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Returning With A Thousand Favors novel Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Caroline Campbell had never thought that one day, she would be sent to another man’s bed by her husband.

And her husband’s goal was simply to force her to divorce him.

“Sign the divorce agreement. I will give you the compensation that should be given to you.” Caroline’s husband, Gordon Campbell, looked at Caroline with a cold look.

And there seemed to be a bit of impatience in his eyes.

“May I ask the reason?” Caroline sat on the sofa, grasping the hem of her clothes with both hands.

Her voice was a bit h*se.

Because of what happened to her last night, she was now physically and m*lly exhausted.

Her body seemed to be falling apart.

She managed to force her way home but faced such a situation.

Even though she was used to forbearance, she couldn’t help but raise such a question.

“Sophia is back,” Gordon replied bluntly.

Sophia Rodriguez?

Hearing this name, Caroline couldn’t help but force a bitter smile on her face.

So, that was why he did all this to her!

Sophia was the woman Gordon really cared about.

Back then, Sophia was in poor health. And as Gordon was the heir of the Campbell family, his family naturally did not allow him to marry a woman who couldn’t bear children.

To protect Sophia, Gordon sent her abroad for treatment.

Then he married Caroline to appease his Campbell family.

In this way, Caroline spent three years in peace with the Campbell family.

For the past three years, she had managed her marriage with Gordon very carefully.

Because she knew that she was just an excuse Gordon used to temporize the elders of the Campbell family.

So she buried all her feelings for Gordon that she was ashamed to say out at the bottom of her heart.

She always felt that staying with him for an extra day was her own gain.

She was also ready to return the position of Mrs. Campbell to Sophia at any time.

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But she didn’t expect that Gordon would force her to divorce him in such a disgusting way!

He sent her a message yesterday afternoon to ask her to meet at the hotel.

But as soon as she entered the hotel room, she lost consciousness.

She found herself lying naked on the hotel bed when she woke up.

At that moment, she felt that her world had collapsed.

Chapter 1

Caroline said, “Actually, you don’t need to go through so much trouble. I owe you my life. If you tell me you want a divorce, I won’t badger you shamelessly!”

Her voice was very h**se.

The thought of what had happened to her last night made her feel like someone had forcibly gouged a piece

of meat out of her heart.

Her heart was bleeding, and it hurt so much.

Gordon didn’t like her, but how could he humiliate her so much?

Caroline’s attitude made Gordon feel that something was wrong.

But before he could say anything, Caroline had already picked up a pen and signed her name immediately on the divorce agreement.

Caroline Campbell.

It was the name Gordon had given her back then.

Three years ago, she was rescued by him from the sea. But when she woke up, she found all her memories were lost.

He gave her a place to stay and a new identity.

From that time on, he had been deeply imprinted in her heart.

As time passed, her feelings for him became stronger and stronger, and she fell more in love with him day by day.

But she never wanted to ruin his relationship with Sophia.

She even became his nominal wife to help him, regardless of her own reputation.

But to prevent future troubles forever, Gordon actually went this far.

Was it that deep down he didn’t believe her?

So did their three years together mean nothing?

Was it a joke?

“This villa, as well as the car, all belong to you. In addition, I will compensate you 10 million dollars,” said Gordon. He totally did not expect Caroline to sign the divorce agreement so straightforwardly.

He thought she would more or less badger him.

After all…

“No, I want nothing.” Caroline refused in a h***e voice.

She came with nothing, and she wouldn’t take a penny from him when she left.

Caroline went upstairs and packed her luggage.

Her things did not fill a small suitcase.

“Where are you going?” Gordon frowned as he saw her move.

“I’ll go where I should go,” Caroline answered lightly.

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