looked at him carefully, "you... You are back... "It was not a good start.

"We haven't seen each other for a few days. Do you miss me?" His voice was as tender as water, and they were so familiar like the lover whom she hadn't seen for days. That made Lily feel that they had lived together for many years.

"Are these dishes cooked by you?" It seemed that there was no need for her to give an answer, he asked again.

"How do you know?" As soon as her words came out, she immediately regretted having said that. Would her tone be not good.

But James didn't care at all. "I don't think Lara will do that."

Lily looked upset, but didn't notice the smile on his face.

Spareribs with brown sauce, sweet and sour fish, and stir fried cabbage, the last one was Lily's best dish. The first two dishes were directed by Lara, and Lily seldom cooked them before. But, with her patience, she also perfectly cooked them.

"I didn't know you would be back, so I cooked Chinese food. How about I ask Lara to prepare another Western food for you?" Lily replied. She noticed that the only dish they had together was Western food, so she thought that James liked Western food more.


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