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Second Marriage novel Chapter 1

It was a night accompanied by torrential downpour, lightning flash and thunder.

Charlotte was walking aimlessly in the rain while pulling her luggage.

“Lottie, the reason Aldrich divorce you is not because he’s won the five million yuan lottery, it’s because you didn’t fulfill the responsibility a wife should fulfill.”

“Charlotte, enough of this. I’ve wanted to divorce you a long time ago. Since you don’t want to get divorced, is it because you still want to get a share of the family property?”

Charlotte could not distinguish whether it was rain or her tears on her face. Her vision was blurred.

A silver Bentley car was charging towards her at high speed from the sideway yet Charlotte who was grief-stricken did not notice that.

It was until the car almost approached her that she then noticed it, yet her mind was a complete blank when she came to her own senses and she could only watch the car speeding towards her in a daze while standing there.

With a screech, the silver car swerved, displaying the driver’s good driving skill. Due to intense speed, the car crashed onto the barrier.

Charlotte stood there and her heart kept on plummeting.

After being stopped down by the barrier, the silver car remained there.

It was late night, the place was secluded and there were no other cars along the road.

Charlotte only responded after standing there for several seconds. She immediately wiped her tears away, tossed her luggage down and rushed towards the car.

It was pitch-dark inside the car. She leaned close to the car window and could vaguely see a man lying on the steering wheel.

She slapped the window and asked, “Mister, mister, are you alright?”

No matter what, the man only crashed onto the barrier to avoid hitting her. If anything had happened to him, she had to be held responsible.

After hearing the unlocking sound of the car door, Charlotte quickly pulled the door open and leaned forward into the car. “Are you alright? Oh…” She sounded like she was going to cry.

Yet without even managed to finish her words, the man who was lying on the steering wheel suddenly extended his hand and grabbed her arm, dragging her into the car.

With a bang, the door was closed and locked.

Charlotte fell onto the man’s lap. The man’s burning hand clasped onto her waist like a metal chain, making her unable to move a muscle.

“Let, let me go…” Having sensed danger, Charlotte stammered.

“Did you want to die?” The man who was pressing against her spoke slowly. His voice was deep and resonant, as if refreshing wine had flowed down his throat.

Charlotte only realized he was talking about her walking alone in the middle of the road after being stunned for a while. “No, no. I didn’t mean it.”

“I don’t care whether you mean it or not. Since you ask for it, don’t blame me then...” After finishing his words, the man lifted her up and put her onto his lap.

Sensing the man’s domineering attitude, Charlotte felt her scalp numb. She stammered. “What do you want…”

“What do you think?” He leaned over and pressed his cold lips against hers.

Charlotte instantly felt something had exploded inside her head.

The man’s kiss was aggressive yet slightly immature. But he quickly found the technique.

Charlotte’s mind went blank for a long while until she felt a rush of pain. She regained her mind and pounded the man before her with all her strength.

As if enjoying the process very much, the man laid the seat flat and pressed her down…

It was raining the whole night as if the rain was trying to wash away the sins of the city.

There was a whole night of craziness…

The man’s fingers moved and his sharp and deep eyes suddenly went wide open. Kennedy Moore sat right up.

There was still the woman’s fragrance left in the air, yet there was only him at the scene.

Had she escaped?

His eyes became more unfathomable and they fell onto the red stain on the seat. With a mixed expression, he exclaimed in heart, ‘How troublesome!’

He then made a phone call to his assistant, Nathan Myron and ordered coldly, “Locate me now and find out who was the woman last night.”

Without even caring whether his assistant had understood the situation or not, he hung up.

It was midnight when Charlotte escaped. She had returned to her parents’ house like a drowned mouse amidst the heavy rain.


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