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Spoiled my CEO husband after Rebirth novel Chapter 60

Just as she was wondering about it, she looked up and saw several KG Entertainment executives walk into the hotel where the restaurant was at.

Gwenda suddenly recalled what August had just said and had no time to dwell on them. She rushed over and grabbed her cousin's arm, "August, I'll eat with you, Iet's go..."

"Didn't you say that you were going to leave?"

August said coldly with raised eyebrows.

Gwenda smiled sheepishly and rubbed her nose, letting out an awkward chuckle as she said, "I didn't mean it. I was angry then. You're the bigger man here, how could you be mad at a brat like me?"

As she spoke, she patted his chest in a fawning manner.

August smacked her hand away in disgust and said, "Are you done or what!"

"You're the best, August! Please just calm down."

Gwenda continued acting like a spoiled child.

"Hurry up and get inside!"

August rolled his eyes at her and turned to walk into the hotel.


Gwenda followed him with a smile.

Near the door, the window of a black Audi rolled down.

Olivier was in the car, and had clearly seen the way Gwenda fawned over the man. His eyes gradually became wintry as a frown deepened between his brows.

Otto, who was sitting in the driver's seat, was puzzled. He had expected Olivier to get out of the car. He asked, "Boss, what's wrong?"

Olivier's face was as black as thunderclouds as he got out of the car without responding. He left without a word.

Otto froze before he scrambled to follow after his boss. "Sir, wait for me."


In a private room, the KG Entertainment executives watched as August brought in a young woman, confusion evident on their faces.

"Mr. Reed, may we know who this is?"

"My sister, she just finished classes for the day and had nowhere to eat, so I just brought her over."


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