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Rejected Mate and Following Fate novel Chapter 57

"I... Umm. He'll kill us if we don't take …. umm. I don't know what went down, but I have to see for myself what Juan says about this." Deacon is at a loss for words and I can feel every ounce of his bravado slipping away. Deacon visibly swallows a look of confusion running over his face, as he realizes, he just questioned his possible leader, and I swear, he almost sits on the ground such is the way his legs seem to momentarily twitch. 

"I'll kill you if you touch her. So, there's that." Colton reiterates with a head nod and shrug, and I shake my head at Deacon, disgusted in the weakness I see before me and smothered in confidence as my own temper riles.

"Not so tough when you don't have me disabled and stuck alone in a glass room, are you?" I snarl, moving out fully from behind Colton, half expecting him to hush me and send me back, but he doesn't. He turns a slight way to me, catches my eyes with his glowing amber ones and then slides aside slightly to encourage me to come closer. I guess because he knows Deacon is no real threat to me, he relaxes a little, and much like a wild wolf would encourage his mate to participate in a hunt, or teach her, he urges me to him. I mean, he just let his subs berate theirs, so I guess it's my turn. My wolf ignites at the invitation, eyes burning in my skull, and I know I must be glowing as red as Colton's are amber with the tension in the air around us.

"What the fuck." Deacon almost trips backwards as he scrambles a step away and locks an alarmed gawping set of normal human eyes on mine. Shocked at what he sees.

"Miss those pretties, huh. I guess probably because you were busy shooting her in the back!" Colton teases cruelly, pulling me with a hand on my upper arm and slides me near, in front so I'm between Deacon and him. Getting me close even though he wants me to stand up to this asshat, but he needs to know he's also keeping me safe.

"What the hell is wrong with her eyes?" Deacon can't conceal his fear, and this time he does trip trying to get away and lands on his ass. Scrambling as he thuds with a soft noise and tries to reel backwards away from me.

"Nothing… I think their sexy. However, it does mean you had a lucky escape and had my Princessa here not been more concerned about getting the fuck away from you, could have taken down your entire team with minimal effort. Maybe I should let her rebalance the scales if you think you can take her." Colton slides his hand up my back and comes to beside me properly so his hip touches mine, lazily lassoing his arm around my shoulders so it hangs about me casually, and adopts that teen boy lounge of a guy taking the piss out of someone he deems inferior. Deacon hesitates, I can see the questions forming in his head as he looks from Colton to me, and back, and scrambles to his feet, backing away. It's obvious he's rattled, and he keeps gawping at me and then back at his pack as though they're linking. I see the unease as they too, all start to look to one another and shrink closer to the vehicles, our own sub pack moving in and not giving them an inch.

"Why don't we make it fun? If he can take you, his pack gets to leave. If he can't, well…. we kill them." Colton turns to me with a dark expression, a wry smile, his words making the blood in my veins runs cold, but his mind link kicks in immediately.

I won't ever let anyone hurt you, it's obvious he'll not take that offer, so relax. He's about ready to run. I'm not really going to kill anyone…. Just messing with him, baby. Because it's fun.

Colton is doing what a mate is meant to do. Teach, guide, instill confidence in his femme, and I can feel him nudging me on to take back my power from Deacon and it ignites a fire in me that pulses through my bones, and muscles, and nerve endings, and I can almost taste that thin veil coming at me without trying. Maybe it's the inner rage I felt from the second this asshole pulled up, or maybe it's having Colton by my side coaxing me, encouraging softly, being what I need, yet my knowing it can never be that churns me up and empowers me insanely.

"I'm not in the mood for shredding my clothes so how about…. if he can get to his truck before I get to him, I forget all about it. He can go, and we're done." I raise a brow, sarcasm oozing from every pore and Colton smiles fully, looking to our prey. He knows I'm going to make Deacon run back to his truck like a coward and humiliate him in front of everyone without even attempting to follow. I start to understand why his subs like teasing and tormenting, it really gives me a power kick.

"I'm not against you shooting him in the back, baby. An eye for an eye." He leans in and kisses me on the temple, lingering a moment as Deacon continues glancing from him to me, and back again. Deacon pales out visibly and starts to stammer and stutter. Raising his hands and looks about poised to go running away, tripping over his own feet and falling epically to his knees in front of everyone. Colton breaks into a laugh and completely ruins it. That proper hearty break of mood, as he lets out that youthful, entertained, sweet melody of husky beauty.

"I'm sorry I can't… it's too funny. Fuck off, Deacon, none of you are welcome back here. This is where my mom and my femme stay, and if we see you here again, I'll happily rip your throat out. Take that as a friendly warning and tell my father whatever the fuck you want. Just leave!" Colton doesn't waste time for an answer, but slides his arm from me and turns, instead pushing his hand into mine to get me to follow him back to the manor and leave this idiot to get chased out by the subs. Colton is doing what I asked, and making sure the vulnerable are not exposed to gruesome violence. He's leaving before he does something stupid to these idiots.

I'm slower to turn, catching Deacons eyes ignite from the corner of my eye and his left hand claws up with sharp knife like talons as he lets that one part of him turn, before he lurches to his feet, extending his hand and aims right for the back of Colton's skull. With enough force, right at a wolf's skull, it's a death stroke, and I impulsively yell out.

I throw my hand out to somehow stop him, forward aiming right for that son of a bitch in impulsive reaction, with my palm stretched towards him. To shield my love, to save him from harm. Pure instinct taking over with the way my heart leaps into my mouth and my whole body pauses in shock and disbelief, my veins running cold.


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